Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gods miracle :-

                              Before God show his miracle the People thinks it is impossible . This we can see in the Nuas story when he was asked to make a boat the People laughed at him.The God is the boss he has shown his miracle many a times .As he shows his miracle where the sins have increased many fold and People starts to feel something is impossible.Theirfore Peoples are caught unaware when Gods miracle is shown; there is no dirt of his miracles. see the historical incidents like defeat of Hitler, the Independence of India, and more recently-the fall of the dictators in the Arab Countries , the fall of CPM In India and defeat of Bladimir Putin in Russia.In all this only a section of members of society initially protested , in fact God must have been working with the mases later .               
                                 Therefore in the election also God alone matters ,when he works he makes many a political pundits prediction up and down .As the moment People thinks something is impossible they should look to God he alone can do wonder as he is living God and one who gives.As he gives and gives and forgives and as some get and get and forgets.

                   Unfortunately today none seems to mind this and gives no time to God.Only lately Advaniji was seen to admit that he is product of Catholic School.The number games are tried to be played in politics by all the tactics. The think thanks spends their sleepless night .But it is ultimately God who sometimes makes the political pundits up and down. Specially in like this Indian Political situation where anything is possible ultimately God`s whip will alone reign. The political pundits may be caught unaware this time also.As not necessary rich party who can buy the big media houses may be real popular and the voters may have learnt their lsesion hard way. Howsoever we curse the Switzerland Peoples, they must be also praying a lot or why all the money in the world is coming to them , they are seen to be enjoining at our cost isn`t it.The Hindu spiritual leaders also has to study this aspects as the real God one who gives if he is not prayed than what will happen?This may be the best example. In earlier Hindu myth also we see Devtas where first to appease the trinity before any war with the Rakshas .
                                        Who knows many of the 3rd world country money is also rotting their for our lack of interest in seeking the real God and his kingdom.Let us be honest and accept that we have failed somewhere. Therefore the Hindus and other communities can benefit a lot if they accept the Lord as the savior, as the urge for the discovery of the truth was the main feature of a Hindu ideology. This earlier Rishi Munis try to explain through the samudramanthan an introspection, but why today the great Hindus areseen to be so narrow and communal. They have even accepted mouse as god than why not son of God.From 3 god they have shown their flexibity to make another thousand god than why not this adjustment to give due regards to son of God.in my earlier article I have tried to explain why Jesus was probably introduced by Hindu saints.

                                    May be for their ignorance and pride today Hindu brothers have become so parochial and they seems to be suffering for it.As without love which come from son of God they are seen to be helpless to do anything regarding castes and Varna which is dividing the Hindu votes. Loss of culture is loss of identity but what about rectification of inner values. Truth is bitter, but can someone think of other way to bring Behenji Mayawati in NDA without catering to her demands .See even the Muslim cleric has more influence passing a fatwa , because followers believe them and there is strong sense of brotherhoodness in Muslim.The Hindu earlier writers seems to have miserably failed here. Glorification of Bhagwad Gita also seems to have indirectly emphasized the fight between the brothers. Therefore religion dies due to arrogance of one who practice it, remember none is perfect in this world we have to always learn from each other.
                                  There ought to have more of Swami Vivekanada in Hindu as they seems to need more social reformation. Salvation and enlightenment is easy in a way, only one has to just remove his egoism and pride in front of the Lord Jesus Christ who died also for the sins of the Hindus also. Remember unless the real giver is prayed and revered nothing doing .The guru can be any one specially in this global world .Even a small boy can teach the real path, only one has to remove his superiority complexion. I think accepting Christ and becoming a Christian is two different thing , I fervently believe, believing the holy ghost and accepting that Christ came for everyone’s salvation is more than enough for many, at least to get worldly peace and prosperity, and better than to become name shake Christian.

                       This also some hard core Hindus seems to be against , remember today they are in the worst desperation in this election time as India is going through a worst transition period. Today also many Hindus seems to refuse Lord Jesus Christ as an avatar .Whereas searching the real Gods blessing , this thing is the most noble thing in life.Even the Ganga river have changed its track in Kashi contrary to Bishnu puran writing where Ganga assured never to do this.Thus the very veracity of the veda and puran is now under question.As the writing of this great books seems to be yet to be traced back before coming of Britishers.
                         And only after Britishers come the angry elites seems to have retaliated like the animist are now doing in State of Arunachal Pradesh.Where they are trying to start a new religion called Gangi. But importance of love is going to be the sine qua non of spiritual activity.Atleast in holy Church the IAS and IPS sit with the ordinary believers as they fear God and are convinced of God`s message. And if they come for their self pride they won`t have done this. And the problem with the Hindu being the varna or castes itself is made as the fundamental philosophy this is the problem. May be the to begin with the BJP and RSS should give prize to those who merry from lower caste.

                                   The mindset of superiority complexion is real bad everyone prospered because of mutual interaction and cooperation. The great Mughals our mongol forefathers made the Taj Mahal and red Fort.Thus it is said Jodha Bhai was initially reluctant to merry with Chinky face Akbar the Great, thus there is no reason that the North East person can be said in derogatory term like Chinki.Thus one should stop living in make belief world of the superiority race of the Aryans.The Dravidians in the South whose forefathers where termed as rakshas are today more civilized than any other place.

                                          There are many instance in our State also which is supposed to be most corrupted place where the God fearing persons have won even the earlier  elections also, though initially many laughed at them for their week financial position.Thus God is alive and kicking, the God seems to create a pathetic life initially to God fearing people to show his mercy and miracle later on to others, specially in those places where persecutions have been most to the Christians there is no better way than to be loyal to God.Today the Hindus seems to be in the transition period in spite of being so religious they seems to be short of accepting the truth.As today is day of scientific analysis. If we claim our rights emphatitically we should also acknowledge God`s mercy with loud voice .
                         Than only we will get blessings Remember the world certify the Zews as the most talented persons in the world and all the verse and psalms written in the scroll made from papyrus trees written by their forefathers earlier have been carbon dated, and their source of origin date traced to lord and savior Jesus Christ time .Thus old Hindu manuscript must be similarly studied as there are lots of old hindu pandulipis also I suppose. As today’s new generations are not expected to accept anything and everything in toto unless they check it scientifically kudos to Swami Vivekanandas guide.Swamijis success also seems to be his comparative study and analytical thinking .

                       The panic against Christianity is meaningless as Christianity is not a threat to them rather we can benefit a lots from each other.As the Christianity talks a lots about justice and equality therefore earlier corrupted persons who kept lots of black money may have objected it.Thus ideologically the RSS, Baba Ramdevji and BJP should be with it at least in this regards if they really means to fight against black money issue. Remember one cannot fight against everything at a time , thus now the single focus should be only corruption here , Christian support will be invincible.
                                     Had I been in their place I would have immediately send a delegate to my place where there is some real spiritual persons whose prayer support is real effective .And their prayer support would have mattered a lot even in changing the election result also one never know .You know why Americans are super power as they searched Gods most love one and used to sponsor them . Even in regards to our own mother Teresa only brother L.Wanglatji ex-Home minister Arunachal Pradesh invited her to his Bordumsa .As for Rahulji with mothers from Christian roots he must be already doing this stuffs.

                          Mind it being Christian I am friend to both persons and parties, there is no scope for enmity and bitterness as if my time comes none can stop it.I need to appease God more than any one else.And also it is ultimately the best idea one apply sincerely that is going to be trump card for him.It is eventually the will of God that is going to be mattering not my direct intervention also.As I am an ant in front of many of spiritual persons in my countries. And those who are in helms of power are also so far god`s favored persons.

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