Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Ram Janma Bhoomi solution better be left to the Allahabad publics

The Ram Janma Bhumi solution better left to the Allahabad Publics

Though Muslims will not like the judgment but better they accept this for the greater interest of the Society after all the Hindus would have never get such kind of favor in Pakistan . The Muslim brothers will definitely feel let down by the Congress party as each election they are the instrumental factor for the party as such their belief of let down by the party is also reasonable . And the Political party itself are responsible if today this premier institution is also doubted . But Hon’ble judge in its own capacity is seen to give the best judgment as their could have been none better judgement for Countries peace and tranquility .
Today when the leaders are hell bent on making mountain out of mole hole . When more serious issues like corruption and nepotism are being sidelined this silly issues must be forgotten quickly . Specially when the Country is in the threshold of making history . sometimes seems like smart Congress party which have inherited the divide and rule British policy doesn’t it was not behind it in this mess . As emotional atyachar have been always its forte .
There are all the reason to compromise for two great civilization Hindus and Muslims . After all there is more Muslim in India than Pakisthan and most of the Indian Muslim are of the same Aryan race . Nothing official about them that historically Lord Rama seems to be also Indian Muslims forefather’s as conversion or no conversion they have been always historically seen as Aryans by blood and not only that most of the Muslim earlier where idol worshipers like Hindus till the Mecca and Madina war this is according to the historians .
Who knows Rama was also Muslim inlaw ? after all in the end of the Ramayana ; Sita mata is seen to burry himself in the soil like Muslim does . As everybody knows how religion more particularly Hindu is serious about its last funeral rights , after all Hindus scripture also accepts Sita mata was found from some unknown place , though Hindus are very particular about their gotra even today and there is threat from Khap Panchayat for inter marriage within the gotra . The point is when lord Ram and Prophet Mohammad have no problem with each other why we should have ? with all the majesty and goodness Islam survives and if some followers who may be Kafirs themselves from gods point of view is misusing it than who can help it .
As for some who have made violence as its profession Quran is meaningless just a way to spreading their terror . see Sura Al - Bakra where violence have been denounced . Even in Hadis of the Quran Ullah alone is said to be right jurisdiction to punish the Kafirs in day of the judgment . And Quran defines idol worshippers are not only who worship idols but who does list of evil things like killing the innocents . therefore this wrong interpretation of the scriptures are highly condemnable so the good mullas , Qazis and Ulemas must be publicly supported to make a coordinated move for spiritual unification to fight the pseudo Muslmans and later encouraged to join the Indian religion conclave to be lead by ones like Baba Ramdevji .
After worst of enmity one also become a best of friend . May be time to forgive and forget the past and go ahead in life as Hindu and Muslims are at least spiritual brothers in terms of strongly seeking god in right perspective . Narendra Modi showed his magnamity to appeal to the Hindus to refrain from any violence before the Hon’ble High Court verdict , that is worth praise worthy he seems to be a changed man and that repentance should matter after all every ones commits mistakes . Now the need of the hour is make the modalities for the successful implementation of the Hon’ble High Court verdict . The respective land has to be nicely fenced . And baring on special occasion each party should make a joint rule on display of muscle power and refrain from making the place like Wagah border and use the microphone in its normal tone even in its festive occasion. In this regard all religion conference can do a major role to user in a era of peace.
The religion Institution can play a major role in development of the country after all each time the govt. policy fails due to strong mechanism for its execution . Thus the religion institution can become a strong executing agency . I fervently hope the Ayodhya Muslim and Hindu brothers are most capable to solve this issue . As it is none of our business to poke into their internal affairs . More we talk about this issues more sensation and political issues it become . Non can Individually change the Society be he Gandhi or any body else unless religious leaders are actively involved after all they have tremendous clout in Society .Remember Maotsetung said – Religion is opium of the masses as communism was also unable to deal with it . Those who are criticizing ones like Baba Ramdev is the ones who are jealous of his growing popularity .
Future is bright for ones like Baba if he convince the ulemas and the Moulvis to work with him . But he should gain their confidence . May be praising the Muslim brothers in India for refusing to burry the terrorist can be a good statement to begin with . Later he should be able to teach them to change their ways as the religious leaders also have to make themselves small as Holy Bible says to become king become small first . As the father in heaven who created the world seems to be lover of plurity of Society and thus may be each religion must be loved way he loves every one . And as he only seems to bless who seeks the truth diligently in all the religion to become righteous and holy to be called as his worthy son .
Therefore self pride and judgment is beyond our jurisdiction and we should become like small child more so when we sit down to solve this peculiar religious issues which can be only solved by taking divine power from God as Holy Bible says blessed are those who are peace makers . That is to be accepted that in spite of its tremendous potentialities religious leaders have so far failed to harness the potentialities to take the society by surprise . Today when all the elites and the Intellectuals are scarred to tie the bell ones like Baba Ram Devji must be respected . We need him more than he need us . Our slogan ought to be -Babaji lage Raho Bharat apke sath hain .
The Christians are also praying day and night for the Countries peace and tranquility may God give lasting understanding and friendship to all the Hindu and the Muslim brothers so that their misunderstanding never ever be taken advantage by the outsiders in election who are neither a good Hindu or good Muslim and Christian who are the real kafirs who are damaging our Society . And both community work under the gods commanded principles to make this country more great by spectacular performance in Olympics games also . Time to love thy neighbor in letter and spirit whatever may be the culture and tradition as our God , Goal and soul is same as it is the real will of the living God that we worship him in spirit . And those who worship him in spirit will not fight for the wordily name and fame after all issues like moksha , nirvana and salvation are not jocks and in its diligent persuasion only we will find the betterment of the Society .

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