Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Chinese making Mega Dams above us is going to be a major headache its like monkey trying to piss in your head . As they will be always in the vintage position to play with the right of the lower riparian like India . It is to be accepted that it is a major diplomatic victory for the Dragons as for now . The alleged Mega Dams above the Brahmaputra river has unnerved us , if we don’t stop them now later similar projects may come up in Sibunsiri River above Taksin where they have alleged to have made 20 km encroachment recently . This is no time to play politics when Country is going through a bad phase ; But Congress Govt . has definitely erred in claiming our Countries right in first instance . About years back when devastating flood wiped the bank of the Pasighat than only our Govt. should have woken up . Fortunately my uncle Sri Goken Basar who was ADC Tuting immediately informed his counterpart in Pasighat and Aalo through wireless and many lifes were saved . May be that flood was also made in China like many of its products which is flooding the Indian market . The Govt . should have than only made an investigation and should not have believed Chinese justification in face value that their was a huge water collection in Chinese part . Don’t our Country has a Satellite Camera to take stalk of the situation .
Unfortunately Congress Party is always seen in poor light whenever there is a important issue regarding National interest . All it did was to make sure that our Patriotic Kiranji was made to drink bitter pill in M.P election by means of deceit as alleged by him in Hon’ble S.C . Even last time when the rumor of 20 Km encroachment of the Chinese army was doing the round in Taksin area of the State : the State NH- 52 Highway was stopped by some Assamese miscreants for couples of days . In this National emergency situation how come Assam Govt. allowed this . There is absolute lake of coordination against Chinese plans . It is surprising why Lt. Col Jarkar Gamlin who is waiting for his due promotion as Brigadier is not promoted and transferred in the sensitive State of Arunachal Pradesh to motivate the local soldiers in the National interest . The sensitive border area has to be treated differently , Centre should direct even its Government to be tolerant and respect the Civil rights of the State Publics . It has to be accepted that the rehabilation of Chakma and Hajong in the State , Poor road communication and the Corruption which has reached record high with gap between the haves and haves not becoming like in Nepal which become the green pasture for the development of the Mao -wadi like situation for the Country is presently the worst scenario . If Government continue persecute the Opposition and controls the media not only Publics will see Govt . in poor light but in long time it will help the Publics in alienation from the Govt . Therefore in sensitive area like Arunachal Central Govt. should also promote genuine opposition for national interest after all ill will develop only due to rampant corruption and non promotion of democratic revolution by National Party . The removal of the SSB from the State by BJP was also a great loss as the Chinese Peoples Liberation army in Patrol duty seems to be completely having Psychological advantage over the ITBP . Like the Japanese Nikona Koki in the 2nd World war SSB our Secret Service Burro had so many advantages to know the Chinese move like knowledge of the Terrain and similar speech and looks with the natives which Chinese are said to be taking advantage now .
The Chinese pressure will continue it is time for the Govt . to take all the State Publics and the Nation into confidence as Congress regime is always seen to be operating in hush hush manner which creates lots of doubtful atmosphere as rumor of death of Indian army is doing the round . Even if some of our State Leaders may be honest but Govt . watchful eye in the press and the fear of the journalists are creating a notion that Govt. must be very corrupted . The plausible Countries strategy may be either friendship with America or opening up border trade with Peoples Republic of China in border areas to strengthened our friendship . May be time for selecting a permanent friend has come basing on our benefit . Fuming and talking big within ourselves is not the solution a practical solution is to be founds which will be beneficial to both the Country . Promoting Mongolian kinship theory may be beneficial to both the bordering States after all today intermingling due to globalization is inevitable . It should be possible within the ambit of Indian Constitution as Social interest is also important if local interest be in border trade so be it before things go out of control . We definitely not like our State to be battleground like it happened in Kargil .


Anonymous said...

why shld arunachalee fear china? they are ur ancestors

Anonymous said...

excuse me bt v r mongolian by origin and hw do u think china treated tibet after its take over?n dont u know about the indo-china war of 1962.how they deceived india by claiming to be brothers n backstabbing india by attacking our very own arunachal....

Anonymous said...

chinese r also mongolian duh!

there was no arunachal in 1962 duh!

you are a haring duh!