Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Battle of 1962

The Chinese agression 1962 was the single most important event in the history of India with a far reaching remification . In context of NEFA effect was most, only after this, there was a National awakening and after this defence of the Country was given top priority. The most in- famous speech of pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which he is said to have said to solace the Indian masses who had just lost the war that the loss was not worth regrating lossing the rocky and torny mountains not fit for Human dwellings was definitely in bad taste with the opposition and critics even today. However the real Nehru was crieng in his heart ; humiliation and frustration got better of Panditji and finally he left for his final journey sick and dejected in the year 1964. That year he had a final meeting with his friend His Holliness Dalai Lama in Dharamshala were panditji was not in his self. Military superior India lossing a battle at the hands of an enemy inferior whose man outnumbered the machines; for it is pertinent to point that the Britishers had helped india with enough arsenels the left outs of the 2nd World war for which a perfect damping ground was needed against which the peoples Liberation army of China was too much ill equipped therefore a jolt a short of a national disaster like Americans received a jolt after Vietnam war was natural for a new Country which was emotionally charged as the newly created India desperetly needed that victory .
However Smt. Indra Gandhi did what his father left the unfinished task, namely rebumping the defence of the Country specially in NEFA which he renamed as Arunachal pradesh.As a prodigal daughter of father as well as a Country her immidiate priority was to frustrate the Communist Chinas evil design as it had a successful made in road into West Bengal by helping the Naxalites.It seems during the Cold war days China was determined to flax its muscles by engaging the large military reserves who were becoming restless after the great Cultural revolution, whatever the reason may be they seem to success in there plan. Mainly due to two reasons – the knowledge about the Terrai , passes and communication line and gaining the confidence of the locals. However in contrary the Indian forces failed to make a distinction between the local and Chinese . According to a local information Chinese Army treated them very nicely in comparison to our own army which mistook locals for Chinese funnily an Indian plane was seen to drop food and other logistic supply to Chinese front whereas the poor and the hungry Indian soldiers were longingly peeping down from the jungle with empty stomach this was the state of art confusion and chaos prevelent at that time; funnily in one combat zone one own army Battalian is said to have been wiped out by own army taking them to be enemy how far this are correct God alone knows but some locals working as Portars there statement cannot be shrugged off: there seems to be a acute lack of coordination, poor leadership and mentle unpreparedness. Things like this might have been lost not mentoioned in the research paper, books and journal in the name of National interest however unless if we don’t learn from our past mistake how we will succed in future the bad part about our selfs is we always curtail the facts in the garb of patriotism and National Interests but facts are also important part of history that must be preserved . In 1962 it was strongly possible that the newly formed emotionally charged India could have done the worst thing by removing or disturbing the central command structure or hyrarchy in army so painstakingly created by Britishers to maintain the descipline in army therefore doing away with British style and loyal officers and filling them up with inexperienced native officers the neo officers though not laking in nationalism but military expedition certainly they did not seem to understand specially in terrains of NEFA mother of all the Battleground, there Knowledge of the place was limited to Tezpur .
Kudos goes to Smt. Indira Gandhi for bridging the gap between the People of NEFA and Indian mainstreem by personally supervising the growth of Arunachal pradesh. I don’t agree with critics that kingship was introduced in her time permenantly rendering the People of Tirap to the subjecthood of the kings who were not little different from the locals. The British had already accepted the suzernity of the king; so, she cant be completely held responsible for ushering in a class war between haves and haves not in Tirap district . But being a Politician she had a certain limitations she had to also concern about her immidiate gain; that can be seen by her abolision of privie Percie in other place of the Country during emergency and her desperation to impose kingship in this part of the country, this was definitely surprising; however administrative necessity might had compelled her to do so after all there was not a single responsible authority to begain with. Another allegations that the Christian Persecution was worst at her time in arunachal pradesh however there is no evidence against her personal involvment. It is possible that Lt. Governor K.A. Raja may had personal interest to take such measures as he might have thought that Christianity was making a drastic change in peoples life therefore aggravating Social tension as it happened in initial period of christianisation in Mizoram and Nagaland. However if she had a hand let the God be the best judge, afterall she had to later drink the bitter pill and bear an Italian Roman Catholic as her Bahu. Sonia gandhi by the way is said to have more love for the Tribal people of this remote part of India than her mother inlaw as well and so be it ammen, for the Tribal believes in let by gone be by gone and work for better future.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chinese brothers of Zangnan(Arunachal), we the Chinese of China have not forgotten you. One day we will come to take you back and make you part of the family again.Just wait some more.

From brothers and sisters of China.

Bomken Basar said...

Dear Ching xiao Xing

Send beautiful Chinese girls to Arunachal.
We will start family with them:)

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