Monday, September 7, 2009

Voters Dilemma In Coming State Election

The Kiranjis loosing the M.P election is truly so much a shock for the People of the Western Parliamentary Constituency in particular and State in general that they are still marveling weather the EVM machine was also not sabotaged and for the BJP party it will take a lot of time to evolve from this jolt in the State. With the recent opinion of the experts that the EVM can be manipulated have brought a short of relief in the angry Publics mind and they will like non of this short in future a danger bell for future goons who wants to manipulate everything. But show must go on , this is part of the life the young and dynamic leader should wait for his chance as every dog has his own time. But the positive side should be also seen, earlier it was unimaginable for whole lots of Public to face the Ruling might but he has solely given a jolt to the whole system this have weakened the foundation of the establishment to the core after all establishment is not untouchable have been proved to some extent; sometimes revolution does take time it’s a slow process . However Kiranji had also certain limitations as the BJP Party is not prepared in some majority Christians and the Muslims dominated areas as they have certain doubts regarding this party. He should give a second thought regarding the Party which has some inhere tent limitation and should impress upon his senior leaders to follow the futility of issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi . Nevertheless In the coming State Assembly election his move to have coalition with the PPA is a good and tactical move as barring headquarters honestly BJP have limitation in our State unfortunately it should have been done earlier as I had advised him who happens to be my friend . The need of the hour is unity of all the opposition parties and this time united opposition may make this happen after all whenever their was overconfidence price had to be paid ; besides the Congress party may also soon see clashes for the most coveted post as some senior leaders are in verge of retirement and may make last ditch effort to taste the nectar of power . Even our wanglat Saab should realize now that he under estimated the popular hatred against our Apanji by his old chelas who are now in helm of power and the groups are seen to be bound more by fear of Apanji rather than Congress Party ideology , as for the aam admi they had always identify PPA more because political timing at which AC Party was made seems to be artificially orchested and also PPA has its distinct identity unlike AC which is seen to be Apangjis personal property even if some old Apangjis sycophants will pooh pooh it I don’t mind as I left the AC even when Apangji was in helms of power . But today one has to also accept that some AC members are introspecting things in new perspective as no body finance a party unless one come of itself through its hard labor . It is cheating oneself to live in the expectation that an Individual or National Party bosses will finance God helps those who helps themselves in Politics every one is ready to use other . The Congress Party in centre also seems to be more interested in defeating the Bihar and West Bengal Govt. than taking care of our State whom they seems to be taking for granted.
You know things that are made in pain lasts more see what happened to the ,` Din Eh Ilahi’, religion started by Akbar the Great after his death Birbal was the first to run may be because who could have the guts to correct Akbar in his hey days . The fact was that AC was never accepted in Publics heart also as they felt it was imposed of short it was only Apangjis chamchas who kept him in fools paradise who minted money on his charisma and run away to green pasture after he outlived his utility; as more than a regionalist persona Apangji and his followers had a Industrialist and Capitalist image and as such he even not fitted in his AC mould . As for the aam admi they see an exemplary leader in great Bakinji and Tomoji who were seen to be tormented by present regime under Apangji . Both the legend were seen to die fighting for the region and got martyred like image though they lived in absolute poverty during their time . Honestly the regionalism is more catchy slogan than the Congress parties secularism and much better than BJP’s Hindutva in Abo Tani Belt of Arunachal Pradesh in particular and other areas in general . As more educated Publics now are searching for their roots , like Nagaland and Sikkim the publics may give a surprise in this assembly lection by voting for this party as there is tremendous sentiment attach to it . Remember the path to success is always hard way . It is foolish to expect NCP and Congress Coalition success Mantra in our State as it is all about number game unless one get formidable presence he is not expected to get respect in Politics as well and fortune favour the brave .The Publics should encourage revolution than only good governance will come the fear of ruling seems to be execrated by the Politicians and the Beurocrates for their own end, see the sikkim and Nagaland which seems to be more developed defying the Congress party though they have also no Industry like us . The rich and powerful to keep their monopoly are misleading the publics by citing rulings benefit. My appeal to Congress party is stop misleading the youths to join the Seva Dal of which Meva will be eaten by only senior Politicians. Cite me a single example in which a poor mans son have been employed in recent days freely.
Little amount of financial resource would have made the difference for Kiranji . I wonder why the rich aspiring candidates don’t take lesson from him instead of hoping for the Congress Party ticket why they don’t join this forum of Anti Congress Party. The modus operandi is either you be with the Government or attack it . The time is also ripe for the hammer to strike in the hot iron . Gone are those days if one doesn’t get ruling ticket he used to contest from Independent Party in name of getting blessing from Hon’ble Chief Ministers of course our Apangji was once upon a time notoriously reputed for backing up his admirers and many benefited from him also . But will they manage this time as most of the Apang loyalist took advantage of the political wave than ? Remember there are equal amount of Publics who hate Govt. excess as this days even in ruling party only few Peoples are benefiting, all the Contract works being made tender and the jobs being rumored to be sold at an exorbitant price which is an open secret. And in the eye of the Ruling Party selling their ticket at a large price the good and deserving candidates specially without money are silently sitting in their house and as for the rich and powerful their good days are going to end with the ticket to be meant for only single person and the danger of their money being puffed up just like that; remember fortune favors the brave it is the Publics that should call the shot not the Party Observers. However the Officer relatives many of whom are supposed to contest this time are they really interested to win? In that case they should unitedly show their presence felt by supporting BJP , PPA Coalition which can only fight the ruling Congress Party . After all fortune favors the brave and Politics is art of sink or swim .It has more scope than earlier time when there was no free media , judicial separation , modern telephone and mobile facility , more local officers more than outsiders and above all lack of fear of Establishment like Apangji was fear one time. On the positive side Bureaucrats are also one of the most powerful pillar of Arunachal Politics they should not allow themselves to be used by Politicians to bring a rift among themselves and sincerely work towards bringing a revolution by sincerely accepting there earlier faults also and with tremendous resource the ruling ticket should be irrelevant for them and they may themselves form the Govt. if united they move ahead.


kem said...

this write up is proved to be worth reading plse continue to write more good articles. the press fraternity of arunachal is scared to write any things against the govt so plse keep it up alleast some sections will be benifitted from your writings,

Anonymous said...

You are a bigot. It is in very bad tatste to call an entire religion a virus.