Thursday, August 16, 2007


The boundery dispute between the Arunachal and the Assam State have become like clash between the PLO and Israel, only the good thing about the later is the peace brokered by the George W.Bush in the form of drafting a road of map , will this Uncle Sam role be played by Smty. Sonia Gandhi who is the Dejure ruler of the Congress Party and as such like mother to both. Lately Assam has found a escape Goat in our State as the Mizos , Meghalayan and Nagas have become hard nut to crake due to there undiluting unity when enemy is at the Gate. This is also possible due to election of high quality leaders based on there unblemish records. Enough is enough with the chalega attitude of the Govt. it should immidiately complete Independent construction of road communication, criss-crossing all the State territory avoiding its dependency on Assam and start construction of a Natioanal Airport anywhere in Arunachal which is centrally located if there is a dart of land in Itanagar.
My utmost sympathy goes to our Galos in particular and Arunachalees in generally who are facing untold misery in the foothill areas. The tough tactics played by Naga regiment have said to thwart many of Assams nefarious design, after all even if they have many more regiment but due to the internal turmoil faced by the State it is really doubtful weather they can really regroup at the coast of there own internal security this seems to be taken advantage by Nagas. Our IRBN should learn a lesson from there Naga counter part, because in peace time the said force are ill reputed for there harrasment of publics while cooperating with the assam police as it is alleged by Foothill Peoples during actual time of action. But than the politicians are also responsible for not giving IRBN a free hand and giving a beffiting reply to the big brother in all the front it is learned . As the claim of the Assam Govt. over area Kanku circle as disputed is unacceptable in the view of the Hilly nature of the area as the Assam Peoples usually say that hilly area belong to the Arunachalees and Parliament question and answer in lok Sabha in UNSTARRED QUESTION No.4611 by Sri D.Erring on the question of the boundery dispute between the people of NEFA and Assam asked to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru who was also Minister of External Affairs at the time who answered in 5th May 1961 on the question of (a) Weather the Govt. are aware that there has been a Boundery dispute between the People of NEFA and Assam ? and (b) if , so weather the Govt. have appointed some Committee to enquire about the matter and to demarcate the boundery ? The answer by the Jawaharlal Nehru :- The people inhaviting a large part of the Siang Frontier division of NEFA are known as Adis there are some Adi Villages in Lakhimpur District of Assam also. When the physical demarcation of the Innerline was taken in hand in this area some time age , the Villages in Assam represented that the

Line around should be revised to include them in NEFA . One Adi Village from NEFA represented that it is right over some cultivable outside the Innerline in / Assam should be safeguarded . A meeting of senior official from assam and NEFA was held in Shillong to discuss the problems . the political officer of the Siang Frontier Division and the deputy Commissioner of the lakhimpur District jointly toured the areas . It was not considered to appoint a committee to enquire into the matter . the Assam Govt. are understood to have decided to extent the same previliges as are enjoyed by the people in the transferred areas to the Adi Villages under there jurisdiction. They have also confirmed that the right of the Adi Village from NEFA possessing cultivable land in Assam will not be effected any where by the demarcation of the Innerliner. And Officer each from the assam and NEFA has been disputed to remain in the area to settle the differences on the spot till demarcation is completed. However today the Assamese compelling the local Arunachalees to register there patta in Lakhimpur is completely against the vision of the architecture of the country. We must respect the Gandhian way, but it thus not mean exposing our torso . The Govt. should engage battery of Lawyers if necessary . The People of Arunachal specially those in Foothill area have to also overcome there inferiority complexion and join the National mainstram so that outsider thus not take undue advantage of there simplicity. Meanwhile the Assam should realise the unique brotherlee relationship with Arunachal Pradesh via People like Bhupen Hazarika etc .And also that the State have maximum number of Assamese employed than other State the matrimonial and traditional ties apart . I am personally looking forward to Mr. Home Minister Sri jarbom Gamlinji with great expectation, who can be a good ambassador of Arunachal and Assam fraternity , mutual understanding and cooperation as he is in the position to inititiate this good samaritan work. Hope this time a permenant policy to the vexed boundery dispute will be resolved to the benefit of both the neighbouring State, as this golden opportunity will never be find again in the atmosphere of the mutual comaderie previling both the State being ruled by Congress-I Party .

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