Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Defective Human trafficking

The Defective Human trafficking
The latest report of the defective human beings who are suffering from a genetic disorder locally called yebo where after birth the wife starts to tilt towards one side while walking and its trafficking from the Missing community to the Galos is unnerving . Similar thing is now reported from those Galos who are seen to merry Missing community wife’s from Lakhimpur and silapathar areas .
It is believed that there is a community in the Mishing tribe of Assam who are suffer from this disorder and the local in the Mishing land like Silapathar refrain from marrying them . And even after marring without knowing them they are said to divorce them immediately .But surprisingly when they are married off to the Galos they keep mum . The community which think itself smart by marring the cheap wife are being cheated by the smarter Mishing’s .
It is surprising to know that other community of the arunachal are o not that attracted to the Mishing community girls like our galos more particularly old ones who have lost their wifes . And a whole lots of the middleman are also said to be surviving on this arrangement and thus keeping mum . Though this is a personal issue but this need to be known by the innocent Galo Peoples as already the Mishing / miri Publics are said to be joking that after many years the whole galos will be walking in shaking manner . In fact they have a term for this clans – Yebo that means one who shake while walking .
This symptom seems to be coming after giving birth to a child as such when the husband realises it become too late even child also get effected by it .And even many Missing are said to be its victim as they are also unaware of the family background as due to intermittent flood and breaking of the community system in the Missing they have remained cut of from each others . May be this need to be made as the focal point in the Galo bane Keba at least one who bite the hook have right to know the consequences as tomorrow there is fear of all the Galos shaking while walking like Mithun chakrabarty and Devanand .This is nothing nothing personal but for my Tribes interest .

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