Friday, January 14, 2011


Time for the last chance to save India has come and time for introspection of highest order as the neighboring Country is becoming more powerful day by day .Time is perfect and situation also agile as Publics are anxious about the nations defense capability and want a coordinate approach also from all the political parties in important issues like defense . First of all to begine with we need to appreciate Baba Ramdevji for his anti Corruption stand and the Manmohan Singhji for passing the RTI . The rampant corruption must be willing to be removed by the good members of both the Congress and the BJP Party and as such Dr. Manmohan Singhjis hint at need for passing strict legislation for checking corruption and election procedure for non election of bad leaders is appreciable .This are my humble suggestions in this regards .

Why not all the Political Party sit together and discuss this agenda if Dr. Manmohan Singhji really mean business as a Sardarji is really accepted to be God fearing . Last time in Election Commissioners office the Andhra Pradesh Political party virtually showed how the EVM can be manipulated this should be discussed . Besides officers favoring in election must be given death penalty . Baba Ramdevs suggestions is also worth pondering like making small denomination currency notes so that the bribery becomes difficult .The steps should be increased for finding the Swiss Bank money , may be the Private agencies should be employed and money paid to get the names , and during election times CBI work to trace the hawala transaction should be allowed to be monitored by all the Political parties .The capitalists , Industrialists and outside Business should be refrain to meet the candidates 6 months before election . If reported suitable punishment should be taken against the candidate. The PIL Petitioner which helps in discovering the scams must be suitably rewarded ; a law should be passed to give him five percent of the total money if the Petitioner helps in discovering the truth .

As we will be never able to remove the corruption if we fail to do something regarding the leaders directly going to the Publics . Thus the campaigning party in the election should be organized by the Election Commissioner where the registered Party alone should be allowed to send their representatives in the stage turn by turn based on lottery . And this way all the Crooks who manage to become political leaders to steal more money who would have been shoot in China in stadium can be checked to harm our Country more . As most of the Country man are still loyal to the food giver only for this mismanagement , corruption and nepotism .

And Constitutional amendment is also needed for allowing at least B.A Pass graduate as MLA and MP candidate . It is very much needed as earlier Uneducated ones have been seen to have failed the Publics miserably in places like Bihar etc. and now in Arunachal pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir sensitive places from defense point of view . The fact of the cirtificate can be identified by strict enquiry of their class mates and almamater photo and reputation of the school and College and scruitinisation of their graduate certificate , examination and interview of the candidate before the election commissioner in the presence of all the Political party and NGO to find weather he has really passed or not as the corrupt leaders may even manage fake certificate .The half of the question paper must be made to be prepared by the Opposition party in doubtful cases . And this examination in case of doubtful cases has to be live telecasted in the cable networks and video record of the copy given to the opposition party .Sometimes feels the standard of the Indian politicians have fallen to such extent that why not the candidates in sensitive post be made to sit in the Lie Detector before his post is given .

And other steps should be strict order for declaration of the property 6 months before election so that the Disproportionate Wealth case may be filed against the candidates and their relatives . A corpus fund to be developed to stop terrorism which should be given power to even take good care of the enemy of the State like ISI tracking down who is the main master mind behind all the evil acts and creating division and enemy within them specially based in other State . To take help of Drone Planes etc. to attack the terrorist camps in Pakisthan . And secretly funding for modernization of the Madrasas Muslim learning centers with the help of the Muslim Intellectuals and Popular Persons like film stars . And this source of funding can be earmarked secretly by senior leaders and should be treated above Politics not for Public discussion .

And suitable reward to the Opposition members also who are genuine and diligently working for the Country . Why Bharat Ratna not yet given to Babha Ramdevji though even outsiders have been also given , presidential and Governors award to others and providing them Z security and SGP so what they belong to other party . As the Congress party always seems to always act with Political interests why it does not use its divide and rule tactics to bring rift within ISI . The performance of the Union Minister , Ministers of the State should be judged and those who rise such issues only should be promoted . Their should be 5 % quota for such dare devils and all the sectors than only one will say a spade is spade which is now very much needed .

The shrewd Congress man can manage everything even making the famous palmist to predict in the Z News that Congress party will win next time after secretly making Salman Khan to merry to comply the first prediction within 2 years by a famous astrologer . Does Salman Bhai entangled in hit and run case and Chinkara hunting case stand any chance . But the Countryman fed up of the Price rise want the party in the power to hit the point from where all the mess starts . The cry is for the change and delivery its not just political fatigueness against the Congress party which have been given a long chance . Next election may render Gandhi family throne less like King of Nepal . But good that Dr. Manmohan Singh has at least a last chance to survive if it delivers with utmost honesty.

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