Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Naga Outfits are earnestly requested to lay down their arm in the interest of the future generation as our lord and Savior have dissuade us from taking up arms . It seems enough blood has been shed ; after all , the sin will bread more sin. Today if we can win by talking and interacting with each others , it will be foolish to take violent way . It seems earlier the violence have been only benefiting the Congress party and Outsiders and our own Publics were suffering . Today when even the Hindi speaking Peoples are also accepting our beliefs and the way of the life it will be foolish to not take advantage of the situation namely to make our North East more developed place and tomorrow we can alone evangelize all the Indians instead of fighting on impractical and emotional issues .

Remember devil make us think that anything is impossible ; and before anything good there is temporary period of confusion and disturbance . The real strength is making whole society as church . Associating Gods plan in all our business . I dare the outfits to fight for the Gods kingdom in a democratic way . And this should be the last time before our age and energy betrays us .Through the mission India for Christ alone we can ameliorate all our grievances . Nothing is impossible instead of setting our targets on small booty we should set our goal on big thing to see Gods power . Happiness is not what good thing one has done earlier , nor what good thing one will do in the future but what one is doing continually .

Instead of insecurity which our uneducated fathers and fore fathers might have developed we are now in a suitable position to take advantage of the system , thanks to the evangelism in Arunachal Pradesh for which Nagas played a major role . I have acknowledge Naga contribution in missionary work published last year - `Cementing ties between Nagas and Arunachalee ,’ . As my Galo clan and Abotani belt in Arunachal Pradesh were spiritually awakened by the Naga brothers . Still GBCC have mission partnership with the Chakesang Baptist Church Council of the Nagaland . And being a co believer I feel it my duty to communicate with the Pillars of the Baptist Christian Society with greetings from CBCNI. May be it is time to pay back to Nagas from where we get so much by praying , fasting and counseling as I personally gain so much in my 40 days fasting in Chate Medziphema . Jehoba Tse .

I being made the Adviser Peace and justice Dept. CBCNI it will be dishonest if I keep mum regarding the death and destructions and not expose the work of the evil spirit which the devil seems to have given to us who seems to have made us to accept our Old Head hunting ways in modern form as our genuine war , when our enemy may be ourselves . Our egoism , anger , impatient and lack of mercy might not only kill us one day but our future generation as well. Let us stop crime against humanity like kidnapping and resort to adopting orphans from Hindi belt also to teach them the love of God . We have tremendous energy let us use it positively . Let us not fear to go to jail if we have done anything wrong earlier as one day we will be definitely accountable .

Let us change our tactics rather than by violence which is impossible , by peace and interaction and logical postulation of facts in which we abound ; what to say about our own North East Peoples even the Hindi Cow belt Publics can be taken advantage by our common sense and creative ideas to tell them the glory of God . provided we make a intellectual victory upon them through power of our mind . After all we are the descendent of the great Chenzing Khan’s also the forefathers of Mughals that ruled India for centuries , Japanese , Chinese and Koreans who have dominated the corporate world

We only need one like Taizo Sakamoto who started Yamamoto Company in Japan which proved to be milestone for the corporate management . See my article –` Social Transformation in japan `, written long time back .The young generations of both the Outfits must be encouraged to interact with each other may be reward given for inter marriage and incentives in joint Business ventures by the Govt . If both the brothers are dying to meet each other than who is stopping them ? the Older generation must step down in favour of mature and educated Nagas .

One of my article in that line –` Something above Nationalism’ is also step in this regard to evangelize the Hindi Cow Belt publics as fortunately Arunachalees are apt at Hindi and we can be used nicely if sponsored to reach high post in Govt. machinery. And through outreach missionary alone we will get blessings to conquer the world in true sense of terms . As our mission is same we must help each other . If we accept others view point than only they will accept ours isn’t it ? After all we are the salt of the life and propagating the good news is more important than anything isn’t it . this is what Naga missionaries have told us earlier . If the Berlin wall can fall why not two Naga brothers in separate Outfits cannot unite for a greater cause instead of living a insecured life why not accept the ground reality . Non can defeat Nagas so long as it is God fearing and praying tribe .

Remember to beat the enemies we have to unite first in true sense of terms and know their mind set . The Peoples party of Arunachal pradesh – PPA a regional party is all set to harness that benefit for all of our interest if the North East Publics support us specially Naga brothers who have been gifted immensely . Provided they take responsibility to make broken wall of all the North East like Nehemia as we are all by virtue of fellowship with one God and by Mongolian blood brothers . Time for all the Outfits to change their tactics for the peaceful way is appealing to the God also .

Earlier our insecurity seems to have been taken advantage by the Congess party to play divide and rule tactics . This should not be repeated . In this regard see my recent publications - ` Hon’ble Chief Minister Nagaland the torch bearer of the North East .’ Unless we follow our Leader who are also God ordained how we can go ahead . Those Congress workers who are taking help of lies and bribery are the ones who are most insecure themselves by this new revolutionary feelings developing in the NE . We the regional Party should have regrouped earlier also and even saved the Mizoram from corrupt Congress party which has made us short of colony and letting us fight by mastering the divide and rule policy .

It seems many of our innocent brothers blood is due to this parties wrong policies . Or why it has never called the warring brothers for peace talk ; as for BJP have we ever given it any chance ? It may proved to be better given chance , after all for those seeking spiritualism and having hunger for the spiritual food will they not automatically and eventually come to Siloam water to meet our Lord and Savior . And at present BJP cadres- RSS and VHP seems to have undoubtly lots of hunger for Spiritualism and seems to be even less corrupted than the Congress workers a character which is hated by God . Only is that they are seeking in wrong place as we the Evangelized ones ourselves instead of taking up the responsibility have become devils agent fighting among ourselves . Time to introspect are we true Christians or not , not that I am the best but things like murder is bit too much . We might be disturbing the gospel itself by tarnishing the name of the saviour .

The pertinent question is are those brothers carrying the AK -47 and kalishkovnovs really respected in other’s heart more so in their own heart are they happy ? Today stage is North East students are seen with scorn and doubt wherever they go for further studies . The critics allege that there is not a single college left where they have not started drug abuse , cortex and pencidril which the Peoples their never knew earlier . So shameful isn’t it ? our children will be after all , what we are isn’t it . Don’t we have any responsibility towards the future generation ? Does killing someone who speaks the fact will help ? as the evil doers have been assured of hade in Gods Book , therefore they must think upon it as they might have unknowingly killed a Prophet as well .

Do we have right to celebrate Christmas each year . Instead of accepting baby Christ in our life ? May God give power to our Leaders to become born again Christians for the shake of them and also next generations as what they will answer to the history and in Day of Judgment , for a plot of land they killed so many peoples and failed to kill real devils ruling in this world . As our sin may tempt God to destroy the earth prematurely as lots of Scientists are also predicting . How long we will criticize others and keep mum regarding our own fault . We can change ourselves we have that believe deep down in our heart isn’t it . So most of us has remain the Church member isn’t it . And in that capacity I appeal to all the Church brethrens on behalf of all the CBCNI to change for Gods shake . Let us fight by democratic means which is God laid down laws . After all concept like - justice ,equality and transparency is gift of Holy Bible .

Being a Christian earlier my immediate feeling was also - I need to support Congress Party but seeing the ground reality I am now compel to discard the theory and trying a grand alliance to remove this misconception with the help of Brother Neuphoriou Hon’ble C.M Nagaland . As todays Congress seems to be devils party as it seems to be directly and indirectly responsible for all the death and destruction in North east . Remember even the Templers – Crusaders who fight for the rescuing the Holy Land which triggered Crusade later failed as the Lord might have want them to capture peoples heart instead of even his own birth place – Jeruslam from Muslim Invaders . Their fore it is high time for all the outfits to join the mission to save the North East by a different method so that we all gain, after all our own fate is linked together including our future generations and for it we must follow our leader’s who are also God ordained .

It should have been long time before Nagaland should have been like Tokyo and Itanagar like Singapore . Torturing a Poor and downtrodden is fight against Gods , if one is real son he should help us bringing a revolution for the change we believe in , most pleasing to God even if the enemy is rich and powerful at least in this good war why Outfits don’t come together like the Garibaldi who united Italy . Are crying Tirap and Changlang Publics are also not human beings ? Last time the Naga Citizens including the Outfits did a commendable work by forming a good Govt. in Nagaland . May be God had used them than .

This time also they can play pro-active politics in North East as there are still many place where there is social and political injustice . The greatness is fighting the rich and corrupt not supporting the oppressors . The fruit will automatically come for both after the victory as today all the North East States have its own strategic importance . In Japan also earlier Samurai and Ninja used to work for the Japanese corporate world and that way Japan has become very successful in business .If earning money is the dream than dream in millions not lakhs everything is possible with God .

May be time for making kingdom of the God in North East will come if the Naga brothers confessing their guilt to God work as Guardian angels and make a history which they will be proud of for themselves and their future generation . To fight for the Poor and downtrodden perhaps may be true meaning of being a Naga . May be this mission to liberate North East States alone will unite us all for good , for there is nothing like fighting for Gods commissioned mission to make a better world so May God bless all the brothers to convert their homes and Camps as fasting centers .

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Anonymous said...

Dear Togo, being a NEFAmese and a former student in New Delhi i hope you truly understand those frustrations and intensity that people of the state mostly the youths bear. We appreciate your effort to be an activist as your profile says so, initiating something useful to the society. What do you think is the real cause of the problem like Naga outfits and other like groups although some of them have grossly deviated from their ideology in due course of time? I remind myself that i'm not a separatist by my ideology either. The businessmen, corporates and even our elected representatives betrays our own people in the very same state. In every course of business we are cheated when to earn money for a livelihood is getting so tough. Doesn't government have anything to do with this? They have a pre-planned blueprints for years together where we would be enduring all this for our whole life. In the meantime we die and they die, only difference is they get a cozy life. The day wouldn't be far if various issues and way the system functions would frustrate a common man and if not tackled deligently another Muivah would resurrect.