Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Regarding the Galo Student Union and the West Siang District Students Union, A.P Proposed Relly on 25th Oct. 2010

Regarding the Galo student Union and the West Siang Dist.Students Union Proposed Ralley on 25 th oct 2010 :-

The great Galos of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh who were sleeping hitherto have risen finally from the long Kumbakarnas sleep . The tribe who was earlier the real fighter’s in all the outstanding issue , took too long to rise against injustice . The psychological ruling phobia fear infused during Apangjis regime seems to have lasting impression on the common mindset.
And as the so called ruling phobia in today’s time is seen to be unwarranted and highly condemnable as it is our fundamental rights to express our view and Publics alone makes the ruling . Publics are questioning in which constitution it is written that Congress party alone has to be voted ? Is the corrupted party like Congress using gala events like Common games game only to justify their misrule ? therefore even good Congress party man must come forward to fight this corruption which is going to eat us one by one . And some Congress whimsical leaders may have temporary benefit earlier , but it cannot benefit today when the whole lots of the Publics seems to be with the opposition and jealously feel the need to guard our civil right . Accepted greed have also increased but so is the awareness due to mobile and the Cable network connection and to some critics more than greed it was mindless ruling phobia that the redundant leaders imposed on the publics that they were enjoying the power .
It is fervently hoped that Publics across all the rank and file will support the Galo Student union and the West Siang Student Union in its endeavour to sweep the worms of corruption and the nepotism on the 25th oct. Time to make halla boll against corruption which is making our education system redundant as job not given to the meritious , Business deals less prospective for the Entrepreneurs as tender not given to the deserving contractors as past records of the farm and the contractors are not seen ; and corruption has resulted in the high officers less respect in the eye of the publics . Together we can clean the system and it is not only Baba Ramdevs fight we are the worst hit .
Remember good Peoples are always in majority only is we need to make a coordinated attack and good leaders need to have smartness and shrewdness like cine star Sunny deol showed in movie called India . When he fixed his police wala before hand among the goondas fixed by villain Denny before arresting him . After he shoot his own police which was stage managed all the innocent Publics gathered to collect sari and within them Dennis goondas to check Sunny from arresting the boss had to run after they show he was really a tough coup . The moves of the corrupted has to be countered that way what best they can do is target the relatives . But now that this PDS and other corruptions have become high profile case it is impossible as the greatness of the person also ensures his nemesis sometimes . See the Sanjay Datta case therefore it has to be taken as fate as Jaise Karni Waise Bharni after all the PDS wallas have also lived like a king earlier .
A critic opined – it seems earlier Congress Party was voted more out of the fear than even the money temptations , fear mostly propagated by officers most of them who are in verge of the retirement therefore it will diminish . Other friend said earlier it was justified to be in the ruling party as their were too many benefits than but today that is not the case . The jobs , contract works , party ticket only for the rich peoples than give a damn as what 90 percent poor Publics are getting from Congress party . The outfits who are targeting the rich and the powerful are better than one who eat up poor mans rice . Therefore in this changing world when the Congress Party is in its verge of common publics fatigue ness in the State like in West Bengal to may be time for searching the greener grass . Only the Opposition has to come in a common platform like PPA backed by the student community .And in the next election only a fool will

like to contest from NCP and TMC which have no connection with the State society . Hope the Student community will take this fight till its logical conclusion .
Thus now the time seems to be changing and as the Quit India movement come to Alipur Publics lately due to the rumour that the Dogs biscuits given to the Publics in the collectors house . Similarly suddenly Galos seems to be ready for Halla Bolo and as such the proposed strike on 25th Oct against PDS by student body is a welcome move . As for the Peoples Party of the Arunachal it was always associated with the student organisation and support their genuine concern in the issues where the aam Publics don’t dare to say . Our more privileged galos should stop living in the make believe world that they have the divine right to enjoy the power and the position and respect the will of the Publics which is supreme as it is for the future cumulative benefit that a resounding and magnimous kick has to be given in the ass of of some over corrupted sons this is nothing personal . already Galos have lost valuable time due to our emotional tribal bonding which should be only for good reason not for adoring once foreign imported car purchased by surreptious means . After all some of them where also the ones who suffered during early regime thus must accept their moral responsibilities . The administration should think thousand times before taking a partisan stand so long as the law and order problem is not breached from both the end on the 25th oct Bandh call .
If things snow ball into major crisis some of our Beurocrates also better see their own credibility as Publics are increasingly becoming restless and may also target them ; as some beurocrates are alleged to do omission and commission always to sooth the rich and the powerful . Earlier also they are rumoured to benefit some in election for which some section of the publics are heard to be still angry . Though manipulation can be made to get State and national award to hide their shady deals thanks to their political masters but time for making a mass introspection from top to bottom more so for the highest Beurocrates who swear by constitution of India and their religious books to rectify their misdeeds as this Publics seems to be now ready to question everything only a trigger is awaited.

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Achi, have gone through your article and i really apriciate it a lot. it was very inspiring, plz do continue writing about the burning issues in our state,let the masses know about the CORRUPT polticians and bureaucrates who are are eating up our state like parasites.