Friday, January 7, 2011

Regarding The SLP filed against the relatives of the C.M Arunachal pradesh in Hon’ble Supreme court

Now that the Hon’ble supreme Court has partly accepted the PIL filed by Sri Jodik Taljii against Sri Dorjee Kandu’s Family in SGRY Corruption scam , part of mindboggling Rupees Forty thousand crore approximately scam complaint to Smty. Sonia Gandhi also . Now if proved Publics has to really ponder who was guilty . The good Business man Kandu or the Apang who was earlier in the helms of power and where nothing happened earlier without his whims and caprice , Central govt. or the Publics for their Chalega type attitude . As not satisfied with their other source like timber and contract work in PWD and harping on other central aid the Crooks seems to have even taken good care of the PDS and other relief for the Poor’s scheme which only a poor Person accept to get .
And as the 2nd hearing for acceptance of the PIL is fixed in 2nd week preferably in 11th January 2011. It is to be seen what the congress high command does now that even finger is also pointed towards Raiiv Gandhis Govt. Corruption and cover up during Bofors Gun deals . I had always smelled that the PMO office and Gandhis were having hand in globe with the corruption in the Arunachal Pradesh in particular and Country in general as the media is poor and the opposition are bribed and threatened here . As why Congress Party ticket given in Delhi where only tons of money does matters it is heard leaving the Poor , honest and deserving in lurches. In other state only one time corruption seems to be allowed by congress leaders before pensioning; while here time and again shamelessly one can rule . We could have also resort to chamchagiri but for a change revolution must come and are waiting for it with some uncomfortness , hope one day this dream comes true . As our motherland interest is more important than our personal interests . It is high time that we rise from long Kumbakarna sleep and it is high time the State gets a leader someone like Nitish Kumar .
It is said God destroyed Sodom Gomorrah a place referred in Holy Bible , not only for adultery and idolatry but basically for injustice to the Poor’s . He seems to be more interested than us for electing a good leader and we think by money alone everything is possible whereas from where it has come had we ever ponder ? Need not to say by looting the poor mans quotas of rice . Unfortunately in Poorest State the maximum corruption is seen .The culprits of Poor and desperate Peoples who are living in worst place like Tali and Pipsorang how can they sleep peacefully after kicking in their stomach ?Therefore our Leaders must introspect before it is too late for them ;as today new ground are also being creating in the Society inspired by the charismatic Leaders like Nitish Kumarji who brought life to a State which had virtually died.
Yesterday a local Boy in Naharlagun put a big hording in the Bus against the Govt. when he was about to be arrested by the Police there was a short of commotion in Naharlagun Bazar. This things may increase as Publics seems to have no thrust in the Govt. Which seems to be only surviving by purchasing the MLA’s as the critics cites the Arunachal political bazaar is a big fish bazar.Those who file PIL are really appreciable but in future also they have to maintain their integrity. But nevertheless we need one like Akhil Gogoi who is shaking the Assam Govt.Thus People are secretly respecting Jodikji . The Persons who withdraw later taking money will be never respected . Therefore in this field one should really think before he files a case as their will be too many obstacles . And Person who later compromise will be always despise by the Society .
It will be more prudent if in Election the NGO’s- APSU , ANSU , WWS , GWS , Nishi Elite Society , and all the religious groups etc. Make a joint war against bribing in election by asking for the list of property of the Political leaders so that disproportionate wealth case can be made against them as many have suddenly become rich . Only few Peoples can be expected to be rich from their father and forefathers time . Making Check post like in Mizoram to control bribery of the Voters in grass root level seems to be the only other option to control the election of crooks and identifying 20 best candidates irrespective of any Political party and backing them up by all will be third option . As the corrupted leaders always seems to blame the Publics and it is enough . But 70% fault must be their as no one want to hard way round . As most of the leaders tend to go to the Publics without any honest issue accepted their may be problem initially . May God make everyone of us also less greedy in election as now water seems to have rise above head . And give us power to appreciate the leaders who may be Poor but are sacrificing . How we can expect the Society to benefit from the Govt. policy like - education if we don’t give chance to deserving and educated leaders ?
As in the state few rich leaders have become greatest exponent of Anti God activity by bribing and luring even most of the religious leaders during elections . As the Gods commandment seems to be against selling ones right . They make sure that this promise is broken by keeping them hungry for four and half months . Thus whole four and half years loyalty to God becomes meaningless if in election enlightened ones go berserk . Thus the religious institutions should boycott this turncoats. And the one in helms of power should not be allowed to distributes the fund as if he is king Herod . Thus this real son of the soil- Jodik Tali breakthrough may be God inspired as He himself feels like it is a Gods plan .
After the success of the Nitish Kumarji who break all the myth that only rich can win the DK camp should realise the harsh facts . No one never know about the future as none can purchase everyone , tired and frustrated he may have to eventually surrender .Therefore the senior leaders must ponder upon it . And instead of competing with each other which must be making them to commit more sin they should announce their retirement honourable . The visit of Baba Ramdevji is a wonderful opportunity to do so . Earlier the dreaded Dacoits like Mohar Singh have been accepted after their surrender to Binoda Bhave than why not few leaders show their guts to honour the greatest sage of our time who seems to be admix of Jhon the Baptist , Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi . Today most of the senior leaders have become like father figure and as such must pave the way for the new generation .
Today as even if we who have studied in Delhi are having problems in new world of Mobile , Internet and electronic high Gizmos they must be also suffering . If they continue to show their willingness to contest they may be seen as power obsessed besides their ill health and trouble they may be impediment to the new thought and creativity as for making a new house an old one has to be broken. It is rumoured some of them are even having certificates whose source are doubtful . If it is truth what’s the point of having fake B.A and LLB pass certificate which they can’t show to the Publics . ; though some supporters who have vested interest will discourage this honourable exit . But are all the Young generation not like their own sons and daughter ; greatness is gained through sacrifice you never know that for them time may be counting back .As even if the younger generation may not completely remove corruption they have also some good characters and must be given chance .
What present Govt.did ? was it any different which other party could not have done like PPA party ? which could have may be done better as MOU could have been also signed left and right by us and may be in much better way giving the land owners their due rights . As promise P.M package is yet to be properly implemented . So far fearful officers seems to have mislead the Publics that central help is crucial . Now that central fund misuse have been doubted to go to one man what they have to say ? I feel like in J&K , in Arunachal regional party is the best option as Centre will be compelled to give more funds and regional feeling will restrain us to be less corrupted and may make us more honest . We can straight way fund the Village Council and no where in the World Council can be corrupted due to immediate check and balance .
At least in one count only DK can be credited for signing MOU as it will also make the regional Party like PPA financially comfort in the future if it comes to power ; but it should have been below 50 projects as its effects should have been seen before signing more . And in other front he is appreciable for preventing the animal hunting . Which project can be taken up by him after retirement in much better way . May be Buddhist in him will give him more satisfaction in this projects . But now if worst treatment is given to poor Publics than what is the meaning of saving the animals
Unfortunately in Arunachal context Jodikji may have no much advantage politically also as he have the same limitations like Kiranji in today’s time namely- money , muscle , family and right political platform like PPA . As in the case of the BJP honestly Uneducated Christians seems to have certain reservations . The above points seems to be the main ingredients of the Arunachal politics as the revolutionary ideas have certain limitations right now one like it or not. But nevertheless if used nicely by all the Opposition groups this can be also turning point for the state also . As immediately after this exposure , Baba Ramdevjis programme is suppose to bring a major shift in Arunachal way of thinking. The new thinking has to be brought in by all the political groups .As it is meaningless to see our leaders as rich unless majority get something . And it will be meaningless for us to keep mum at this point as history will never forgive us someday .
At least from new leadership majority can expect a change we believe in as exposed in the PIL mind-boggling corruption was doubtfully benefiting a few Persons contrary to the false political propaganda . Besides there should be stop to more MOU’s in Hydropower sector which Publics are apprehensive about ; my PPA was already giving Jodik all the logistic support we can have given . Other political parties should also come openly after all the system has to think thousand times for assassinating us as the whole party is backing us ; time and again I have requested my party president to give No Objection certificate to all the Leaders who are right now not interested to stay in the Party . As the present drama of coveting the money may be short time , in the future the Publics may only vote us for our difference and the money wallahs may pretend that they are poor .If Bihar can do than why we can’t . Why for one mans interest whole society should suffer.
Now that the senior leaders corruption and shady deeds are coming one by one they should resign gracefully before time as acceptance of PIL by Hon’ble H.C in PDS and now Hon’ble SC accepting the appeal in first hearing itself shows that their is something and soon more is coming as I doubt in Arunachal most of them will have something or others . And Jodik will surely inspire many more Guys . If our leaders have really something called morality and fear their god they should retire honourably in time . It is false to blame publics for all the mess . How long paying money to silence the opponent will work ; those who are friends now mind it they will be the worst enemy later .Therefore the critics may be later seen as best friends as a good Buddhist should also seriously think of saving their soul. So better senior leaders come open and start helping the next generation leaders from right party like PPA as they have get enough from this society and in their death bad will they still want to commit sin by not passing the power to next generation leader who is deserving . If they remain adamant and promote their own family than they will themselves suffer later see what happened of previous rulers.
For their is equal and opposite reaction in all the acts .So better accept the voice of the conscience and honourably step down . See even if they are acquitted who will believe that they have not brought their judgement as they always seems to have done earlier . And other senior also should give chance to the most honest person irrespective of any party or position as most of them are corrupt and said to be in the pay role of DK . As than only they can show their sacrifice as Publics are now seeing them only as opportunists and greedy .This mindset must be changed those who are sacrificing type must be given opportunity if leaders change their workers will . Now as all the facts are coming up the Publics may not forgive them in the next election . Even from the rumour mongers it is heard that the separation between Apangs and the D.K was only for the Hydropower Commissions .This is so absurd does Arunachal belong to a single Person only .If it was in China if found guilty , may be both may have been convicted as Porter in Tali to Pipsorang for their rest of the life .
And for the Gandhis also this is crucial time as they may be later branded as unpatriotic in the future . As Arunachal is a crucial place and here they have always been seen to be playing suspicious politics . The occasion should not be also allowed to be taken by senior leaders to run to other parties . As if allowed we will lost our next chance to rectify our state . Let all the opposition parties like PPA , BJP, NCP and TMC resist all short of temptations this are all temporary phase . Once we take help we have to be indebted to them . And will unknowingly one day become same thing what they are now . Bit of patience is needed to make Arunachal as the number one state .Give a damn if no special package is given to your constituency. We won’t die in three years but one day our time will come .
It is time to criticise the present govt. equivocally before thing goes out of hand . Why no articles regarding this is allowed in the Arunachal Newspaper’s? As PPA is Party with a difference and the cadres are suppose to give a damn to this corrupted souls as they are fighting their lost battle so why no press release from Spokesman may be Govt. Is blocking the publications you never know .If the Arunachal Times does not publish this than Publics have all the reasons to doubt that both the Old Leaders have made a secret understanding. The Hon’ble Supreme court should temporary seize our leaders passport if they have any least they run away to other countries . The Hon’ble High Court should hence forth be more vigilant as the Judiciary is the most respected institutions .
Already critics are doubting sudden visit of Home Minister Chidambaram in Tawang .It is pertinent to mention that Jodik told me once that he have given written complaint to Chidambaram that if he is killed only one man is responsible . As the CBI which is under Home Minister it have been always doubted to be brought by rich and powerful .Unfortunately the leaders of the State ruling and opposition so far have mostly shown that they are only Business man and by next election may be a coordinated revolution has to be born in each Publics heart if they really want to change the Society . And be part of operation to damp all the leaders who are in the pay role of D.K . than only may be the Society will change . Only those who repent and finance the anti corruption movement openly should be pardoned .The Opposition Buzzword should be confess or get fired as many Projects passed during the previous govt. must have been due to omission and commission .
The leaders who are excessively corrupted are neither a Buddhist or a Christians they must be kicked out as they are giving bad names to their community as well .The Arunachal history will never forgive if we keep mum as the RSS background Supreme court Advocates are the ones who are seen to be helping Jodik fighting for the state of the Arunachal Pradesh whom we mistook so much earlier . Don’t let other take credit for what we should have done . The Jodikji has proved that Galos are the most advanced tribe as said by British explorer Hamilton as most of the PIL comes from this community . For those rich Galos , Elites and Spiritual Leaders from other communities who may die a premature death due to their guilt conscience time to lessen their sin : and also before worst situation comes all Arunachalee should help Jodik in our state interest as this may be our last chance to rise. For the India also the Arunachal is the most important place from the defence point of view , if it crumbles under overweight of the rich and corrupted leaders than whole country will suffer dearly . Therefore the Central Leadership must study the case seriously least they are seen to be hobnobbing with the accuse .
The citizens must contribute something or other to the prodigal son of the soil who is right now waging one man war against the govt. for our future . If not money at least their prayer support .Beware before the uneducated leaders gobble up everything for themselves leaving nothing for the future generations we must strike with a vengeance so what he is ones relative after all the excessively corrupted Person belong to none and will later make all the family members also suffer as truth always comes up one day or other like in Bofors Gun deal case which is all set to give Congress party sleepless night.Whatever the smart congress spokesman tries to justify instead of confessing their sin which should have been more acceptable .

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law will take own course of action. Thank you asi Togo 4 highlighting the issues boldly in your blog.corrupt politician deserve punishment.