Monday, September 7, 2009


Advocate Togo Basar

From the reliable source it is always learnt that Sri Mukut Mithiji is a nice soul a perfect politician and above all a gentleman ; need not to say even Gandhi family is said to have lots of affection towards him . Even his non elevation as Union Minister is seen as future plan for better role such as Hon’ble Chief Minister if time demands . The modest gentleman has uncanny reputation of harboring not a single enemy in the politics of the Arunachal Pradesh so far. It will be a lifetime privilege for any person to write his autobiography.
He is said to be a nice family person and a friend which are the most important above all quality to be a good politician . The gentleman is said to be very down to earth and like normal human beings enjoys cozy time with his friends in his favorite pastime Badminton and watching English movies . Contrary to the critics of his non accessibility in the office when he was Hon’ble c chief Minister for short stint to my point we have to judge a person from every angle for one thing no one will be hundred percent . It is seen that those who had slog extra time in the office were the ones who were making most of their time minting personal money. After all we also need someone who promotes Games and Sports in letter and spirit as this is very important aspect of society. The man has the reputation of loyalty to the Party after all one who is loyal to his family and friends will be loyal to his party as well. Not only that he is respected by other Political party members as well, this may be due to his sportsman spirit he learnt from games and sports.
In today’s time it will be impossible to get a honest person and more so in case of a politician but he is an exception. May be Rahulji may also seek his helping hand when he is ready for PM post next time if Congress party comes to power as Gandhi family may not want to open all the cards at a time so this time may be he have been kept as reserve . Today Kanduji in spite of his endeavor to keep his flock intact may be seen by centre as a leader with certain limitations and vision nevertheless he have kept the local MLA’s in good humor as of now. But in coming State election lots of pressure may come from Tuki faction to make a last ditch efforts to make the thing difficult for him as Tukiji’s supporters are hell bent on elevating him ; but Tukiji may also not cross the Laxman rekha being a Old timer in Congress party and may ultimately may be not against Mithiji if ball is in the Court of Soniaji. However regarding Tukiji also if he takes risk he may also change the whole equation upside down specially if Hon’ble M.P Takamji side with him; at this point even party should not matter for him as he is also said to be a perfect gentleman and have lately become an Institution of short and above all his seniority , financial security and Co-religion friends , muscle power and clan back ground makes him most lethal , however he need to tame some of his aggressive supporters who are notoriously ill reputed as Dada giri has its plus and minus point . But if Tukiji in spite of his numerous plus points doesn’t take that extra risk Mithiji may benefit from this political crisis as he is going to be seen as a neutral person plus this time Congress leadership at the centre may be under tremendous pressure to reward the senior Party member who were with the Party in time of crisis as well . With the defeat of wanglatji Apangjis bargaining power has also dwindle he might be regretting contesting from a party which have no takers today. Unless of course junior Apang Omakji take personal risk to project few candidates things are not going to be politically good for the family after all they are expected to continue riding the political tiger for their own good , the family have made lots of enmity by earlier projecting 3- 4 M.L.A’s in different constituency , however Omakji cannot be altogether undermine after all he is also filled with lots of youthfulness and vision and worked quite through his NGO Future Generation and unlike Kiranji he have no financial limitations he might manage the show let his presence felt and may be also exempted from anti incumbency factor of his fathers rule and may even be successful in getting few MLA’s and may at least manage Cabinet berth this time provided he risk after all Politics is number game MLA support does only matter from whichever party it doesn’t . However if he keep aloof it may be dead end for his families stake in politics sometimes hard decision has to be made as saying goes- offence is the best defense and fortune Favour the brave. It seems the present regime are united more against senior Apang and he being his progeny cannot dissociate himself from his family connection and should be in fools paradise if expects others mercy which word is absence in Political dictionary but Apang family are frankly expected to be quiet sound specially financially it may be its plus and minus point but unlike Kanduji and Tukiji today nobody have strong lobby as both belong to a religion community which has lots of followers . Back home our Urban Cow Boy Sri Jarbomji will prefer playing slow card by playing for his brother Sri Jarkar Gamlin though each of the family members are God gifted and cannot be compared with earlier regimes nepotism in promoting their own relatives but the Aalo Publics will sure give sleepless night to the 1st family of the State in true sense of term and he may be not able to campaign for other candidates in spite of his cat walk in home turf.
In the above context were confusion will confound the Mithi camp may be the ultimate benefactor now that Sonia loyalist like Omem Deori Medam is no more he is the last person whom soniaji can reward plus his clean image may make sure that he is not objected by any one .


Anonymous said...

yes, u r right but the sentiments of Aalo east is increasing and asi yomto jini will be benifited.i also appeal the the readers to raise their voice against the money culture.
kenbom bagra

bam said...

these days, i think the public is more corrupt then the politician.