Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Samaritan Swamiji

Swami Vasistanandaji who is at present Principal Secretary Ramakrishna Mission school Aalo is a great man like his name he is really class apart; though not a Galo he has immensely served our Galo Society. I wonder why our Galo Baan Keba has not yet facilitate this great man. This piece of article is a standing oblations to a great man who have done so much for us Our Galo Society in particular should be indebted to him .Whenever there is a natural calamity or relief situation he is the first man to arrive . Not to say about his medical services in neighboring Villages of Aalo where his popularity cannot be challenged by any one , old , young and Peoples of all ages flock to talk to him in Galo language in which he has excelled . He is recognized by each and everyone in Aalo and Swamiji is known to personally know all the prominent Peoples within 30 Km redius of Aalo .
I have the rare previlize to know swamiji personally who is a very down to earth person . He never projected himself for promotion in Ramakrishna Mission Intitution ; It is rumored that some have resorted to sycophancy even in this Institution to reach in high post . But our Swamiji only believe in selfless service . Swamiji joined to Ramakrishna math in Belurmath in 1965. In 1970 he took his training. He was later posted in Refugee Relief Camp in Meghalaya Bangladesh Border stayed their for 3 months. Than he was posted in Orissa 1972 – 1978 than RKM arunachal Pradesh Tirap in 1978-1983. In 1983-2003 he was transferred in Aalo than in 2003-2007 in Orissa than again in 2007-2009 in Aalo. It is heard wherever he went he tirelessly followed Swami Vivekanandas preaching in letter and spirit .For him Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity. It is said Social service is in his blood his father was direct desciple of Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahasnsas direct desciple .May be Swami Vasistanandaji will forgive me for publishing this article sorry for your simple living and simple thinking but Swamiji we need some one like you to be ideal of this Society .

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Bomken Basar said...

Truly said. He is known as 2nd swamiji. Evryone knows him at Aalo. My pranams to him.