Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Pathetic Condition of Sportsman in Arunachal Pradesh

The condition of Sports man in our State is very pathetic, the Politicians who have no Sporting carrier and love for sports have really failed to inspire the masses in the field of Sports as a Carrier oppurtunity.The health is the most vital agenda of the People, as our mortality rate is very less . Neverthless some old folks like present Honourable Chief Minister Sri Dorzee kanduji , Ex- Chief Minister sri Mukut Mithiji and some Chief Engineers and senior officers are praiseworthy atleast in one regards for being regular players of Badminton and indirectly at least encouraging the Publics to do so. But it is
yet to be seen if they respect the Sports- man in there personal life like Sri Gumpe Rime the Guy who was the first Professional footballer still playing in first Division League football match in Indian levels in reputed national clubs.
The Guys who have swet there blood for the name of the State like Gumpe Rime should be honoured in the State by giving them a decent job so that the other sports man get inspiration from them. He has a great sporting carrier being the first professional player who played in reputed club like Mahindra and Mahindra, who has to his credit the cap of getting gold medal in National games in football for the State of Maharashtra, he is the only player to become ex- Captain of Assam State footbal team, also ex- Maharashtra State Football team captain and presently Captain of the karnataka State Football team and till now playing with the Hindustan Aeronatics Ltd club. He was also given Arunachal pradesh Governors Gold medal award for his extraordinary performance in sports. But it is very surprise to learn that one earlier Sports Minister of Our State refused to even have audience with him . If many Tom Dick and Herries have been given job why not his experienced local Boy be not used for our State interest, in other States the certificate of Bachelor in Sports Education is not at all the criteria for appointment as Sports Officer, even class X pass students who have excelled in there field are given Sports Officers post ; it is surperising why a Class XII pass professional player like Gumpe is not invited in the State.It is pertinent to mention that in one UPSC conducted examination for the post of the Assistant director of the Sports the qualification needed was class X pass.Therefore the Govt. should relax the recruitment rule in special case specially if the Guy has swet too much for the State. If the Govt. is sincere it can create other post as in other States the Sports Hostel are run by the State Government unlike in our State which is under SAI thus new post can be created like Sports Hostel Incharge, similarly Sports Acedemy Incharge, Football Development
Officer or Coaching department Incharge as it is prevelant in other States.
Think what will happen if all the hungry and frustrated Youths suddenly starts to cry for there right oneday, atleast for now they are busy diverting there frustration in the football grounds ; our previous leaders have only done short time gain work and lacked the vision to lead the Society for future and did nothing for the future generation most of the Unemployed youths are in lurches and there frustration is genuine as in all the enterpreunership only the relatives of the
M.L.A and Ministers alone prospers. As we are sitting on a time bomb which might burst any time , Let us learn from Manipur experience which is going through worst type of transition period yet able to face it due to discipline they learn from Sports . In Manipur jobs are said to be secured for the Sports man -First priority to the medalist in International arena, than in National than in State level; but what can be expected of the state like ours were the rich are secured of jobs for there Childrens by even buying the Sports quota
Deprieving the deserving ones of there bread and butter only misleading and showing greed to the Publics only during election time and making the state a fertile ground for the Terrorists to play the game of different kinds where they and every one will suffer one day.

Adv. Togo


dhirendra gaur said...

Very important issue. thanks to share.

Unknown said...

Very good and bold writing. Mr gumpe is now a coach at T F A.We had seen him as a player in guwahati league with Maharana nd Rising Eleven jerseys. GOOD LUCK GUMPE..