Saturday, April 9, 2011


                                                                This corrupted and tainted Govt. has enough time to monitor almost every other day the politically motivated transfer order of Smty. Mamta Riba to Arunachal Bhavan Calcutta as Additional RC whereas it has absolutely no time or political will to nab the perpetuators of the most inhuman and barbaric crimes committed at Daporijo Police Station against the helpless kids by the protectors of the Law .Smty. M. Ribas contribution for Gender Equality through State Commission for women , Deputy secy. Heath ,STSC Cell and member secy of MUSCAN ( NGO of Her Excellency Governor of A.P ) is well known to entire thinking Arunachalees . Her only mistake is she happens to be wife of a member of save Arunachal Forum Sri T. Naksang ,who along with others have launched a crusade against the cancerous germ of corruptions rocking the state of A.P .

                                                    Mind it this policy will have a dire consequence if the Lok Ayukta as demanded by PPA is also passed in state after Anna Hazares Lok Pal Bill . Therefore Govt. should not take it as prestige issue and respect the freedom of expression . And last but not the least the corrupted and tainted leaders should look for honorable retirement instead of showing their power obsession by this power play . As their days are numbered after assurance of passing of Public Lok Pal Bill. The Arunachal Public cutting across party lines are expected to raise their voice to stop this violation of civil right and gender biasness . As she is first Galo lady APCS Officer and daughter of Legendary Tomo Ribaji ,so she must , as her father used to do , take it as a challenge and continue to doing her good works as humble dedicated Govt. employee .

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