Thursday, February 16, 2012


                                                               Honestly today the Peoples party of Arunachal Pradesh needs  Gods blessing and prayer  support as it is a new party, but it definitely seems to have better scope than parties like TMC and NCP, it is better for them to join the party like PPA now as united we fight divided we fall.As the NCP supremo Sharad Pawar has categorically show his inclination to retire by next election. He is to be appreciated for willing to retire with grace and this honorably exit should inspire others also, this is really praiseworthy step on his part. As in the fake end of the life nothing like doing God`s work as money and power is going to be not mattering after 80 yrs. Of age.And to make the matter worst allegations against Union Minister for Civil Aviation Praful patil is also danger bell for NCP.

                                    Thus after Sharadjis retirement and this Praful Patel incidents the vacuum cannot be ever be filled and the local NCP unit will have tough time remaining in the party.Mind it things are going to be different in the coming election , it is going to be a propagation of clear cut Party ideology having emotional roots in State and dedication, that is going to win vote for them.As it is law of nature that one mans chance comes oneday by virtue of natural phenomenon of peoples boredom about something .And honestly the Publics should be fed up to Cogress party by now.But definitely some leaders have to also sacrifice for this change.The sudden popular issues like Jan Lok pal bill , Judicial activism and increasing political awareness seems to have blessed the Opposition party specially in States like us where earlier everything was pro- rich and ground is ready for this specially in Abo Tani belt.As the main power centre in Arunachal Pradesh have underwent sudden political change.And Publics will be in for big surprise according to some critics .Thus search for congress B team will be political hara-kiri now. Contrary to that as the Wiki leaks suggested the Congress party may have to search for new alliance. Even the TMC supremo Mamta Bannerjee cannot be banked now as her anti Lokayukta stand may increasingly marginalized her.Thus guru mantra is going to be either to be a ruling candidate or be in the opposition camp like PPA .The Publics will not like a suspended animation situation like earlier occasions when major opposition party where seen to be silent in the face of valuable issues like –rampant MOU in Hydropower sector, no strategy on Chakma Hajong refugee issue, boundary disputes with Assam etc.

                                                                     The plausible explanation given by PPA Spokesman on Peoples party of Arunachl `s Maha Chintan Shivir on 12th Feb. 2012 on his long stoic silence was –The party being at that time obliged to Hon`ble Ex-C.M Kanduji who had at least allowed two candidates to contest from PPA which helped in recognisation of party by the Election Commissioner. And registration of PPA maize symbol as permanent symbol which cannot be covered like elephant statue in U.P election. And as for silence against Ex. C.M Jarbomji he was really never allowed to rule was what he replied. Let us see how he affirmatively put forward the case of the publics in media, as right now he seems to be ready for strike , at least he can be respected for his being regional mindedness .The party should immediately cash on the hot topics where Publics are suffering .And the Hon`ble Supreme Court judgment in 3G Spectrum compelling all the give prosecution sanction to corrupted persons within 3 months also is a boon in disguise as political red tapism should be over in future. Basically this are the points that earlier refrained popular party ideology like PPA to shine in Urban belt as the haves used to get political protections from corrupted successive Govt. Today the PPA parties emphasize on educated ,clean, young and dynamic leaders may soon show dividends as the Gangi worshippers, Christians and Civil society members are dying for this party with whom they feel connected .Comparing rise of Narendra Modiji,Nitish Kumarji and Mayawati critics feel in coming Arunachal election 30-40% conscience voters are going to caste their valuable votes for PPA freely.And even if money is paid they are silently going to caste vote to PPA only, one likes it or not .This is the only party where the none Christians have sentimental connections as both emphasize the preservations of cultural and traditions. And earlier PPA who were filled with majority Christians where the number one victim of congress persecutions over the Christian believers. This this community also have sentimental connection with this party.Thus this party may rock, the days of purchasing the Congress ticket is gone .As today in the view of new developments the rich can be harmed more by the poor and destitute. I salute the similar persons like me who sacrificed their prospects and comforts for justice and equality.

                                       So the public demand for strong Lok Ayukta everywhere also means days of someone getting fat at the cost of others are gone .And with the State like Bihar taking strong action against the officers and politicians with more than their known source of income; pressure will be up against the power brokers in our State also.As the united opposition is enough to neutralize them, better if they repent now as publics are fed up of have class rhetoric rise and monopoly. But there are also good one`s among them they have to be appreciated for being good so far and ready to repeant.And the fact that the congress party seems to have been depending on this benefits alone earlier , therefore this party can be seen as anti poor and destitute and may fail to change with time where the media has penetrated the villagers also and the good Publics are ready to make a coordinated approach. This will be wrong to expect same feel good factor of congress party in others blood. Specially youths who are ready to resign from the congress come election time. And without their active help in election the ruling party may be made powerless in coming time as earlier lack of popular platform refrained them to join other party, the PPA dare the ruling to contest without money and muscle power, and stop arm twisting of officers to make their end meet. The need of the time is the public`s search for right leaders , which should zero in on some clean image and daring prospective political leaders from day one.Like Sri komkar Ribaji whom the party have given mandate to seek for right alliance or sympathizers for the party.The party is going to keep good record of persecutions and unnecessary harassment of party cadres so that in proper time appropriate action can be taken.

                                     Hope leaders like Komkar Ribaji who hail from good family his close proximity with all the political houses and image of one who brought foreign currency to State through his hard earning money, through his creative entrepreneurship like Giddon travel is kind of leadership the PPA want to give to the state.Who seems to be fed up of lies and deceit. The one PPA wants to give is not the ones who are corrupted to the core and taken more than they can chew from the State; and if PPA is not wrong the changed Publics are ready to teach them some good lesion in time.It is time for change and the PPA is ready to give right platform to the deserving ones who want to work for the change they believe in.The Publics should refused to be fooled like earlier when some ruling party fearing persons from preferably officers relative side were seen to be selected to neutralize the opposition. Though some may have been not aware of this exploitations and hidden plan to check the growth of real dedicated leaders .Though their were also some filled with guts , but the lack of coordinated approach was effecting them .In coming time the publics should boycott the none serious contenders from day one who probably may have been financed by the sitting MLA`s and MP to divide the vote, who only came for disturbance.

                                      Who will be not vocal against the ruling party, they are the real traitors of the Publics as they have no contribution to society. As the good opposition leader is more important that many ruling undeserving leaders. Today the guru mantra is either one have to have lots of money or he should be vocal in voicing public problems from day one.As Dar ke Agey jeet Hain , they are the true leader of the Peoples and after initial problem they may surprise everyone .Their guts will make a new beginning , as from my view the State is right now dependent on lie and deceit which is ready to fall down like pack of cards.As the true leadership is to shake up this sleeping society. The congress seems to have outlived its utility and the political fatiguness and anti incumbency factor should kill it.As there is limit to sycophancy as the sword of demo ogles is hanging over some places like Aalo and pasighat for excessive Dams commissioned above them. This problems are result of always trying to be in good book of the ruling party. I appeal the citizens to donate liberally in the PPA coffers as this is only party who have voiced all States controversial issues without fear and favor from day one.The money can be send to Sri Komkar Ribaji the State Gen.Secy PPA Cum- Over all Incharge for coalition and fund rising .He can be contacted in M.No.9436044069.This will be used in effective, judiciously and transparent way . As it is every ones duty to change the society for good , atleast the sincere party like PPA has also its bare minimum needs.

                                 Today the corruption has become a major issue and the tough legislation and policy against it seems to have become irreversible, even if Congress comes back to power in centre also it cannot be stopped now. The leaders of the places in congress ruled State in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh even if they like it or not , this new thinking will become a major weapon for the opposition party here.As honestly the leaders are seen here as Kamdhenu Ghai they don`t know anything other than distributing money and wine in election .And of course arm-twisting and threatening to transfer the officer`s where what they where seen to be good earlier , and buying the voters in elections where what they were best at.While some later were seen to be sleeping inside the assembly hall, the smart Publics of the State have today realized enough is enough .Good if Hon`ble C.M Tukiji who is said to be a good person change that mindset being a good Christian but can he make others change also?

                                As the parties like Congress is in worst type of transition period and seems to have gone too far to change itself and may commit Himalayan blunder themselves as tomorrow, it is going to be increasingly difficult to re-earn the spend money in election, like earlier times.With too much ifs and buts by the Central directives in the central projects. And honestly the Publics are seeing the old leaders as villain who made too much money at their cost.Thus there is danger of pushing them up by false lies even if they want to retire , to eat up whatever they have earned .And it will be also difficult for them to change their image of one who win from money power.Only for the march ending culture the publics may be also keeping mum now. Thus definitely a good promising future is coming for a good deserving persons and political party also.As the congress members themselves are also seen to be fed up of false promise of devolution of powers in panchayati Raj institutions each time before Panchayat Ra elections .

                                           After all the sacrifice of great man like Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji may have shocked heaven to send leaders like Anna Hazare only for state of Arunachal Pradesh.As even if the great mans are criticize because they can easily command 60% votes if they personally appeal , why because deep down their publics are still good and yearning for good leaders. Today even the condition have become unbearable for some interior villagers who are dependent on jungle vegetables. Thus the anger against price rise cannot be challenged by few misleaded section of the society, who are coerced to join the Congress Seva Dal. Mind it, to some critics the new Youth election format of Congress is like the Amway business policy where the top one will alone benefit and soon it will boomerange , as independence is in tribal blood . And as such it will not last as soon everyone will realize that none is secure in the Congress party.And better to acknowledge young leaders who have made inroads in public hearts. After all it is the majority who are going to follow the genuine leader in right time.And they may choose one like Bajpaiji also without much money one never know the future. Remember truth can never be challenged howsoever one rich is ,and the truth is People are identifying Late Tomo Ribaji more than Gandhis today because he was our own.Thus it is not surprising when the Congress man are also seen to pay tribute to legendary man`s grave .

                                                And thus the most reliable party in future may be going to be the PPA like the regional party in the Nagaland and Sikkim as People all over seems to be interested in a change after seeing this success; and seems to have accepted that best way is to support a party which can easily tie up with any party which comes to power in the centre. The Peoples who want ruling ticket and given false or true assurance and left the party are given best wishes from PPA side .After all marriage was good when it lasted, we benefited from each other when their was a relationship. Now the way is open for sincere section of the elites who are clean, educated , truly secular and dynamics who really want to work for a prosperous and developed State to join PPA.They are appealed to join in only uncorrupted party so far, leaving their egoism and pride for the State interest. As by coordinated approach alone the corrupted regime can be dislodged. As there are some corrupted leaders in our State whose presence should have been unthinkable in other State, but Congress party is seen to protecting it without giving damn to Publics sentiment. See after initial reservations and rebuke to the opposition leaders ultimately Public may vote for the change here also as the Congress party seems to be rotten here.And revolution seems to be taken as Publics fundamental right in world over.

                                           As some allegations against some congress leaders is so huge and party is said to be presently bogged by infighting of worst order.As world has never become so close like now and good leaders are feeling the responsibility for their sincere effort , and as such the old and lethargic leaders may be punished by the Publics bitterly for their whimsicalness. As Publics desperately wants deliverance like in Sikkim , Gujrat and Bihar. Remember whatever achievement of this Govt. is basically seen as selling the mother nature to Hydro power developers. A greater problem make a greater leader, the great leaders of the past from time to time has also systematically finished the ruling credibility, thus golden opportunity for some to become like Garibaldi of Italy. It may be time to give a final push to Govt. which is in a death bed.As the God support a change more so in our case where PPA have stood with the Christian brothers in persecutions days, the divine interventions may change many congress leaders heart also especially towards their co-believers political carrier. Thus this platform is also going to benefit for some weak Opposition leaders , who will have some problem in their constituency due to lack of adequate platform earlier. Remember unless we make a coordinated approach and make a pitch battle it will be difficult to cannot change the State.As attack from all the side is what is going to make the Congress helpless, as the corpus fund which is send by central political party can be looted on the way by the publics , this way alone we can defeat congress party.I fervently hope most of the earlier TMC and NCP candidates were good peoples and will sacrifice for one last time .As none like to be seen as –BEGANA SHADI MAIN, ABDULLAH DIWANA.

                                                      The other leaders should take example from Sharad Powarji, as too much egoism and proud is very bad as the society has changed so much that the young generations must be given chance and unavoidable also in this stage to neglect them any further. As they have been also uniquely gifted by God. The pride kills oneself Sharadji has retained his record before being kicked out by new generation of leadership. As we ourselves are nearing 50 yrs. and as such senior leaders must be also nearing 70- 80 yrs.And remember this is time when one gets prideful, memory lapses , lethargic, addicted to comforts, addicted to praises and uninterested in appeasing others. And some must have outlived their utility a critic commented who thinks they are living in make believe world of old age glory. The proud and hatred will lead one no where , in the changed time even the easy earned money cannot be granted to give them power back, as they may can initially make many allegations in media, but eventually truth is what Public even in the State is going to support, that some have become too fat at others cost is ground reality. And his issue cannot be nullified when world is up in arm against this.The Ex.Minister Kento Eteji was the most smartest man I have ever seen, he retire in time. And others where given bitter lesions for showing their audacity to throw money at others, which they earned from them only, as facts cannot be hide now as some show their returns to charter accountant which increased many fold within year. Many is heard to have cried last time after loosing heap of money miserably in elections , as some young leaders has come from no where and proved themselves to be one day wonder like the actor in movie-` Nayak` after all it is one who wins the public heart and soul that only survive .

                                                The central party or its ally in any case where lately find to be funding very less money to the aspiring candidates contrary to the common belief. Therefore nothing like being laborious and win the Publics heart and mind and swim in the popular political wave like regionalism which is number one catchy slogan ready to shine. As without extra vindictive leaders and officers today and no much scope for development even in ruling party.The 40 % may vote freely for this PPA party alone at any time and surprisingly they may not even come forward openly after voting it,like in Kiranjis case . As eventually it is feeling of oneness ,common ideology, honesty, sincerity and hard labor in all the field and eventually the Publics sentiments which seems to be presently with party like PPA which is going to matter. As when too much of money is thrown against a person who don`t reciprocate, their seems to be a popular sentiment for him, as eventually truth alone triumphs. The good Publics now know that some crook is displaying the wealth which he earned surreptiously.And is trying all is best to defaming and confusing others to mainting his fiefdom. Remember through money alone it will be difficult to dislodged the ruling candidates, unless one is equally rich, thus nothing like being honest and vocal. Only one has to garner the committed polling agent from day one, least they are purchased later. Remember other leaders in the helms of power may be more fearful in their heart in the changed world where they may feel themselves misfit.After all most of them are business man rather than being least statement even politicians to some critics.

                                               The Kiranji had some inherent and individual limitations also , though he was one man army, as for PPA this is only party which is liked by the Christian as well as none Christians who are the real heart and soul of Arunachal Pradesh politics. And the addition of the Jan Lok Pal members will make this triple alliance invincible. As their will be always few to criticize the leader. But their seems to be scope for 60% publics to vote for this party alone any time. Honestly barring the BJP who may have advantage in the Urban areas that too till it rules in Delhi, PPA is the best option for the Public of the Arunachal Pradesh at all time. Therefore time for all the Opposition party to introspect in the Arunachal Pradesh be it TMC , NCP or BJP and to prove others that the Arunachal publics has also come of age.As PPA is waiting for the right kind of leaders to fill it, as now the dais is open for the young dynamic and clean image politicians who are alone going to matter in coming election as days of old are gone.The time for the new leadership to evolve who will make sure this society cannot be taken for ride any more.The Komkar Ribajis increase of power within party as Overall In charge for coalition and Fund rising, besides being State Gen. Secy.PPA is just that example which shows that-There is internal democracy, accountability, appreciation of talented and vibrancy in this party; which make it living and kicking which makes critics to say in context of PPA-not only Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh but also- Pata Pat Aao party.The party which may prove to be an underdog in the coming election`s.

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