Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chak De India In Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010

First time India ne really Chak dia and the country man have felt so proud to be an Indian like never before . The commonwealth success have shown that country have really become independent from the Brish raj and the long hang over seems to have finally finished.
This is nations win and none can take credit and every one can rejoice in it be it congress or the BJP . The confidence building seems to have started with the winning of the Oscar in Slums Dog millionaire, making of the movie - Chak De India , the selection of the good sportsman and right training this time as the rich sons who earlier used to hijack the foreign trip and where seen doing marketing more than their commitment towards their sports seems to have been totally thwarted by the vigilant Publics , press and the opposition . The aware publics today want non of the nonsense any more . The Delhi audience also need to be appreciated. Manmohan Singhji for his love for sports as a Punjabi can be accepted , Kalmadi for being best of the worst Congress leader may be fighter pilot in him helped . And Rahulji for his pro-youth attitude though it is literarily dividing the congress party .
The miracle seems to saved the kalmadi in particular and the congress in general from facing more embarrassment as later even they are caught by CBI they might get forgiveness from Publics in principal this time only due to quantum of gold medals . The congress will try to harp on its achievement but the real test will be in the Asia and the Olympic games .As the Public expectations have to fulfilled from now . The opposition will also will benefit if the issues like price rise are also not solved or it will prove to be the shahi dawat for the Congress party to hide their weakness . The Congress should have also shared the glory of the nation with the leader of the opposition as everything should not be politicised. Honestly the country would have prospered more if we had someone like Baba Ramdev in the helms of power as he is working with a single mission to make a healthy Indian with his yoga .
Next time Country man are expecting similar miracle even in the World Cup football arena. Truly time for saying Jai Ho .


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