Friday, January 7, 2011


The Baba may be God send ; like the Jhon the Baptist coming before the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ we need to welcome him . As the single point resolution for the God seems to be corruption as the scriptures says that the God finished Soddom Gommorah a place in Holy bible not only for idolatry but for injustice to Poor basically and you never know God may be now using him .
It is wrong to believe that we Christians does not respect the sages . We are with whoever doing Gods point of view . He is great descendent of perhaps three Magis as referred in Holy Bible , who discovered our Lord and saviour Baby Christ following the stars , as they where supposed to have come from eastern side of Bethlehem perhaps India with costly gifts which Hindus still use in their temple like gold , scent and costly perfume to be gifted to the baby Christ and it is pertinent to mention that from this day Christmas was celebrated whole around the World .
It is surprisingly also said to be referred in Rig Veda part1 chapter 10 and Baghwadgita that a holy child will be born from a Virgin women thus the old Hindu manuscripts also seems to have also acknowledge the birth of the Baby Christ . Today even the Bengali Kumari Kanyas virgin Girls is said to dance to appease the holy spirit in the third day of the Durga Puja ; forgetting the fact that son of the God is already born , thus in Kalyug it may be the greatest corruption to forget our real God .
As Jesus said that I have come to give more to all the religion . And today all the religion have been completed in me .Therefore all the religion are mutually complementary . And due to long misguide we have been made to think that way that the Christian is a foreign religion . After all biologically also we must had common ancestor I,e- Adam . does not the Manus story of being saved by fish of little similar to Noahs Boat expedition . Does no the Christmas tree which represent the life giving power of the son of the God represent the kalptaru of the Hindu mythology .
Babaji Choti Muh Badi Baat , if we accept real son of God than only we will accept our sin . Why not a single Person who kept money in swiss bank have not confessed their sin yet . Therefore our Christian and your agenda is same , for the glory of the God and the Country we must tell the truth about everything even if someone doesn’t like it . As the Sanskrit sloka says - Janani janma Bhoomisch Swargadapi gariyashi i,e- Motherland is respectable as per with the heaven . So isn’t it time to give Gods son due recognisation . If we can revere elephants , snake and monkeys , as their seems to be direct connection with development and higher spiritual pursuits why not son of God given its due position . Isn’t that even original Hindu deities Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh is identical to the Christian philosophy of Father , Son and holy spirit . The pursuit of original God recommended and discovered by forefathers should not go against your Holiness Swadesh campaign . Let us see it that way from Your holiness point of view that the clever British seems to have even patented our Indian original God discovered by our sages . Even Holy Baptisma doesn’t it resemble bath in ganga for purification .
The Babaji should fulfil the part of that tradition what his forefathers great sages like Great kapil Muni , Agasta Muni , Gautam Muni and the Muni sukracharya have been doing namely spreading the message of ,` Sarwey santu Niramaya sarwaye Sukhinah Bhawanti , Ma Kaschit Dukh bagh Bhave `. let everyone be happy .Babaji as we are also ready to accept your Holiness Yoga ; so also take spiritual medicine for the whole Country from our side . The Country man seems to have forgotten that the Britishers also removed thugs , sati system and brought English Education system . Why ? have not Country man also benefited from the St. stephens college and Vellore Medical college ? made by the Christians thanks and tide giving .
In many counts Hindu Philosophy is akin to our Christian philosophy like Love thy neighbour is akin to Vedic Philosophy-` Vasudev Kutumbamb` . therefore in spite of the fear that Babaji will stole our co-religion followers ; we can also give to the Hindus through him the gospel of salvation as exchange of spiritual views are very important aspect of mankind . Namely to reelook the facts as the atma chintan have been the main ingredients of the Hindus . As defined as samudramanthan by the Rishimunis . See what parshuram did for what he believed .The Puranas philosophy – Astadesu Puranesu Vyasasya vachanan Duyem paropkaray Punyay parpidanay papay which acknowledges the worthiness of the sacrifice of the Gods only son for us who died for our sin for all the mankind not only Christians .
The religion and the sages are for all the mankind therefore they must be respected . Thus Babaji who is 2nd to none and is the embodiment of the righteousness must take a dig at the present govt. for all the mahems committed as the Publics in Arunachal may today prefer the China if the rampant corruption by this Govt. is not immediately solved . He should not spare even if the present Govt. makes all the tactics to woo him to fill organisers with the seva dal and even the Hon’ble C.M seat with him in the dies . And even if the programme is disturbed the Baba can at least make a unequivocal dig from the centre as it seems Z News and Aztak are confusious to be absent in this part of the world . Precisely that is the main reason we are waiting for Babaji to arrive though those line of thinkers are now in less number . But after Babajis arrival things are expected to change and there is expected to be a situation like Fall of Versailles in French revolution .

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