Monday, September 7, 2009

Scope of Hindutva In Indian Politics

The resignation bid of Yaswant Sinha a senior BJP leaders has brought a big question on future of BJP as he indirectly question the Hindutva itself and his doubt are not unfounded as many is finding BJP in worst identity crisis talking more about the glory of the past rather than resorting to discussion the present and the future . The rumor is getting bigger that by next general election party may be reduced to a small party . Though People want an alternative to Congress Parties monopoly but frankly BJP has failed to give an alternative due to its inherent limitations. Is it reduced to be a party which is not allowing a stronger party to emerge as a real alternative to the Congress party . To be precise it will be more prudent if BJP leave Ram Janma Bhoomi issue for good for this issue has suppressed all other important issue .What to say about not voting in the name of religion any religious community is ready to even commit heinous crime . In Ram Rajya every one was equally treated BJP better donate the disputed plot in the name of Ram to the Muslim brother or if possible remake the Masjid for the Muslim brothers . If the core issue is not addressed superficial treatment will never do . A party based on religion will never flourish in India it is not like a Arab country were Muslim fundamentalist can do any thing in the name of religion first Hindus are not in absolute majority , 2nd Hindus are not committed like Muslims and 3rd the Hindus themselves are fed up of this issues as it is over used. There is power in accepting the truth ; was Akbar the Great was not a Muslim ? who married a Hindu Rajputani Jodha Bhai and removed the Pilgrimage tax upon Hindus , therefore it is wrong to put every previous Muslim rulers in bad light. Let bygones be bygones by forgiving alone we can go forward in life or we will be always blinded by hatred . It seems in whole over India this issue was the core issue suggested by the BJP cadres to revamp the Party . Regarding Nationalism card with the finish of Talibans even the nationalism issue may be off dated due to good relation with Pakistan .In this context if BJP wants to survive it must be ready for supreme sacrifice after all no pain no gain .
Before it is too late and BJP is reduced to a regional party it should make an introspection of highest order. Just talking about by gone Maryada Purusuttom and Arya Putra Lord Rama filling oneself with superiority complexion and behaving rigidly thinking that they are descendent of Lord Rama won’t appeal the publics. To every ones knowledge Hindustan was in fact first inhabit ate by Dravidians and rightfully it belong to every one . The leader has to behave normal it seems overdose of superiority complexion of Aryan as infused by Tulsi Dasas Ramayana has always evolved batches of RSS motivated Hindu who are basically loners talking philosophical and Ethiopian ideologies who might not have single takers today , it should stop talking as if there is still partition like situation . Didn’t Ravana also did not tried to let his sister Mandodari merry Laxman and did not Bhibishan brother of Ravan helped Ram therefore it is wrong to misinterpret the historical fact and try to paint every non Aryans in bad light this seems to be philosophy of Hindutva nowdays . Remember this Vedic sloka ,` Astadeshu Puraneshu Vyasya Vachana duyem paropkaray punyay parpidanay papay’ in the line of Love thy neighbor as envisaged in Holy Bible . Those days of partition like situation were Muslims used to kill the Hindu emigrants and Hindu committed vice versa is no more so why there is so much hyper tense. The BJP should have the guts to dissociate itself from RSS and VHP and they be advised to act as NGO rather than a political outfit. The BJP and ABVP should alone see the political activities this autopsy may alone change the parties image . As associating with RSS and VHP was fruitful till Ram Janma Bhoomi issue was their, the moment the controversial monument was destroyed it lost its significance . truth is always bitter but in politics one has to show supreme flexibility .This seems to be the core problem in the previous election were BJP lost miserably , other issue may be lack of creative idea in exposure of the Indian money in foreign bank because it seems to have went in favour of the Congress party who knows they might have rather benefited from those who kept money in Swiss bank who were apprehensive about the BJP comeback . Such controversial issue should have been decided before election taking even Congress into confidence or it should have been made an issue long before the election before the Poor voters decide their mind . But it was good day for Congress from every point of view Man Mohan Singh like most of good Sikh is a good person also and had really worked it seems scheme like NREGA has reached the poor and the down trodden .The Gandhi family has also its own advantage and following after all they made number of sacrifice it is not good to criticize for the shake of criticism . The BJP may also have to rise above emotion to select a leader someone who match the style and glamour of the Gandhi family which also matter a lot as days of old and redundant leaders who go the Donald Duck way are gone. And above all the think thank of the party should be as per with Cambridge returned Rahulji who made most of the offurtunity by resorting to greatest Blitzkrieg ever seen in Political campaign by making lots of political experiments by say incorporating - Jai Ho song as Congress Party campaigning theme . The fundamentalists are bad weather he is Hindu or Muslim , God will always punish one according to his own time like Taliban is facing today therefore it is advisable to leave the fate of one like Dawood and Illegal emigrants issue to God after all they are major source of Congress parties prosperity . After all there is no scope for any emotionality in Politics its number game and – Jo Jita wahi Sikandar and who knows if properly planned next time it may be Congress turn to beat its head

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