Thursday, November 4, 2010



Historically the Nagas and the Arunachalees have a common ancestors after all both are of common descendents of the Indo Tibetan Mongols . This relations where cemented more recently in Gori village west siang dist. Arunachal Pradesh Basar recently courtesy to the chakesang Baptist church Council of Nagaland namely CBCC by organizing the healing crusade . It is to be mentioned that since many years there is mission partnership between the CBCC and the the Galo Baptist church Council - GBCC of which I am also a member before being an Adviser Peace and justice Dept . of CBCNI – Council of Baptist church North East India by the grace of God .
And need not to say that day on the evening of 31st Oct. 2010 heaven also seem to have bow down and the prophesy from the Holy spirit came that the brotherly relation between the Galos and the Chakesang should increase evermore and it will be benchmark for the growth of the North East State in the path of prosperity specially between the Nagas and the Arunachalees , thus Praise the Lord and amen . Though initially the CBCC members have decided to pull out from the partnership officially in phase manner . But the God’s message made it clear that Arunachalees and the Nagas Chakesang in particular have to stay like brothers
Therefore henceforth both the state should also work jointly in all the field of mutual interests where both gains . Like lots of investment opportunity is opening up in Arunachal in hydropower sector , organic crop , horticulture and the Tourism sector etc and by investing in this sector it will be beneficial to both the state as unlike Nagaland the place is agile for Hydropower constructions , growth of Apple and the snow clad mountain ensure domestic tourism as well and we lack expertise and financial resource which Nagas have . If the money circulates within our North East its good .
And as the ground is already made for the Naga and the Arunachal unity in this healing crusade . For which I personally appreciate Hon’ble MLA Nagaland Chotisri Chajoji of Chojoba constituency who is the Parliamentary Secy . Govt. of Nagaland who personally come to glorify God in spite of his busy schedule and we end up become good friends also . He surely seems to have taken lots of blessing also for his family and Nagaland publics and truly acted like its brand ambassador . May God give him future promotion in all the fields . It is also pertinent to mention that all the Healing Crusade expenses were born by the Chakesang brothers .
Sometimes we Arunachalees also really feel so bad as we are still like Somalia and African nation defending on the UNO like Naga brothers for so long . As it is pertinent to mention that it was long time back due to the Naga chakesang Baptist brothers that we were evangelized . And also during the time of the Christian persecution in State by earlier Govt. they suffered with us .But we still need each other and can benefit from each other . Also being the spiritual elder brother Nagas need to be also responsible towards the Arunachal need . If we have fighters coming from Tangkuls , Angami and Semas tribes fighting for the poors and downtrodden in our Tirap and the Changlang dist.It seems the Chakesangs have the acceptability of the God to rethink Nagas strategy beneficial to both .
The senior Naga leaders specially political must take advantage of this situation as the Gods spiritual way seems to be most apt as a practical solution have to be found beneficial to both. Those Naga brothers who are right now fighting in the dist. Of the Tirap and Changlang of Arunachal Pradesh I will appeal them to do it in Gods way , please help us rebuilt the broken wall of the Arunachal like prophet Nehemiah did as we are also your own . The rampant corruption and the increasing gap between rich and the powerful may have earlier necessitated the Naga brothers to fight for the Poor and the destitute here . But today time has come to change our tactics to fight the system in the Gods way . As by unity and peace alone we need to gain more as said in holy Bible – those who fight with the sword will die with the sword .If we are not loyal to Gods will than in other issue how we can be loyal . if god will whatever we are demanding will one day come automatically . rather we may tomorrow favour close ties with every community and region for our interests .
Therefore the PPA- Peoples party of the Arunachal Pradesh a regional party which have four Hon’ble MLA’s right now of which I am Gen Secy. State level is planning to invite Hon.ble chief Minister Nagaland as Hon’ble Chief Guest in our symbol declaration party with the hope that as a regional party leader he will fight for our right like the Federal Castro does for communist country . As helping others to fight with the corrupt Govt. is also God ‘s will . See why Sodom Gomorrah is burnt was also not for undermining and overlooking the Poor neighbors need .
Thus Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Neuporiji son of the soil of the North east will definitely help us is what poor and the oppressed brothers are looking forward with great expectations . It is fervently hoped that this time the North East will gets it true leader a messiah of the poor and the downtrodden . And other Naga citizens will also toe his idea it is humbly hoped and prayed . As Nagas are discipline lots and fear God and cannot overlooked the commission of the God in Holy Bible and more recently in the Healing crusade in Gori field in 31st Oct. 2010 . For long we Christians have been praying for a messiah to save us , as in this part of world there is too much violation of right of Poor and downtrodden at the cost of few haves who will always pooh pooh this allegations . but the 90 percent majority Publics want a joint effort to address unrest in Tirap Changlang Dist . and expect the Govt. to declare Hon’ble Chief Minister Nagaland as State Guest when he comes on PPA’s invitations .Let us pray for this dream to be a reality as with gods grace ness nothing is impossible . United North Eastern will gain divided we will fall .

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