Monday, April 4, 2011


                                             Sachin Tujsi great Ho . The God seems to have personally supervised the sachins tryst with the destiny in the last night world cup final match on 2nd april 2011 which the India won empathetically . The prayer support of the majority really does matter we have seen . Kudos to our hilly Peoples brother in-law Indian captain namely Mahendra Singh Dhoni from land of Chanakya , swashbuckling batsman Gautam Gambhir and man with mission Yubraj Singh and the true bowler Harbajan Singh alias-Bazzi and Jahir Khan . The team India made sure that Tendulkar was given a befitting farewell he deserved , finally the Genius got what he deserved .

                                                                             The emotion was not only felt in the wankhede Stadium , but among all the India’s citizen, as it was a bonus after beating Pakistan .Cricket have really brought unity in diversity like never before and given us a cause to celebrate after so many bad phase specially in far flunked state like ours ; where things are worst due to absent of media and systematic suppression of opposition party till now by the corrupted local satraps . As the one who fear Country can alone love and one one who can love can alone enjoy the life ;  therefore the Arunachal publics have been always ahead in saying -` Mera Bharat mahan ' in letter and spirit .

                                                                       What can we give back to sachin who have already gave enough to the country ; it is high time the country give him back may be - a peaceful life with his family far away from paparazzi or making him president of India which ever party comes in power will be the best standing ovation to a person who have given so much happiness to us provided if he desire so . As Bharat Ratna have become honestly too less for him as he is the Bharat ratna unto himself ; Congress Party seems to have missed the Bus he should have been long time back ; as he should have been one to give others now . In any case Dhoni have all his age with him and thanks for his yarana he is also not complaining. But from me a small audacity to think that Sachin is God gifted to take India to higher spiritual , political and social realization . So I dare to say - Tedulkarji may I project you to be Countries new Prime Minister as we have have perhaps more to get from you , provided you show your magnamity . As you are the only one capable to take country to new height in the world forum and solve outstanding issues .

                                                                                           As because - he is only one respected in other Country including pakistan as such they may consider his stand on JNK and other outstanding issues more seriously . And as the present Congress Govt. seem so helpless on the Swiss bank black money issues , he is the only one who can convince the western countries to release all the black money. And like Saint as his image is many may voluntarily surrender their sin in his front like Mohar singh and Malkhan singh dreaded bandits did to Binoda Bhaveji famous Bhoodan movement social activists .And above everything else he has the moral authority and the right connections to mobilize resources within a short duration to fight the corrupted persons who seems to have always find a place in new Govt. and have been able to save their skeen .After all the Bollywood and Cine Stars are Sachins die hard fans , some relatives and even neighbours . And in his case they are ready to do anything . Sorry Kapil Paji for this extra glorification of little master .

                                                    Sorry Sachinji Country needs you more than you need country . Even the Ultras and terrorism are the offshoot of bad Governance ; only you can change the face of Country so that they can also have pride in the Country we live in . God must have immensely blessed you for a reason which you should gracefully accept and work with missionery geal in God given time , definitely choice is yours ? See how Kapil Devji is also trying his own best to work for the poor and downtrodden , as recently he have recently written a letter to PM in support of the Lokpal Bill of the Anna Hazare . Politics was bad because good Peoples where not coming forward . The God fearing Peoples like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare needs you ; after all somebody has to fight for future generation . See what is the extent of mismanagement in Country .
                                               Though there are abundant scope for organic crop supply from my State of Arunachal pradesh but the mainland Publics have to eat contaminated food.The good leaders are having faucity of fund to contest elections ; see how Baba Ramdev himself who can have only supported the genuine leaders from his income are defamed by the corrupted . As mother of all social service will be supporting a good leader as it will pave the way for the rise of great persons like Mother Teresa . Therefore for shake of good leaders which country desperately need Sachin must make friendship with Baba Ramdev and other great personalities and develop a mechanism to support them from initial stage ; as so long as we harp on rich candidates having ample money this country will not going ahead   .

                                                                                               In this regard who knows Sachin if he takes us to corruption free society most appeasing to Lord and savior than salvation may be also at our door . After all Tendulkar alone has man and material with him to do this good Samaritan work to change the Socio – economic face of the Country as a revolution will have to begin from Maharashtra. As the poor and downtrodden Publics cannot realize the higher self without addressing this issues . He being exposed in foreign countries are also expected to be sensitive to the Christian relegion followers sentiments  . Sachin must have sacrificed his childhood for this phenomenal success and how much it will satisfy him in his death bed if he provide this facility for the aspiring youths in all their interested fields and for this direct action is need of the hour .

                                                                                Until now I was least interested in Cricket , only recently I knew how Sachin meant much for good peoples like Er. Tomo Basar who will do anything for him . Such craze and charisma sachin is wielding ; it will be so good if he use it for nations interest . I know for sure that great man like sachin are simple and unambitious but the question here is will he step into save the country from certain destiny a place in hell .Though his wife and childrens also deserve his time but choose is exclusively his as he alone can have passion to accomplish the gigantic task . And even if he want to take sanyas must atleast help good leaders for the country . His campaign itself will make matter a lot for the candidate like Kiran Bedi and Kapil Dev other worthy Persons  .

                                                              Even Advaniji and Madam Soniaji must be good persons and may accept this hypothetical proposal for greater interest of Country. After seeing the Japan episode do we have really time to fight against Gods wrath due to our evil designs ? The Baba Ramdevji may be the best Person to convinced to make sachin as the prime Minister candidate for his proposed – Bharat Swabhiman party if sachin accept this . As his party will be new and may be not objectionable to most of the already established political party leaders who don’t see eye to eye . Plus party have moral right to say about something new . Barring in North East where things are bit different Bharat Swabhiman should shine in other part of India. in North east coalition will be best bet with Tendulkars party or BJP supported by Tendulkar and like minded Persons  if no commonly acceptable mechanism is developed . As congress have been given ample opportunity .
                                                                                            why Sachin to act as saviour , because it may be not plausible for the country to change the Govt. in each election like in southern State , though it would have been good if country man have shown that maturity , thus it will be a best bet for both the party as future seems to be unpredictable as Congress may also make last ditch effort to fight back  . And also as the BJP and Congress seems to have reached a saturation point where any party winning may not make a much of difference for the Country . Therefore why not make this developments as ground for introspection to make a National reconciliation after all leaders like Nitish Kumarji who have kept equi- distance from both the BJP and Congress seems to have flourished .

                                                       Though BJP is less corrupted and more ideologically akin to good persons like Sachin , but will they also show their magnamity as change we believe in , which will not come by itself we have to start the process from just now. If BJP accept the proposal from now itself than congress may be in the receiving end later on . As if Congress play back foot the Bharat swabhiman party muted by Baba Ramdev may be compelled to make coalition with BJP . And even if Sachin don’t toy this idea of him being made the P.M at least he may be coerced to do campaign for the party after all the national interest and patriotism will make him do so after it become a big issue . As the Maratha man has penchant for striking everything out hard after he gives his commitment .
                                                          After all when congress have corrupted image Baba Ramdevji alone has a secular image in compare to BJP as manipulated by Congress ; therefore this scenario should be also explored by RSS and VHP for the Countries interest . May be Gandhi family also deserved a decent and honourable exit for old time shake ; perfect time seems to have come for that as person like Sachin's positive affirmation may make the Gandhis to quite after all they may be not as power obsessive creatures  .
Therefore this conglomeration is need of the hour if one is real sincere to make extra sure that India is no more supporting the monopolistic politics like current trend in World politics , after all if Gandhis once again comes to power they may be also invincible for a long time therefore this must be seen as an urgent mission . After all Nation is more important than anything else .
                                                                               The educated ones in christian and Muslim Community should have no objection to Hindutva if it does good work lead by a good man like sachin . The article written by me earlier -` Something above nationalism ,` is worth pondering to see relation between Hindu and Christians. But Hindu brand of nationalism have been also successfully defamed by the Congress as Congress has been shown as mostly black sheep by media in corruption field , though my family have personal obligation to Advaniji and family friend Tarun Vijayji BJP spokesperson; but national health is more important now ; therefore elites and intellectulas have to do this samudra manthan for the country .But in new party also the help of Tarunji and Nitin Gadkariji will be invincible their will be none fit person to replace them in their post ; as for seniour leaders in Congress and BJP who will defect to new party they should be well  respected  .

                                                                        Therefore Bharat swabhiman party should be explored by Sachins fans and relatives who want him to do more for the Country why because Country need him and he need the country to work for his salvation his families and countries along with it , as God who is God of justice and truth may not want none of this non sense presently prevelant in the country ; as there is nothing left for sachin to get worldly achievement now , in that regard even his inability to make hundred century in Wankhede stadium was immaterial , the Maratha blood him in like chatrapatty Shivaji will also make him to will to fight for the nation I fervently hope. Remember he is one who refused to take the Sir title from the queen of England as it smell of British colonialism . Therefore he can only represent and fight for the Indian values in election as development is also about increase in self respect which develops an individual , community and nation .Babhiji and kids may despise it ; but may be their family head may be born for a great reason they should ultimately realise .

                                                                                 Fortunately his chance is far better than even Imran Khan as he lived a morally upright life and really revered in India and time have come for this perfect moment .The BJP which have made a sudden come back after its President Nitin Gadgari connection in Bombay as  calculative move can be only  from most advance place e,i- Bombay , he may also not be averse to this idea . After all the BJP cadres are more nationalistic in their outlook and accepted to be selfless being from disciplined RSS and VHP background . In this historic occasion it will be a best way to make a reconciliation between both the parties before the opinion poll finish the will to work for any of the party . After all will the revolution sweeping across Arab world will it also not spare them . How wonderful it will be if all the good leaders from both the BJP and Congress party resigns and join his party if sachin make up his mind . It may initially sound a dream but should not a great nation deserve a spectacular future is for everyone to understand .Eventually gandhi family may also enjoy the normal human life after they are relieve from responsibility after all life is precious . What is value if one cannot sleep and drink only to maintain his kingdom . Sachin has nothing to loss ; even if he fails it is countries loss.
                                                                                    This Idea may not be averse to 80 percent of BJP leaders who critics say may retain their seat in new party as they are said to be less corrupted . But will congress accept this also? Lately we have become too much politically playing nation why not make peace a chance ; after all is politics is not for a welfare of society? And if a mutually and commonly accepted leader is searched what is the harm. And who knows this may be the last master stroke by Soniaji and Advaniji to get Gods grace as Leaders may have lately become the motivators of sin see kind of politics prevalent here .
Another second best solution for the good peoples around is why not Sachin join the BJP if Baba Ramdevji fails to start his party ; as even if Hon’ble P.M Manmohan Singji seems to be a good person the change is also needed to make a new beginning , as monopoly in any form is always bad and it must be breached by the Great mans even if some in Congress Party is good to Sachin but it seems to be too late to change itself .
                                                                                                  To make a new house old have to be demolished . And even if sachin is not convinced of this proposition why not make him the President of the IPL, ICL and BCCI etc.whatever post he wants ; instead of honouring those who can’t even give a decent launch to our players even in Quarter finals . Honestly today Bharat ratna have become too small for him ; if their is something more than that he deserve it ; he has earned the right to be the king of the country for what he did and if not interested should atleast project someone like - smty. kiran Bedi or Kapil Devji to be the P.M candidate to win the world cup against corruption also unless seniour congress leader goes for a long fasting programme repeanting to God . Which sujjestions they will laugh at , and will be punished for this audicity .The fans of Sachin are requested to contribute whatever they want to A/C no. 10333896026 belonging to Togo Basar in SBI Bank Naharlagun  IFS Code-SBIN 0006091, Arunachal Pradesh India and send their name and address so that they can be replied back.My Mobile No.+91 9436229344 ( for India search the code )
                                                                         Remember without fund rising no mission can be accomplished it is unethical to fund only during election time for a vested interest . In the coming election all the corrupted ones will make a last ditch effort to keep their name secret in Switzerland bank do you not want to expose them . Thus is if we want to stop the surreptious bribing and nepotism in Society we have to come openly with donation to thwart the Crooks , like in America elections. The fund risen will be made as transparent as possible and used for searching for good leaders in Country . The charity is for your own good , God bless one who gives  charity for a good cause , do we Indian need to learn a lession from foreign rich mans in this field .As making right king is also part of Gods mission . The readers can read –` We are sorry Baba Ramdevji`another article of mine to see my commitment in such work . The sachin die hard fans are also requested to propagate this article in to as much as People they know for the glory of God and blessing on sachin and India.

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