Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Power of Mind

The power of mind if used nicely can do wonder for our Peoples , the way Japanese and Chinese have dominated the World market; afterall we have the same Mongolian ancestors as Chinese and japanese but the problem seems to be that we are totally confused and have lost our foccuss rarely master piece like Ane Ge Nyode is made which ought to have been a common affairs. In fact in whatever field we concentrate we have the power to excell ; after all , the fastest game in the world- table Tenis is dominated by Chinese, one of our own Chinks . Now the problem with our folks may be is that we want to do many things at a time that may be bassically due to bad motivation and guidance and also in this transition period too many options have tempted us to explore many avenues at same time. I remember a japanese who came to study Sanskrit in India and was concerned only with Sanskrit so much so that he used to eat sleep and drink only sanskrit what extra ordinary foccuss man. Brucelee once said if one with a weaker body has a stroonger foccuss than he can beat a stronger man.
At present we are living like Japanese lived during 2nd World war all either confused or misutilising our potentialities like Japanese Kamakajee once called Angels of the Sky ready for harakiri suicide for there Country by colliding there planes with the American Ships who were emotional and self centered to the core as they were destined to doom; we must learn from the folly the effect of misleading the Country for thousand of years by telling the youngstars of offdated and irrelevant samurai tradition falsely made to believe that emporor Hirohito was God unto himself which prompted them to jump into war hastily. Accepted that Americans have killed so many Japanese but they are also the once who have given mindset to work to Japanese as well, by mordenising the educational system of japanese during Martial Law. Even Prophet Md. Have said to have said that the greatest Jehad is against one self against his own weakness like jeolousy and greed etc. But some of Muslims are pracisely against that dictum thus the need of hour is to make the system pool proof Individual Blitzkriez like Mussaraf will seldom have any effect specially if he is himself not practicing truth in letter in spirit this might be one of the reason for the failure of experiment under taken by one of earlier C.S as he was not commanding as much respect as late sri tomo Riba and late bakin Pertinji here in our Society today inspite of odds, luckilly peoples are realising the importance of positive thinking the mussrooming of places of local prayer centre visa vis place of meeting of mind are examples but here democratic values must take root so that there is constructive and creative discussion or we will one day make our own life more misearable if greed , lust, and jeolosy etc.also pollut this temple / cradle of future revolution which alone can clean our dirty mind and motivate us to exploite the true power of mind.

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