Thursday, April 7, 2011


                                                         VIR TUM BARE CHALO , VIR TUM BARE CHALO , SAMNE PAHAR HO SINGH KI DAHAR HO, TUM KABHI RUKO NAHI VIR TUM BARE CHALO .The Lion of India Anna Hazare famous Social Activists seems to have always that philosophy in life . This one man army is all set to change the nations character . The clarion call of great man of our time Sri Anna Hazare seems to have attracted mans from all the societies rich and poor old and young alike . It seems same Gandhi factor motivating the Indians against the Britishers, today seems to be doing the round with the Publics against the Govt. this time . The coward Public was only awakened this time by real life Nana Fatekar of the Society Sri Anna Hazare . Or else Publics were ready to proved what British P.M Churchill predicted during Independence that – the Indian country they will give Independence will be again enslaved within 50 yrs .

                                                       And unfortunately this time it was seen to hold good from our own side and howsoever Gandhi family shows their sincerity but they cannot also absolve themselves from this blame to much extent . As the dependency on Gandhi family by some , seems to have hurt the Publics and giving tickets to the rich and powerful seems to have increased corruption and price rise though staunch Congress man will still laugh and may say – It is due to our credit only today Poor man don’t dare to give no more birth as reflected in census report . But when 90 percent Indians rise for Cricketers it can also for against the corruption none thought .See the new wave of spirit sweeping across country seems God himself is working . As the Japanese power play by God may be taken as example by corrupted Peoples who seems to have even prioritise Gandhi family above God . Though many a times some great man where invited in Congress camp but this was  unacceptable to them ; as the congress Party seems to be so arrogant as for Hindus they atleast don't know the gospel of salvation . Even today they are taking Gods point of view seriously . See my article - `Something Above Nationalism .`It was appreciated by many Hindus .

                                                         The silence of the Gandhi family is disappointing during this crisis ; they should be not so selfish to declare if necessary their retirement . After all the corruption will also go against their account in this life and after death . May be after say 10 Yrs. Rahulji may be again able to come back in his own terms and that time it will be his own credit  ; right now it is not Gandhi Congress , it is Congress of Corporate world ; those of Swiss Bank account holders who seems to be interested to save their Skeen this is the common Public opinion and as film Industry son is seen is spoon fed actor so is his image unfortunately ; though Rahulji seems to be a very good Person but introspection of highest order is needed for National development  . It may be possible to come back due to money and muscle power but one will lost moral authority to Govern if there is no deliverance and above all – will some one self respected as Gandhi’s will be liked to be seen as selfish . If need had arised  Gandhis have also stand the taste of time ; but this time their prolong silence may cost them dearly ; I had always anticipated this scenario after all in Democracy will of the Public is supreme and current taste seems to be doing something different . even earlier termed as uncivilized area are also fed up of dictator monopoly . Accepted that some loyal Seva Dal workers will always criticise me for shake of criticism but it is majority who are neutral who seems to be voicing first time in Indian politics .

                                                                       The mindset that the Gandhi family will only deliver itself is wrong it itself shows our slavish mentality the country seems to be far below even today’s earlier presumed uncivilized Arab Countries attitude as change is the essential part of the life . And mind this Anna Hazare may prove the Congress Parties nemesis and may break the misconception that the Indian public cannot go without the Gandhi families blessing as only some coteries have been seems to eat the siphons of the creamy layers during their time ; as layers of corruptions are supposed to be exposed day by day .Today thousand are seen to defy secret warning from Dubai based Dons , now whom to threaten when whole nations have raised as one .

                                                          I have nothing personal axe to grind against the Gandhi family but as poet laurel Ramdhari singh Dinkerji once said-` MANUSYA HAI WAHI JO MANUSYA KE LIYE MARE . YEH PASU PRAWATI HAI KI AAP AAP HI CHARE`. So with due regard to Gandhi family who may be needed to be retired in 10 Jan path like English King in Bakhingam palace ; as they have also developed more of a aura of titular head much to the impediment of the development of nation ; disturbing the  much needed positive attitude for Individual  and society development  as inferiority complex seems to be looming large due to this arrangement   . And also for much respected family No. 1 may be time  to retire with dignity in time ; as their is time for everything  . Judging by the current trend of fighting against the monopoly world over the Anna may prove the focul point for this change  .Mind it due to our silence we have lost dearly so say when there is time or tomorrow there may not be any time . And mind it all rich and powerful Persons in vintage position who hate this democratic ideology . One day their will be again someone to question them also ; in this earth and above . So a wonderful chance to surrender before the great saint and sages like Anna Hazare as those uncorrupted and holy soul are worthy of being termed as one .The beuty of the Democracy is everyone has right to free expression . The attitude of some congress Crooks never to hear anything against their boss will finish their boss . As who knows their are Prophets doing Gods work ; and besides are they even loyal to their family and friends ? they who talk of only seeing congress interest also not irritating other as this is the party if I am not wrong having 80 percent of corruption to its credit since Independence .

                                                                  And until now the psychology that the one having lots of money even in Swiss Bank have to be made as leader is ridiculous . we have to fight against that mindset until that is done Country will never progress . Congress think thank who have been always taking advantage of the forgetful and merciful publics may Blitzkriz their point of view . By even showing in the live T.V those who are corrupted yet popular are liked by People and say Anna Hazare is sponsered by RSS and VHP to seperate minority from this good cause  . This is the way they try to manipulate others always ; how it is possible most of the party members are corrupted but boss is good ? For Publics also why we always allow to put Gandhi topi in our head ? was any chance given to other party like Congress was given earlier ? Only because it always wored Gandhi topi in election did it get legitimate to loot Country . But as some crooks seems to have made the ideology of their party  redundant  due to their greed ; therefore their is also danger in contesting from congress Party that Peoples will soon realize a Congress friend secretly told .

                                                    Today to some even BJP playing Hindutva card is acceptable if they come in power to break the congress monotony .If the Congress have make their position so secured due to their shameless character ; have other party any other scope than to play some unconventional methods . As in power alone one can show his caliber as for Congress it seems to have systemically failed in all the front .Interestingly in my State most of the earlier persecution on Christian come from the Congress Party . And still now there are some place where indirect persecution is resorted . Madam soniji who should be still a good Christian should ponder upon this aspects .

                                                                    Honestly congress have to show its real sincerity to take back the Public trust like passing the Anna Hazares Public Lokpal bill in toto ; and soniaji who herself is from Italy should press the Pope to lobby the Swiss Bank authority to disclose the names of the Crooks having black money . And this should be before election in this four State . It is time that great Indian Idol like Sachin Tendulkar and shah Rukh Khan also come to campaign for Anna Hajare as they have moral duty as we have made them so famous they also have an obligation towards country . I even favor Sachin as new P.M if he accepts ; as he can’t be bribed with Bharat Ratna to keep mum regarding Congress wrong plans any more . See my other article - DEDICATED TO THE CRICKET FAN OF SACHIN TENDULKAR just below this article . And if he decline he should at least support smty. Kiran Bedi or Kapil Devji to join with Bharat Swabhiman Party to do the needful . And if the Congress refuse to cooperate than a joint coordinated attack must be made against it in election , as majority BJP clean leaders which may find birth in new party may not object this national reconcialation bid with good persons like BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay and Nitin Gadkari BJP Party President retaining their post in this party . The fact is only by involving in election we can bring a revolution as monopolistic politics is always bad.And if God bless Gandhis who may be still having some Nehru Gandhi blood in them may be strong enough to sit with anna Hazare modern Gandhi in this satyagraha .

                                                                     The seizing of money in Tamil Nadu and Assam election seems to be a good move in right direction we need to be more vigilant; Hope the Country hears my clarion call . Please send this article in to as much People as possible . I am putting my pass Book account No.10333896026 in SBI Naharlagun for the sponsors to sponsor my mission to accomplish Anna Hazares vision .In IFS code- SBIN0006091 The account is put not with the expectations that some one will send money ; but with the answer ready for those self centric Peoples . Tomorrow when this revolution succeeds to answer them how pathetically they were for being not remotely part of this historic revolution . As it is life time opportunity to work for a good cause , this time or never directly or indirectly . I am already working with Baba Ramdevji and involved in many missionary work ; those who doubt my integrity are most unwelcomed . I can be contacted in M-+ 919436229344 ( India ) and my e mail is - .Remember it is more important for the Social activists to be helped as they are the real Nation Builders .To remove corruption we must resort to open donation for the groups fighting against it .If they are shamless why good person be leg behind for good cause .


Vikas Sagar said...

Where are all the celebrities like Dhoni, Sachin, other sports person, Bollywood stars and all? They need to come up now! Their supports really need to Anna and our battle against corruption. When they need support from us, we all Support them during their all Games, now it’s their Turn to come up from their busy schedule & to support all. Please broadcast this msg to all and ask him to start Supporting....… Jai Hind

kem said...

Asi Togo, ur write up Proved to be worth reading.butThere is hardly few readers who read blog. Thanks 4 nice write up