Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Congress party has yet again committed grave error for thinking in the line of giving PRC to the non tribal . It would have been different if it was for the consideration of PRC to Tibetans and Chakma and Hajongs that too if the local MLA’s in the effected region have no objection and the Publics at large are preferred , plus it doesn’t become precedent for other districts ; after all one like or not today many from their clans are flourishing in the State. But timing is wrong today when Publics at large clamoring for blood of Govt. for PDS and other corruption this proposal seems to be a bad jock and a nefarious design to divert Publics from such issues . Even Congress leaders themselves more out of political compulsion must not be themselves convinced in their heart .
Whatever may be the reasons- Time is too early for this solution as the Congress party is always seen as over centric and is seen to mismanaged this kind of issues . As the Publics are least preferred for such a drastic step which smells of Buddhist lobby which seems to be covertly supporting this issue and making good leaders once like Setong Senaji as scape goat . See even if America is a Christian Country but they have a strong Immigration policy as individual forgiveness for personal fault is different but when it is for greater good it has to be thoroughly discussed . see the result of the inflow of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam after Assam accord . Even if a middle course is applied than the Old settlers must be identified who are truly based in State and other outsiders must be dissuaded . And than this should not become precedent for the other non tribal for getting the benefit in the future .
Sometimes forefathers misdeed affects us and nothing can be done about it. May be most prudent punishment to earlier leaders responsible for keeping mum when the Chakma and Hajong where rehabilated in the state is by giving a resounding and magnimous kick in the ass of the leaders responsible for it in election . As for the Publics if the Chakmaand Hajong develop the regional feeling for the State in the long run that me be possible but till now no concrete step have been taken to interact with the both the original and settlers . Through democratic means alone this issue can be solved . It is better more we talk about it it is better . But for it right kind of atmosphere must be created by the Govt . Unfortunately this Govt. who always seen to violate the opposition leaders right only seen to appease whenever things goes out of its hand .
Not that we believe in opposing for opposition shake . But where is that moral responsibility when in more important issue like PDS Govt. live aside step down is it taking action against all the culprit and not seen to divert this issue by hacking up other one . If this modus operendi is to be stopped than the Student communities should coordinate with the opposition party to pave way for the parties like PPA which have say 30-40 percent free Public supporters for its regional ideology and should also make their honest Congress M.P and MLA’s to contest from PPA next time kicking out all the tainted leaders from whatsoever party. That alone will be the practical solution by a revolution only a new system can be set up . If this was successful in Hon’ble MLA Kumsi Sidusi a APSU Dist. President who contested and won with record margin than this will be also success in all the Arunachal .
But will they do this ? If we make a Congress Govt. we also have to bear the dadagiri of the Gandhis how one can have both the things . Each election we vote the Congress party as if it is our constitutional duty . We hate our Opposition leaders as 3rd class citizens . Mind it if there is no check and balance worst is coming . Sometimes the popular Public demonstration also make the Hon’ble Court to take sui motto decision on that issue after all the Public will reign supreme in democracy and for it election must be win and plans have to be made from now itself . But Panchayat election a coordinated attack blue print against the Congress must be made . After all practice does not makes a man perfect . Perfect practice makes a man perfect . A coordinated attack alone can make the congress think thank helpless . to change the system good Peoples must join the system .
Today unfortunately congress party have become rotten beyond redemption . No amount of therapy can cure it . Therefore the alternative must be searched . I appeal all the APSU leaders to work together to unite all the opposition towards common umbrella . And who better than the APSU to do this after all there was a time when the APSU and the PPA was seen as identical . In the coming days time to show real guts by the Union whose certain section in dist. Have been severally criticized by the media for keeping mum in PRC and PDS issues . fortunately many opposition MLA’s have already shown their inclination to fight from PPA by next election sensing the favorable regional wave . .
Both APSU and PPA have similar ideology better work where one believes . those senior APSU leaders like Sri Domin Loyaji who have remain committed to APSU ideology even after settling in their personal life is really worth praising . And since if we want to save our region we must make our regional party strong and the election of good leader and good party is only the answer to solve all the problem than why not hit the bulls eye . Our present Leaders also need not be not as greedy for the investment , so desperate to take anti society stand ; that investment will one day come naturally as the population explosion and the global warming is reducing the water label and agriculture area in the Plain areas of our Country. Thus the obvious investment destination within 20 yrs. time will be our State.
Therefore this extra hypertension for investment by planning to increase the work population will be seen as opening new ground for corruption by haves who are few in number but are always seen to be enjoying the real fruits of course in the name of the haves not . May be a public memorandum have to be taken for PRC issue and that mood can be gauged if Congress party again comes back in power in next election with the issue of PRC as its party manifesto . They cannot mislead the Arunachal publics any more as they did earlier like premature demand of statehood for personal popularity . And since they did not included it in their last election manifesto therefore they have no locus standi to do so after election . If they are really bothering why don’t all the present leaders not promise to retire by next election if this PRC bill is passed . And even if they don’t retire they will have lots of answer to make after all they where the ones who created the mess barring few good leaders from Tirap and Changlang .As for the Publics of the State will not be prudent for them to support party like PPA which is committed to regional interest and believes in taking publics with it in true sense of terms .

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As togo U write vey well, what is ur inner concept about Lower Siang issue and do u accept the ultimatum served by people of Basar including BASU without going through the Bane Keba decesion of GWS of Aalo and Kamba , i think the basar people are selfish they dont have care about the problem of foothill brothers, so being bellongs from Basar area dont allow Galo to be disintegrated.