Monday, September 7, 2009

The Catchy Political Slogan

I remember a story called How Quit India Movement come to Alipur? The Alipur which was still loyal to Britishers they were made to believe by Congress workers that they have been given dogs biscuit in evening tea, that did that trick furious Alipur Publics joined the Quit India moment next day . The Old timers again did the trick by ` Jai Ho , Jai Ho ,’ which was borrowed from Slums Dog Millionaire . The good part of the Congress Party seems to be free Political experiment which Rahulji can do without bothering the sentiment of the senior leaders . And this Blitzkriez mesmerized the Country after all one who graduated from Cambridge will be different. The BJP equation seems to have gone wrong the cash starved and poor Peoples to whom none of the Government policy ever reach were supposed to be horrified at the quantum of suspected money siphoned of to Swish Bank but it seems the Swiss Bank allegation seems to have boomeranged with those tax evaders financing their every bit against the party which could have nailed them in their Coffin if come to power. This controversial issue should have been discussed in the Inter party level . also it was highlighted in the fake end of the election . Other point to ponder is A Party could not afford to take panga with a major lobby like Muslim and Christians as its Hindutva ideology is uncomfortable to both and with Swiss Bank issue Industrialists may have also joined in the hate brigade . As Bismark said never fight in two battle front therefore it is time for the BJP to learn lesson from its mistake .
However even if Swiss Bank issue fails in election Congress will be under tremendous pressure this time to do follow up action now that it has come to power . As they also promised to see to it within 100 days if it comes to power it is to be seen how Manmohan singhji does something towards mother of all the issue . A practical solution has to be found If it is for countries interest may be D . Company may have to be brought by hook or crook either by extradition or given Political amnesty in exchange of disclosing the name of all the Indias most ungrateful sons those perfect sons of the Bitch who have used him for this havala activities or this may be a big political slogan next time as last time it was not popularized nicely .
The Congress Party can be credited for bringing positive energy to their advertise in campaigning which really attracted all the cross section of the Publics Youths as well as Old. They seems to have professionally managed the show . This was all and all Gandhi family day with the death of the Late Rajiv Gandhis killer , the popular mandate going to Congress Parties bag , the Sikh anger repaid by making Manmohan Singhji as PM for 2nd time at all something lacking in Gandhi family was only a Bahu to Soniaji , more than critics it must be Gandhi families dream ; we need to prey for Rahulji who may soon outlive his youthful desire for the wife like our salman Khan Bhai. Next time may be we will be exempted from seeing a PM without wife.

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