Wednesday, February 22, 2012


                              Its high time to ban the minority card in election as it is a social issue as shown nicely in the prakash Jhas movie Rajniti, specially in State like U.P and Bihar minority politics has become too much of a political issue than actualization of mission. The reason today the Christians are living their head held high for not allowing this nonsense with their community , the self respected Muslims should issue fatwa on parties like congress which are demeaning their status and self respect . The need of the time is to give best education to the Muslims and removing their dogmatic views , this can be by introducing modern English education to them.The elites of the Muslims should be aware that they are after all also descendents of the common forefathers of Abraham thus English education is also their legacy .

                            Therefore the English education system the window of the modern world is everyones ,as it is result of long interactions with the earlier rulers and religion of all groups. Their should not be any shame in learning anything good from others .The Muslim community needs to encourage their social reformers as they seem to be failing to Indianise the Islam which come basically from Arab world.Remember the Arabs had turbulent past with wars and scarcity of water it should not effect the Indian Muslim mindset who have different background .

                                  The more Muslims is dependent on the quota more its confidence level will fall down and they can never progress.As quota will only solve small problem and seems to have galvanise more emotional sentiment for negative communalism.In the private company and factory the merit alone is going to count.I have been saying always that the rich and powerful Muslims must do something for their community. This is instead of sentimentally connecting to Muslim injustice any where which every Muslim seems to easily voice, without introspecting himself and thinking of rectifying evils in his own society.Thus they need to do good Samaritan work like Mother Teresa`s missionary of Charity , and mind it this has also started in small way. Like the condition of women is real bad in their community this can be changed in their own family first. You cannot expect the civilization to develop where there is injustice to women isn`t it.Therefore that fighting spirit in blood has to be removed to divert in more positive fields.

                                 The small issue like using duppata in the head of women or burqa to hide the body is an of dated concept today this may develop inferiority complexion in the Muslim lady , earlier their may have been no protection from the heat and scorching sun; so it may have been used. Even male was seen to be using head cover earlier in Arab regions , but very less now. As air condition and new houses has come up; therefore it is fundamental right of the human being to make his own choice today. And mind it this small modification may benefit Muslim, more as they are in the dire need today .As this is the most illiterate and jobless and hopeless community in the world and think the extent of frustrations of the youths in this community. Today the importance is purity of heart , a pure and righteous heart will desist from any evil , there is no need of pseudo religion activity like daily namaz if one does not like to help others.

                           It is also wrong to think that Muslims are alone going to mattering in politics , as they have formed their own party this days .The Congress seems to be the main villain in this regards for using Muslim as its vote bank.See from history from the the partition of India days to the recent comment by the congress leaders like Salman Khursid to woe the community for political vested interest are for everyone to see.So much so that they are even seen to violet the election code of conduct as if this country belong to them only.And seen as playing foul play in U.P election today also when Publics are fed up of this dadagiri.They seems to see Muslim vote as if their birth right whereas today there is no target against the Muslim in U.P.The intelligent politicians search the easy prey who can be easily be wooed. Thus the Congress seems to be playing opportunism politics .The Bangladeshis in Assam have been also made good use by the Congress party earlier.And the Nepali ,Deory and Chakma and Hajong settled in Arunachal Pradesh by Congress and by torturing the Christians when it was minority their they have shown they were worst than even BJP.

                              Who seems to be only blamed for practicing what they believe but are in fact not that bad to others only for the ram Janma Bhoomi issue.But sometimes a person is expected to have one religion to be good and noble also . To some critics the partition of India was also Congress handi work, as the Pakistan Musims as they went to Pakistan cannot be blamed now.A critic opined, the lies from day one that the Feroz Gandhi was a Muslim need to be continued in Congress. As the Muslim have weakness for the brotherhoodness and by the time this was exposed .The Congress think thanks discovered a better option to woe them in the name of quota .But after election that is other matter who is going to them.But this congress policy may kill them today also , as the world is now divided in a bitter camp between Israel and Iran and soon one camp has to be befriended by the Country at the cost of others.Petrol Vrs. Israil weapon or exposition of secret hidden bank accounts in western countries , what party will choose only time will tell.

                          The Christian missionaries can be credited for the good educational standard of the North east , thus today time have come to give due credit to the missioneries.And same thing has to be done in this line in the Muslim belt also, and for this their selfless citizens should come.May be the moderate Muslim theologians should be encouraged, who also give equal importance to friendly and human relationship to others besides the daily namaz.As the Khuda must like peace among all the human beings. They should be also told of side effect of the inter marriage among the same family, as this may also make them very emotional and rigid having narrow vision besides physical deformities as there is genetic side effects in this bond.The inter marriage among different Muslim community need to be promoted and rewarded.

                             And the leaders allowed to read the comparative study of the other religion so that they have moderate outlook. The false sense of pride is wrong it will lead one no where thus the muslims should be also ready to hear the truth and don`t live in make belief world only.Even the Great Mughals where from our Mongol origin and till Akbar the great he was least interested in Islam.Thus islam need to search themselves in this present world.As the Darwin’s theory of survival of fittest has come today.The Sufism is a good revolution to win Muslim pride back in their own eyes and in the eyes of the world.This is like revivalism in Christianity ,I wish them all the best, and hope they will reject this minority card once and for all in U.P election.

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