Saturday, April 9, 2011


                                                                  The morning of 9th april 2011 is the most historical occasion as the Nation has won its battle against the monstrous looking corruption eating the Public . Mind it this is countries second Independence , we are lucky to be born in this time . The credit completely goes to Anna Hazare the messiah of Poor and downtrodden . It seems time for the honest Public leaders have finally arrived . God have been merciful to us ; after years of survival in isolation and rejection finally the society may have to content with us specially in our state .

                                                              As the Business Man and Industrialist will think hundred times to invest in election unless the candidate is really popular to influence others . The candidates who are corrupted may also retire from active politics as they have mostly not come for social cause and will not like to spend their money just like that ; without any scope for getting it back . As the changed beaurocrates may themselves complaint leaders evil deeds if they are try to be bribed and this may be vise versa . It will be difficult for some leaders to change their image of great charitable man . In absence of some benefit in return will they continue to do so ? critics say their family members may lock them up ; so they may take advise of their family and friends to take honorable exit by next election . To pave the way of different types of educated and popular leaders who may get the work done due to their popularity and other expertise . The PPA strongly supports Anna Hazares Bublic Lok Pal Bill and also demand Lok Ayukta in State as soon as possible . All the outstanding cases should be solved within 1- 2 Yrs as per the provision of the Lokpal Bill which Lokayukta should follow .

                                                             After initial shoke wave like Tsunami in Govt. activities  and confusion follow after  the Bill will pave the way for all round development of the State based on merit . The Politicians , Beaurocrates and Technocrats are henceforth expected to be friendly to the opposition deserving candidates as well . Or it is probable that the new sensitive Publics may also demand action against the lavish lifestyle and disproportionate property more than known source of income of some haves specially from nova rich background ; as for those who are from family of rich background and maintaining good account it should not be cause of concern . Therefore time to celebrate for the Poors who were specially in receiving end having to virtually beg their leaders whenever the sickness and illness come to their family . The corrupted ones capturing all the developments acted as if giving from his own personal treasure this should be thing of past . But nevertheless as rich man are also our own if they repent , we should also have the magnamity to forgive them for greater interest of Society .

                                                         Honestly Anna Hazare the  new mahatma Gandhi will henceforth decide the future fate of many political party . He may prefer new party like Bharat Swabhiman Party and PPA I,e- peoples Party of Arunachal in North East . As for congress Party it may face worst transition period to change itself to new demand . As Congress is only attracted for the hope of money  and father of the nation tag ,without Gandhi and money in its side will it survive ?

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