Friday, January 14, 2011


The Astrologers and  Palmist of the country are having field day in election . but in last Football World Cup they were seen to be even outsmarted by a Octopus . Therefore the Political Prediction by astrologer and  Palmists is highly doubtful specially if they say in favour of the Congress party as it have been always seen as master manipulator. Taking Politics as Business as if their MLA’s and the Ministers have become only one to minting more money.

So much so that I even doubt one astrologer / Palmists prediction on the marriage of the Cine Star Salman Khan within two years as it may be a setting of the Congress party after all the Muslim intellectuals are seen to be swayed away by the Congress party by misleading that they are congress brothers from Firoz Gandhi point of view . But the fact is firoz was a Parsi rather than a Muslim and Muslims  have achieved maximum Poor status in Congress regime  . who knows salman Khan cine star may be also not blackmailed by Congress think thanks as their  is hit and run case and hunting of Chinkara by Salman bhai if I am not wrong . I am also yet to see the prediction of the Palmist on my successful Political future ahead who claimed that one of the Ex. Hon’ble MLA who was earlier a driver also got his benefit . The best option is to be remain loyal to the God and saviour who alone is most bankable .

But their may have been earlier some good astrologers and  Palmists as well as it seems our three ancient Indian Palmists the three Magis as referred in the Holy Bible were the ones who predicted the birth of the Lord Christ seing the star . As they are suppossed  to have come from the eastern side of the Jerusalem which means earlier Iran where Idol worshippers Aryans are suppossed to have lived , who later migrated to  India as per as the  expert opinion  as their gifts also resemble the Indian praying items.

So in this World which have become a global Village now many Publics are also interested in this form of the prediction though they are from different religion . As it has become a big hobby now. But interestly in Holy Bible also its effect cannot be also gainsaid the Revelation chapter is its example , but only is that some are going beyond this which is too much citing the dooms day scenario in 2012 itself .But best escape is to pray one who can not only make us successful but can save our soul.

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