Friday, January 7, 2011

Something Above Nationalism

                                                                               There is something above nationalism that is very important and may be hampering the growth of the Nationalism itself . It may be time for accepting the son of the God as the saviour by all the Nationalists who mean business . The time for the Hindus to realise that they were the discoverer of the Jesus Christ and like always Western country patented everything smartly even their Gods . As long time back the great sages like Gautam Muni , Muni Sukracharya and Veda Vyas seems to have predicted the birth of the Jesus Christ . As seen in the Holy Bible where three Learned man i,e- Magi who followed the star and show the Baby Christ are said to have come from the eastern countries . The experts doubt them that they have come from Aryan as  eastern side of Bethlehem was Persia than where Arians used to live ; interestingly  their presentation items represents the India prayer Items .

                                                                 The philosophy of the Hindus also shows quite resemblance with the Holy Bible . As the birth of the baby from the virgin women is not only predicted in old testament but said to be even referred in the Rig Veda part-1 chapter 10 it is heard . And also in Bhagwad Gita ; today also the Bengali virgin women dance as Kumari Kanya in the third day of the Durga Puja waiting for the holy child . Only they forget that the Baby Christ has already been born . Does not even the Christmas tree represent the Life saving quality of the God as termed as Kalpataru in Hindu belief .The other resemblance being the Manus saving by the fish resembling Noah’s story . The Sukracharya Munis trying to make parallel heaven angered with Indra devta this is similar to the story of making  making of the tower of the Jerrubabbel  as said in Holy Bible.

                                                               See the Puranas saying – `Astadesu Puraneshu Vyasasya vachana duyam paropkaray Punyay parpidanay pappay.` This is akeen to the Christian philosophy of ,` love thy neighbour`. Which is again akin to the Sanskrit Vedic sloka –` Vasudev Kutumbamb `-world is one family. See the Gita saying –` Yada, Yada , Hi Darmashya Glanir Bhawat Bharatam . Abhyutanam Adharmasya , Paritranam Sujambhayam Dharmasansthapanay Nityam Sambhawami Yuge Yuge .' thus it may be that the Lord and saviour Jesus is the Hindu avatar as said earlier in Hindu shastras to finish the evils , as  only Gods power can only be the best answer against some corrupted soul to whom Supreme court and CBI have failed to nab  . Today only due to excessive politicalisation we feel that other religion is foreign as a matter of fact their may have been no classification of relegion as seperate dinomination and classification  . We forget the fact that all the religion where at a point of time started by some of our forefathers .

                                                                    As in kalyug as we may be ourselves in upside down position and this may be the reason we are unable to decide the truth . Didn’t the Christian doctrines besides alleged of colonialisation of the country also not responsible for the removal of the sati and thug and brought enlighten through spreading of the English education system. Let us stop seeing something from one angle . It will be wrong if we only want to benefit from the system ; why some tell lie to admit their son in St. Stephens College . and Velour Medical College etc . Because they are the best . So going to the best God certified by our forefathers is it blasphemy?

                                                    As it seems not accepting the real God have seems to have harmed our Country more as we are getting everything from him freely. See while the rich corrupted Indian money is rotting in the Swiss bank , does not foreign money coming in the form of the thanks giving and tide to make good college and the Medical in the country . Therefore there is always two side of the coin . Those who make Jesus as personal saviour alone may repent of keeping money in the Swiss bank . If sinners have changed than their must be something . One can't expect rich Hindu heritage background to convert to Christianity as forefathers may have not waited for gospel ; and evolved their own virtues behaviour since time inmemorial . But atleast respecting others more so to the God of others is more important trying is not harm . As history shows it is result oriented ; see how atom bomb not dropped on Hitlers Germany ; how european countries rebuilt their houses within short time ; because God is a spirit and those who worship must worship him in spirit  . And till now not a single Indian have accepted his shady deal in swiss Bank scam  if I am not wrong as one has to fear the God and this motivation will only come if he knows real God . Therefore comparative study is important so what it hurt somebodies interest saving ones own soul and saving the nation is more important . Sometimes wonder weather even Gandhi’s are not blackmailed by foreign countries . see the innumerable corruption under their nose and Wikling leaks just after the invitation of the Chinese P.M.

                                                                   The RSS which are filled with good peoples who are now helping Jodik Tali Arunachals answer to revolutionary leader Arnosto Che Guevara helping him filing SLP against the Dorjee Kandu ‘s relatives in Honourable Supreme Court must now start work to unearth the greatest truth of our time .The Hindu internal democracy can never be questioned . Had Parsuram not killed his own mother for a reason he believed? Have our great sages did not tried to explain the best result coming from the introspection by showing the hypothetical picture of the rakshas and the devtas pulling snake in a drama called samudramanthan . Where the end product of the highest introspection is shown as nectar . Therefore RSS and VHP need to take a one step forward in the spiritual arena besides all the good worldly activities . As who knows their Sai Baba may have been a Christian missionery telling Gods love and showing His miracle .As if one break his name which in hindi language is called as sandhi Viched the word sai comes from Isai i,e- christian as Siddi Ka Sai Babas method seems to be same as a christian missionery .
                                                                        Therefore the atma chintan is important . In spite of the best planning and resources the BJP has failed so far , may be for not hearing the will of the God . When even the mouse and the monkey have been accepted as the Hindu god why not Gods son Jesus of Nazareth given its due position . Only the Hindus have to go back to its old shastras where Brahma Bishnu Mahesh the trinity of the Hindu is seen to be akin to the father , son holy spirit concept of the Christian religion . This was before the revolutionary ideas of the Tulsidas has given lots of heart burn as his glorification of the Ram made others insecure and still now that is harming the party in the form of the Ram Janm Bhoomi issue . Let us give a damn if a idol cannot protect itself . Was not the Somnath temple also demolished by the Muslim ruler Mohmmad of Ghajnabi if Iam not wrong devastating the tall claims that the flying idols will protect itself . It is only through tapasya in the jungle that the old sages used to get blessings . Therefore why the Hindus have become so hypothetical today when earlier they were the ones who used to directly communicate with the Gods ; thus holy spirit concept was an integral part of Hindu philosophy . Give a damn if the Ayodhya temple goes to Muslims but that way they may win Gods and publics heart .I am telling this not to say that Hindus are inferior but they need to immediately rebuilt the nation as they are only closed to Gods kingdom but seen to be confused in the end   . As also I have many good friends in BJP like Tarun Vijayji spokesman BJP who is short of a family friend and as such they need to know the secret of success .

                                                                  This time for sure the strategy have to be changed as the BJP cannot afford to loose second time as it will make Gandhis invincible and the Country more corrupted .At least acknowledge the son of the God as the son of the God before it is late . If the Nationalism is the core issue for the BJP and RSS better they rethink their strategy as Muslim fanatics  cannot be fight even by Americans with weapons . The good and intellectuals are not realising this because they are filled with pride and prejudice ;  but we the Jungle Peoples of the North East may be chosen for our modesty to know that victory only belong to God . Our Lord and saviour came to save everyone . He said he have come to give more to other religion and that all the religion have been completed in him . Only for a few Ponga Pundits e,i- hypocrat Hindu believer why all the Hindu should suffer ? As rogues who are later caught in shady deals why don’t they learn from one like Baba Ramdevji whom everyone likes as he only teaches Yoga and seems to have accepted that the spiritual matters be best left to the love of God for us as he loved us so much that he send us his only son Jesus to die for our sin which seems to be accepted by some  great Hindu Persons even though they don't openly say . Lets Gods choicest blessing reach everyone after this introspection of this highest order . Let the light of God reach everyone – `Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya………`.


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