Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Adam Bridge Vs Ram Setu

The Ram Setu episode once more shows the desperation of the Political Parties specially the Hindu Fundamentalists in the VHP and RSS who wants to hack up any issue for the sake of hacking to stay in the limelight and nothing more can be also expected from desperados who have realised the futility of hacking up of Ayodhya issues as they have entangled themselves between Deep Sea and Devil as no National Political Party will like to part with the Muslim Votes and also play dangerous games with with there own life as ISI and Dawood Ibrahim Company have effectively shown that they can go to any extent to punish the backlash against the Muslims.
This Ram Setu episode is a sinister move of politicalisation of yet another issue which is a political creation of mountain out of mole hole, both by the Ramwads and the Adamites as the whole thing is getting political colour ; as per the version of Secularists there is a hidden agenda, this move to name the Bridge after Ram which is mythologically supposed to be used by the Rams Vanar sena to Blitzkriez lankans, this is nothing but glorification of there forefather Ram vis a vis the Aryan community by them who takes themselves to be of a superior race and owner of the India. But the so called Secularists those who are blaming against the Manuwadis for all sorts of mayhem in history like – Ramayan, mahabharat ,1st and 2nd World War want to this Bridge to be named after Adam who was Biblically the forefather of the mankind but they also seem to negate the existence of the Rama but definitely there must have been also some historical fact about Rama when many things have been said and written about him; after all Hanuman has said to be rested in between the rocks which shows that there must have been supporting small Islands to make the Bridge but theory that Hanuman made a direct jump to Lanka, the theory which is seems to be of later exegration has harmed there own claim as some scientists claim that it is impossible to make a direct Bridge in this gulf ; the inferiority complexion of the Hindus who have always fear sychosis created by the Brahmins against the never ending increase of other religion is all evident. As the writings of Tulsidasa is still fresh in there mind, who seems to have brainwashed there mind that Ram was the only forefather of the Aryans and generation of this doctrines made Hindus to challenge the scientific and logical Christian doctrines that the Adam was the common forefather of the mankind coupled with the origin of species theory and the tracing back of the common farefather through there DNA. Therefore this Ram Setu controversy is not going to be subsist unless the All Religion Forrum in the line of parliament of religion which was held in Chicago during the time of Swami Vivekanada is held to frankly discuss all the religion issues with brutal honesty; till than the bridge is best kept in the name of the some other personalities because something is also definitely truth about Rama who must have been a great man. However from Intellectual point of view it will be more prudent to give its name as Adams bridge, so that it is a living tribute to all the mankind as Rama must have been one of Adams descendent also and also as there is reference of some forefathers called Ram and Ashur the sanskrit name of the Dravidians in the chronology of the forefathers. The fundamentalists without knowing anything are taking Christianity as a foreign religion this is remaining of the brainwashing made by the freedom fighters during freedom fighting times. It is time great Hindu Civilisation show there maturity by rising above all there never ending anger and complexions ,though that is a common feature of a majority psyche of a native but Aurangjeb who took Zijya tax from Hindus is long dead therefore why this anger now ; even Aryans should realise that they have come from other place defeating the native Dravidians and also that Hindus have a great history of values were king Dadichi is said to have even donated his body parts as alms . As the Adams common ancestory theory seems to be more plausible as after all ancestors must have scientifically originated from common ancestors and also as the brainwashing by the Politicians negating this Adams theory seems to be concocted and fabricated to emotionally garner the support of the People who were least interested in the Politics. In the view of the logical postulation and similarty of Old Testament were forefathers have been said to have separated after the tower of Zerrubabel incident ; it is pertinent to note that the Rishi Muni Sukracharya have tried to make a parrallel heaven also which resembles making of this tower story and the Nuas Boat story having similarity with Manus escape from Sea water in large fish this similar stories shows that our forefathers were definitely same not only biologically but due to similar story which definately slightly changed after a long gap which is but natural. Thus in the end it will be prudent to name the Bridge as Adams bridge Discovered by his discendents . The article should be engraved ,` This Bridge was discovered by Adam our Common forefather ,used by Ram and Re- made by Indians,’ it might be more plausible approach to satire the radical approach who may jeopardise such a big project of National importance.

Sincerely Yours,
Sorry to one and
every angry person
for national interest
Adv. Togo Basar.

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