Saturday, July 23, 2011


                                       Beware the BJP and other opposition as the Amar singh cash for vote scam may be tried to be manipulated by the Govt. as already the Congress man Ahmad patil have been given clean chit by the Delhi police . To divert this most serious issues the Govt. can do any thing . As, if the Hon’ble Supreme Court smell something controversial in this case than it may can order for the UPA to quite also. This days nothing can be said about the breaking news and to everyone’s answer to Gods prayer Hon’ble Supreme court judges seems to have been filled with the holy spirit to do the needful. The Congress think thanks will do anything to divert from this issue. And the best way is always calling for Yedurappas Karnataka C.M’s head or making the foolish BJP and Hindu fanatic criticize a Christian missionary doing yeoman service in India. That is the best way to divert the Publics and engage opposition in their own house repair works, instead of taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity by calling for narco- analysis test of even congress man’s like Ahmad patel.

                                                          Lots of dirty mind will be at work to stop the disclosure of the Black money names; is this Amar singh incident not aimed at blackmailing the Govt. to not pass the Lok Pall Bill a critic opined. Thus mining controversy in Karnataka may have been stage managed by the smart congress or Crooks having lotta gold in swiss bank, or why at this stage all the NRHM scam in U.P and Mining scam report at Karnataka by the Lok Ayukta report of Justice Hedge at a time when Delhi police dropped a bombshell compelled by Hon’ble S.C and may be partly to clean its name after arresting of Baba Ramdevji who has many Delhi police personal followers as some critics believe. Who even sees Lady Hillary Clintons trip as a unofficial assertion to the crooks to not disclose the Swiss Bank money if some percentage is given to American interests this days nothing can be believed a man fed up of price rise lamented .

                                                                             Congress have been always smart in this media Blitzkriz to divert the core issues . And thus criticism to the foreign missionary by the Karnataka Health minister was he not enticed by the Congress man? Is the million dollar question . As the foolish BJP fails to always understand that they can never beat Congress party in media manipulation and money power ; why don’t it realize that even if thirty percent of their cadre are corrupted, critics expects 70 % of the congress man to go to gallow, so why bother upon the consequences by the main opposition party when it has little to loss . Thus it is better to come clean sacrificing even Yeddy as it will rather help the party in long run . And it will be foolish to fight God and International community by criticizing Christians this is most important lesion to BJP, as majority Hindu themselves are today least interested in Hindutva card thus the best way to dint into Congress vote bank is to know the minority sentiment .

                                                                  As howsoever one hate them but their cooperation is invincible for forming Govt. and bringing back the black money. Does Our Indian god man are also not flourishing in America and Europe; as for the foreign missionary they have come with sacrificing attitude and given more than any one to the Country. The anti Sonia campaign should not also take them along who are doing good Samaritan work please let us accept what is good and right . BJP should immediately release a press statement acknowledging the foreign missionary for making institutions like St. Stephen College and Vellore Medical college .Today it is a global world , it is time to take good things from each other. Whatever happens happens for good, it has always to be accepted that for the BJP Yeddu Rappa the Karnataka Chief Minister the black sheep in the BJP was always a mole in the unblemished face of the BJP.

                                                                   The party should be better off without him or Country may be not averse to the Bharat Swabhiman Party anticipated from wounded Baba Ramdev; as at least he is not officially anti Christian and minority and far better than others in anti corruption issues only defamed by a political drama seems to be stage managed by Kapil Sibbal notwithstanding ,for which the Voters are impatiently waiting to punish the corrupted ones and seems to be waiting for Bye election. After President rule is declared by Hon’ble supreme Court for extra Constitutional crisis this dream of the common man if succeed may do Country much good as this present pack of wolfs may not pass Lok pal Bill at all .

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