Thursday, August 16, 2007


I believe in sorting out a solution rather than discussing the problem though that used to be me usually. Not any more, this days , I have also become one of the ethopian intellectuals . Churning out an extra dose of an advise to those disperedos who perhaps want more practical help than the leap service, sorry for that: but cannot help , atleast I am better than those air condition wallas , who are telephonically advising frustrated People outside . Yes, one single soul can definetly change the World Christ Jesus did , Gandhi Vivekananda tried , however in our State it is like waiting for godot for a good leader , instead of begaining charity at home and become small time Gandhi we prefare to shy away I am no exception. But to my hearts content I have tried atleast , that is the consolation , honestly no self trade- fearing . Meanwhile let me give another dose of an success formula which probably my good readers will flash down the article in toilet like always . In our Democratic set up it is well neigh impossible to have a single window clearence system of investment opportunity as we have in China . However if our State is in a state of a dead man walking as Jombie those in Africa than what to day. State has failed us in having a coordinated approach to development as the Leaders and Beuroctes are more engrossed in there own interest rather than the States interest if we have a single genuine leader who spearhead the development in war foothing than things definitely stand to change . The problems with the senior and Veterian leaders is that most of them had there hand in shaddy deal earlier so they don’t follow that command and respect as we have not a single example of a leader with an unblemish record thus after every Govt. change it become impossible for the ex- C.M’s to come back to power because the fact is that they have never got popular mendate only clinging to power through State machinery.

Today investment is vital to the State . However it is not happening in a quick phase as it should be there . Today the state is that the Central Govt. employees calls it forviden land , fears to get transfer to the State , ironically not for fear of being eaten up by an animal as they earlier did but for fear of getting adverse remarks in there job carrier as for example Bank managers are said to be unable to fulfill there Banks target of granting loan etc. Recently I met Sri B.C Das the Divisional Manager of the Oriental company Ltd. His tell was interesting , gentleman said that since his inception very few insurance cases has been heard by D.C Court, so far postponment on one reason or another has baffled the Victims whereas the money are laying there in Bank . Unfortunately in one case the Poor man was dead before the first hearing itself. You blame the non Judicial seperation , constant change of the D.C but the end result is this- India might be shining elsewhere but not necessary here. Today much need of the of the time is Baptisma with the fire, that is those who has political will should come forward . Meanwhile for this generation common destiney seems to await us is that, non of us it seems shall see heaven for it is a road to perdition here; living below Gods estimation Man, it is the time for soul searching.

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