Friday, January 14, 2011


It is high time that the local inhabitants of the North East fight for their Pride and precisely that time has come for the Assam publics to do by electing the AGP and BJP coalition party . The whimsical Congress party has always treated the State as its colony or why so much of the Hydro Power have been allowed in Arunachal pradesh without Assams consents as it is going to be effected most being lower riparian . If we criticize Chinese policy for proposed plan to divert the Brahmaputra are we better than them ? It seems even the boundary dispute is also raised each time before election to deviate the publics of the Assam and its neighboring States incidentally the violence is more where both the side is ruled by Congress party . See also how outsiders, man with dubious credentials and backgrounds have become rich and powerful under the Congress misrule in Assam and other North East. It is time also for other Muslims who have been incorporated in the region to have similar sentiments.

Therefore time has come for all the North east Publics to make a coordinated attack against the Govt. which is all set to finish us of . Only a same political ideology will ensure a peace and stability in the North East and in future Assam definitely stands to play a major role in this directions as it is in the centre of all the North East . With a coordinated approach we can really gain a lot from each others : provided we treat each others equally and leave the divide and rule policy of the earth while congress party .

The hope of the North East in bringing peace and prosperity in the North east is undoubtlly pinned on Sri Chandramohan patwary the proposed C.M candidate of AGP . Today due to him only all the Assam Govts. Corruption is exposed day by day . It seems as he has same mission like Baba Ramdevji and the firebrand NGO Sri Akhil Gogoi therefore he must be supported as this is the need of the time . See the list of the property of the Congress Party candidates doesn’t it show that they are only interested to become MLA and Ministers to mint more money .Isn’t the increasing gap between rich and the poor is the main reason for the growth of terrorism.

And in the future AGP in power is also expected to help our party I,e- PPA – peoples Party of Arunachal pradesh a regional party as we are same brothers from the regional point of view . This must be the single agenda and the party policy of the Assam Ghana Parishad to keep friendly relations with all the neighbors as we can’t prosper singly . In our Delhi University days we used to have the same feeling in our NESFED meets I,e- North East Student Federation Delhi Sports and Cultural Tournaments where Assam Student Union Delhi was a member . If the Students are so much enthusiastic about our unity the Public Leaders must be more vigilant or we will be vulnerable to the Congress tactics to damage our interest .

 The Central Govt. lead by Congress party seems to have always earlier benefited in our innocent tribal place like North East specially in A.P due to the poor media and the Poor opposition . Now as the senior Leaders scams are exposed day by day the need for the regional party have increased evermore . Due to our common ideology worst differences should be solved it is hoped as earlier the divide and rule policy of the Congress party seems to have been limiting our endeavor for peace . Specially in the border issue the new Govt. is expected to show real sincerity .Tomorrow also Congress cadres they will say many things about our plans ; but we need to give a damn as for North east interest we must

take help from any angle and why not from our own brother and together make it a better place . Remember one does not solve his problem by torturing a poor neighbor . The Publics of the Kanku , Torajan and Balijan in A.P have went through untold misery at the hands of the Assam police and the land mafias , their curse should not effect the health of the Assam . And it seems to be the effect of the divide and rule technical of the Congress party as each time before election it had made it a clever ploy to divert the Assam Publics of its misdeed . Thus next time the BJP should be given a chance in other State of the North east also to see their commitment for our tribal brothers .

United the regional party will stand divided we will fall ; we must make a mechanism to help each other in time of crisis . The Peoples party of the Arunachal Pradesh is all set to mediate for organizing North East Regional Peoples Party Forum- NERPPF with the cooperation of the Naga peoples Party , Assam Ghana Parishad and Sikkim Democratic Front etc . As the Assam election result is awaited and the geographical distance of the Sikkim dissuade the Hon’ble C.M Chamlinji to play a proactive politics like Neuphorioji . As Nagaland has direct boundary with Assam and Arunachal Pradesh thus the forum has reluctantly postponed future Assam’s Hon’ble C.M’s from AGP active cooperation for other time and are proposing making Sri Neiphorio the Hon’ble C.M Nagaland as the present Chairman of the proposed forum ; but nevertheless Assam AGP leaders and the Sikkim Hon’ble C.M `s advice and guidance will be always needed . It is high time the other North east State also get regional Party in power as this senior leaders like Neuphorio and Chamlingji have shown that nothing is impossible . And in long run the Assam Publics are expected to pave the way for their leaders active participation in this North East Regional Parties Forum.

 It is never late for good work , the similar endeavor failed earlier due to the misfortune of the NCP Leader P.A Sangma . As his party instead of being a regional party of the North East end up being a regional party of Tura that too with central nomenclature . Therefore better sense should also prevail on him next time for the greater interest of the North East as he has a regional leaders image . As the aware North east Publics will like him to play more proactive politics for the welfare of the North East as a whole . As the Sangmajis coalition in the centre seems to have not at all helped the North East Publics at all . As next time the regional party is definitely going to play a major role one likes it or not .

The PPA strongly criticize the Central Govt’s manipulation to defame our regional leaders whereas 90 cent corruption are seen to be done by them only . Only justification on the issue such as – rampant signing of MOU in Hydropower projects in A.P , JPC , 2G Spectrum , Common wealth scam Adarsh Society Flat scam , Bhopal gas tragedy and Bofors etc. won’t do as if after doing all short of scam saying let us stop it so that they want to be in vintage position . The Gandhi chamchas by not accepting their guilt may be bringing more curse upon them and their masters . The party which each times before Panchayat elections send Sri Mani Shankar Aiyyar to mislead the Publics that next time more devaluation of power is going to happen in Panchayat. And who was heard unofficially quoted once that he will have halluva lot to answer to make in the Day of Judgment for the Congress hand for which he have done many uncomfortable works .

But their days are numbered as the regional minded North East Publics are now fed up of their brainwash as today everywhere the regional feeling is developing as the strong federation makes a strong nation as uni- Centric Govt .seems to have benefited only Gandhi coteries . The Congress which seems to be in the hopeless and halfles situation , as the Gandhi family days seems to be numbered and like the King of the Nepals now they seems to be only interested in amassing wealth before saying goodbye to the politics . It is hoped our mission to meet Sri Chandra Mohan Patwariji and other AGP Leaders will be fruitful ; for all the North East publics and also them to stop ourselves to be butchered each time like a dumb Cow for which we cannot remain idle anymore .

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