Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Der aya Drust aya . The journalist fraternity seems to have lastly risen from their kumbakarnas sleep . If this was started during Apangjis time itself than non would have the guts to rise finger on the Arunachal journalists . Any way they have realised that their real duty is to be the moral watchers of the society . And the media houses are henceforth expected to target all the outstanding issues not only those which sooth their masters and end up being HMV – His Masters Voice .
Years back I remember I went to all the media houses to publish my articles mostly against the Politicians but non was willing ; fed up I had to start my own blogspot . Later when it become bit popular I prepared to continue this as honest readers wanted more of my articles . Until of course recently when they have shown guts to unmask the goons and some requesting me to publish my articles in their press and as my respect have also increased on the members of the 3rd estate of the Arunachal Pradesh e,i- Press fraternity soon I may have to think upon their proposal . Sometimes what Baba Ramdevji says seems to be apt . Don’t make the baba to join the politics and since the country was sleeping many professionals have to sacrifice their profession like in Independence movement days ; so today in this transitional and leadership society many sacrifice is needed .
Today the common Publics innocence have inspired many freelance journalists to be their guardian angel . But the poor journalists cannot be accepted to clean the system over night ; but a sincere coordinated approach is definitely developing which is willing to dislodged the corrupted ones like the civil right movement of the Martin Luther. By operation halla Boll the PPA is planning ambitiously to unearth all the truth and on 25th oct. it is with Galo Student Union and the west siang District Student union in its strike against PDS accuse who are still running their firms . The more we tell the truth and expose it the more this evils can be fight . That myth have to be broken that congress will always become ruling party . It cost nothing only we need to take this issues to all the Publics at all the levels . the French revolution like situation has today come and every sacrifice is needed to make our future secure . It is difficult but not impossible . Remember Vir Tum bare Chalo , samne Pahar ho … ……………
The greatest power God has given to the human being is the power to think . Never undermine the one mans power to change the system . How long the intellectuals and the elites will be mute spectators to it . To change it be part of the this revolution . Remember French Revolution kind of system is today present this itself was demolished by few mans initiative in the table tennis court ; one man army like Gandhiji is need of the hour and fortunately every ones blood is boiling as such none can suppress the truth any more . Tongam will become the cynosure of the publics if more attack is made on her . The kind of the popularity she will be gaining will make the accuse more vulnerable . May be time for packing of the corrupted souls who must have been earlier behind the misleading of the innocent villager from interior place like Koloriang and seppa etc to threat and intimate the good officers and Publics bringing ill reputation to their own community .
I as the Christian leader being the adviser of the Peace and Justice dept . CBCNI appeal to all the Baptist Christian fraternity to confess their sin and live their life more righteously and once again be proud in called themselves as the worthy son of the living God who can alone confess the sin like king David about whom Holy Bible says their was no sinner as King David and also none who made confession like him . Even if one get punishment from law a humble confession will make him more peaceful and righteous in the eye of the God and man . A temporary protection from the ruling party will never give kind of satisfaction in ones conscience and forgiveness of the God in the day of the judgement . Every one is our own one who have harmed and one who were the victims , their for Gods way of asking forgiveness and forgiving may be the most apt way .
Provided the accuse abstain from all the political activities in the future as this issue seems to be going to be nemesis of many rich and powerful who were involved in this shady deals . As in politics every dog has its days and bad days definitely seems to have started for this PDS syndicates as sometimes money and power also becomes meaningless specially when all the Publics rise up in arms .

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Unknown said...

sir, its true that people of arunachal pradesh are agitated and completely not satisfied the way our state is governed. our system is in a total mess. everyone is aware that the people in power running our state are corrupted from head to toe. sorry but the truth is we arunachalees which includes me does nothing, only brags about everything but we never try to mend our own way of living and morale conduct. our people have the habit of discussing everything but finally they will land up where they have started and sleep out saying what can we do. each and every individual in our state especially the educated lots in some way or the other is entwined with the corrupted system that no one is willing to raise their voice. there is lack of sincerity, honesty, will and determination in every individual. these words may sound like morale lecture but they are the pillar to success and toughest part is they are hard to inculcate. our people are like those fools who wait for the snake to enter their compound otherwise they consider themselves safe. but they forget that a snake is a friend of none. i am not asking our people for an outbreak like in tunisia or egypt or libya, but to be true to yourself so that atleast you know there is one fool less in our loving ARUNACHAL PRADESH.