Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of the Islamic Virus

Everything is good if end is good nice that good Mussalman have realized that enough is enough the Islamic Fundamentalists are the ones who are harming their cause they are the real Virus of their Society. And I predict the world will be never same again. For Islamic Terrorists are the original source of all the other Terrorist activities, the day it is finished than others number will also come one by one. India Government should offer any type of logistic help to Pakistan in its fight against Taliban for they are also the worst victim of Terrorism which was time and again used against our Country . It is meaningless to refer the past mistake of each others our leaders need to show Countries magnimity this is the time to win their heart. We need to remember that so long as terrorism is their we are the direct threat. It is possible that moment terrorists get the nuclear bomb they will use it against our Country only.
It seems God himself was fed up of Islamic fundamentalists you see had Benejir Bhutto be not killed her husband present prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari Mia won’t have been that adamant to search her wife’s killers with Drone Plane . The situation has also compelled Jardari Mia to show a risk , after success of Nawaj Shariffs revolt it become imperative for him to show his leadership one way or other and mind it that man is in the verge of one day becoming one of the most famous person in the history. It seems Late Benejir Bhutto is still ruling Pakistan through her husband . Lets prey that ultimately she gets her justice and the news that the killer of her that son of the bitch Mulla Fazlulla getting dogs death be true . The Pakistanis should not panic during this time for the truth is most powerful of all and the truth is our righteous God will never let go the evils unpunished . Now the turn of the devils to get its own due, dooms day for all the heretics who were themselves Kafirs doing all short of anti Islamic activities like drug trafficking, rape , loot and murder in the name of Islam as if Prophet Mohammed was a butcher . We should not be shocked if later that son of the bitch Bin laden is found in Pakistan itself, than Mussaraf Mia will be definitely proved as real liar to the world. The Pakistan after finishing the Talibans needs to punish all the abettors who facilitate their growth. In this context best way will be modernize the Madrasas and remove all the anti social element Kazis and Maulvis who don’t dare to stand for the truth and have the audacity to call themselves Ullahs man another step should be reinterpret the teaching of controversial doctrines of Quran to shoot the modern era .As most of the controversial doctrines may be later addition it is wrong to believe that Islam has its foundation in sword after all prophet Mohammed united the warring tribes of Mecca and medina by reconciliation were as he could have exterminate his enemy . And during the time of Akbar the Great he did not accepted the Imam’s point of view in removing pilgrimage tax from Hindus by saying that no were Islam condemns other religion and stops other from reaching their own gods or goddess .
Therefore those maniacs and psychopathic are treated nicely by good Muslims is a great relieve to the world body which believes in religion of Humanity and believes in greatness of Islam which can fight itself from its enemies through great International contributions like Sufism and Sufi Songs which shows other side of Islam a religion that talks of love and affections as for now only our Muslim brothers has to believe in themselves that they can fight their enemy within .


Anonymous said...

there have been a mistake. you have wrongly mentioned president as prime minister. please do rectify it.

buru said...


please write ur articles in paragraphs! It takes a lot of effort to maintain the concentration in its present form.

* Islam is not a virus, nor has Islamic 'terrorism' ended.