Wednesday, February 15, 2012


                     There are also good beaurocrates amidst some bad ones who wants to fish in trouble water.Pawan Kumar Sain I.A.S who was recently in the headlight for stopping the cavalry of Robert Badraji is an officer per excellent. As his performance as ADC Basar West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India was notably good.As coming from a family where there is 3-4 I.A.S officers within the same family tree is no mean achievement.And this seems to be influencing him to be no nonsense person.

                        Its good that first time an officer tried to touch the Untouchables as the things where worst earlier with the remote place like ours thinks some, where the Officers deputed by the election commissioners where seen to be hand in glove with the local leaders. So much so that even some were suspected to be having direct hand in election of some leaders in some constituency. Hope next time the rule of the law will be followed everywhere . As the social cites will make sure that the crooks are exposed.

                          Hope the honest officers like Pawan Kr. Sain are not targeted and their future are not hampered for this audacity. Even than the prospective candidates from opposition camp are expected to be extra vigilant of their right next time. Least a law and order problem is cited as an extra ground for sending IRBN in some constituency. Before the next election the opposition party should stand united to present a fact and figure of injustice to opposition areas to the national media and election commissioner for their neutrality in this interior places like ours.

                                       Hope next time unnecessary harassment on silly grounds to the ASM, ZPM and ASM Chairperson candidates , or them inclining to contest as MLA candidate is not repeated. As tomorrow in the changed circumstances the election officers may not return alive if they do so or their evil deeds will be published world wide.As it will be foolish to think that the Arunachal is still dominated by the uneducated and foolish Persons.Today Publics have realise their past pride and achievements of their forefathers like Akbar the Great who was also a mongolian.

                                                         Even many good officers are said to be interested to hear the voice of the conscience and repent and even are said to be ready to surrender their much ill gotten money, provided the power is given to right kind of persons whom they respect. Good as the middle way of reconciliation is the best way as the Govt. cannot anymore save the corrupted ones due to land mark Judgment of the Hon`ble Supreme Court in A.Raja Case where the Govt. has been henceforth directed to give prosecution sanction against corrupted officers and politicians within 3 months.

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