Friday, January 14, 2011

Time for Arunachal Movies to prosper :-

Today when the bollywood movies have run out of ideas the natural Arunachal stories with spectacular locations here should be bollywood’s oxygen ; as the natural backdrop will give the film its naturality like Hollywood movies did – In the new World , Into west , last of the Mohicans and Gerinimo an Apaches etc . As there is no dearth of interesting stories in this part of the world as the Indian audience today seems to have come of its age and developed penchant for movies like Breaveheart . For the academic discussion even the Indian armies earlier cruelity may be shown as the history and facts will sell now unlike Devanands time when he tried a controversial movie- ` Yeh Gulista Hamara’, if I am not wrong . Today our Chichi Govindaji may be himself uncomfortable for his own earlier pictures filled with artificial thumkas and jatkas .

As the fighting with the William James convoy the British regiment based in pasighat in A.P and the controversial role of the Indian Armies in Nagaland and Mizoram during Military operations can be a instant hit subject as patriotism should not mean shielding the history isn’t it ? Doesn’t it also mean bringing out the culprit so that innocet publics are satisfied and same mistakes not committed again . Like America which show the fight between the locals and the Union Jack Army in many movies which have also become all time super hits . The democratic India should come of age like America to become superpower it must also think big , therefore too many scopes now for experimentation in North East .

The local directors should also make small budget movies on this subject . They should retain its local dialoges and only change the subtitle in English . As the understanding between both the civilization is increasing ; rather Peoples are now after naturality after too much invasions of the Cable network where Fox History and Discovery Channel is a craze. And today Locals need not hide their nakedness like our Naga brothers as this is our identity ; of course not always only in our cultural festivals .This is going to be future attracting point like in Last of the Mohicas – Meri Ma Meri Dharm kind of movie need not be made any more . It is better director make it in their own dialogue preferably or in English instead of making kima out of Hindi like Taro Chatungji. Today’s modern Camera should help any Person to make a good movie provided proper research is made first . Ane Ge Nyode by Sri Gope Kamdak a Galo movie of Arunachal Pradesh was terrific more of this kind should come up may be he need a good sponsorer who may just get a Oscar in pea nuts in return .

More so in my home town Basar in West Siang Dist Arunachal pradesh only place were Cowboy like situation existed were my relatives used to use horses till 70’s an era which also witnessed gang wars Western style . So I proudly say that my birthplace Basar was India’s real

Cowboy Country Place

area . This place is perfectly fit for making movies like Fast and the Furious . As backdrop is real and stories are real this will rock .

As in America also , after years of discard suddenly the Red Indian cultures and subjects were started to be taken up with much interest this increased with interaction in University like the North eastern Students and the Plain Peoples are having now and even intermarriage is being conducted . My own sister Lecturer Law Faculty. D.U is married their . After all one day every one likes to come to its originality : same thing may have seems to have come in India today the Publics fed up of same stereo type of Bollywood movies seems to be interested in new concept of movies . Is my Old friend Arjun Rampal hearing . A good chance to beg Oscar . Even the West seems to prefer natural tribal stories for Oscar nomination like - God must be crazy to win the Jurists heart we must give them what they like . There is time for everything , even Dilsay depicting the Nort East problem in which Shah Rukh Khan acted was before time . But today Indian publics seems to be for a change . And time and situation for making movies like last of the Mohicans in my Basar . west Siang dist. Arunachal pradesh seems to be ready only if any of you are daring .

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