Monday, February 21, 2011


All the Party have been tested in the North east , say it Congress or BJP and have been found unwanted . So a sincere exploration is being made of the regional party by our great Leaders like Hon’ble Chief Minister Nagaland Neipho Rioji , HCM Sikim Sri P.k Chamlingji , sri P.A Sangmaji of the Nationalist Congress party , Sri P.K Mahantaji and Patwariji of AGP, Sri Joram Thangaji of Mizo National Front and Sri Kamin Ringuji of PPA .So in this context they met in Delhi on 20th deb. 2011 and after thread bear discussion come to conclusion that only regional Party has scope in NE and leaders made many historical decision for the growth of the regional Party in North East .

And all in principal accepted to form a North East Democratic front with its Hq. At Gauhati to be opened on 18th march 2011. Sri P.A Sangma have been made as interim convenor till a permanent is made. Sangmaji also promised to talk to his Party workers in the view of demand for forming regional party in his home place also it is heard . As for the Nationalist congress Party in other state it is pertinent to mention that , they are already demanding the permission to amalgamate with the regional party in their locality according to an insider . The new demands in the changing circumstance and the corruption allegation of Sharad powerji in Lavasa Projects and Onion price fluctuating etc. may be also making seniour leader to think something different as like earlier case Madam soniajis position is not as strong as Publics have strong doubt about Congress stand in Swiss bank scam case . Thus today regional party can make direct confrontation with the Congress party which is only party worth mentioning in N.E as of now .

As the Central party more specifically congress has looted the North east ; even Sangmaji seems to be toeing the idea that none can trust congress party ; which as critics says may be waiting for the old and sick leaders of its alliance partners to phase out . And recently after all the blame of corruption put on alliance partner ; the coalition partners have all the reason to fear them , as to some critics even the 1st batch of the Black money list in the Swiss bank may be shown of their alliance partner . As a month back mischievously laughing Pranab Mukherjee was seen to be telling some business man names , as if secret deal in 10 Janpath assure him Prime Minister post if he does what they say . The Congress which always win by media blitkriez may be unable to witstand the sustain attack from social network like blogs , e mail ,

movile , face book and twitters which has come up in a big way in world . Last time Hon'ble union minister Jai Ram Ramesh was seen carrying a bag inside the Parliament house just before his promotion . This are the scenes which are not going unnoticed in todays time .

So far BJP have been not tested in North east as much as congress Party , and barring in Assam we have no direct confrontation with the BJP or Bharat Swabhiman Party ; therefore they should like to have coalition with us also , as today is a coalition era and also for another 10 years they will like to have a formidable ally in this region where they have less presence after all they will also not like to miss the bus like they did in Assam . In this context I appeal to my good friend Tarun Vijay Spokesman BJP and Baba Ramdev who is planning Bharat Swabhiman party to consider an alliance with the seniour leaders of NEDF .The People First motto can only be practised in letter and spirit by the regional party of the North east more so in the A.P .After all the regional feeling alone can bring love for the region which alone can counter corruption and nepotism to a great extent .

The well educated and qualified regional leaders due to their national and international connections may also help the Investors who have been facing tremendous problem in North east. As the regional Party alone has the moral right to negotiate on behalf of the regions peoples, henceforth the corporate houses working in NE is accepted to be really tactful. To a critics who opined that- joining PPA by the present Govt. alone will clean their image to some extent as in this Platform alone they can show their repentace by blaming the centre for earlier misdeed . but unless we are really sure of their changed character ,` Yeh Baat Kuch Hajam Nahin Huin from our PPA side this is the reply.

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