Sunday, November 10, 2013


                                              Definitely a dynamic leader is need of hour for the NE and the making of the Hon`ble C.M Nagaland as the Convener of the NEPF have opened up the hope for the North East State part of India.As the Naga are far ahead in spiritual and Intellectual level with there relatives even settled in Europe and America since long time and may even rope in Hollywood film directors to expose the area.So they deserve to be given a chance to lead us also.Recently I found that the AGP Bandh call on price rise was a grand success. The Mishing Autonomous Council  election also show a major victory for the AGS which have a regional ideology in Assam council election.
                     Thus the regional alignment seems to be rocking now.As the Buphen Hazarikaji memorable song  at least seems to have been wrong in one point; he criticized the Brahmaputra for ceaseless and unmindful flowing neglecting the mayhem, corruption and nepotism along its bank. While it was the NE Public's whom he should have been criticizing. Never mind the inhabitants have woken up now and kudos to NERPF-North East Regional Peoples Forum new alliance leader`s.
                  The fact is that the BJP and Congress is like Tiger and Lion for the NE Public and ready to devour us in there own way;and can be alone saved by regional party unity. As the despotic nature of Narendra Modiji may suddenly make him also one day to remove the Inner line Permit system many fears now.Thus the speech may be defective; after all there is chance that he will always see the Cow belt interest only. Thus non of the national party should dare to antagonize NERPF this time as this is days of alliance. And need of hour for the NE Public`s also.As a strong Federation makes a stronger nation.
                  Thus our own leaders can be trusted more believes many NE now as there is no end of chaos in NE as we need to seriously find back our roots and fight for our pride and legacy of NE which is the main ideology of the regionalism. As the imposition of alien pattern of development seems to have harmed us.As earlier emphasize have been only in minting money by few;see the best way could have been giving certain consideration to leaders in case of wooing investment for the State;as in this matter credit is his own.And do away with the contractor and business man types who have no time for IAY,MGNREGA and other important central schemes. And prefer using mesmerisation tactics like slaughtering of cows and intoxicating the Publics with wine to hide there weakness. And avoid questioning Publics in important occasion when wine cannot be used like in important national occasion`s. 
                 The coming Mass NERPF Gauhaty rally on 10th Dec. 2013 is going to be a historical occasion for the NE to be united in letter and spirit and for Publics to make a solemn promise. There should be slogan for NE unity and peace in that rally’s ;the Congress party have definitely failed in uniting and giving peace in all the 7 sister States of the N.E.As the congress leaders seems to be oscillating between the NE and 10 Janpath and seems to be using turbulent Boundary issue as election weapon. This is the extent of there cunningness believes many now.And even in Mizoram the Congress have benefited from the great leadership of MNF supreme leader Late Lal Denga`s charisma. Who made all the MNF Cadres come over ground into mainstream life.
                    After the Guwahati rally the first conference of the NEPF convention is going to be held  in the Kohima on 10th Nov. 2013 which is going to be the D Day for the North East.We are thankful to the NERPF for accommodating our dynamic leader Sri Komkar Ribaji as the Spokesman of the new party.Hope the meeting will begin by a prayer to Lord and Saviour to one`s more bless us like our co-race members like Mughals who started Mughal Empire in Country and made Red Fort and Taj Mahal.After all most of us are from Indo-Tibetan Mongolian breed only.
                                Together alone we can sink or swim as the unity will ensure that there is good bargaining with the centre. And we the PPA have already left the question of coalition with either 3rd Front,UPA or NDA with our senior NERPF leaders. And our elder brother, Hon`ble C.M Neipho Rioji have been also compassionate in not interfering in the Arunachal politics by promising to back PPA in Lokh Sabha election;as all along he have been maintaining that he only wanted cultural ties with his lost clan members. This Congress did not believed earlier and tried to made lost of brouhaha over forgetting there Himalayan blunder steps.They seems to have ensured everyone a place in hell by propagating evil;while single god man like Baba Ramdevji showed the world that through truth and righteousness also one can earn handsomely.                                     
                             The NERPF should try hard to hammer a peaceful solution to the boundary dispute questions between all the sister States. And should try to collect a corpus fund to help the top genuine deserving regional ideologically committed leader, who really want to be an asset for the region. Specially regional leaders from my State where ruling party have deprive everything to opposition leader.And hope our top leaders make a schedule for whirl wind tour of regional allies for logistic support during election.
                 As for long due to ruling of the Congress party some confusion still persists among Publics; and success story of Sikkim have to be told to remove any iota of doubts to place like A.P.Our Hon`ble Chamlingjis spectacular achievement can be a role model for the whole NE State as he have taken Sikkim to new heights. And first lady of the Sikkim State have used her creative idea to export flowers in the outside country.Making the Sikkim more beautiful thus the need is not middleman but good leaders who can rope in lots of investors in the State.And even if one make some profit from his own talent and acumen ship that would have been pardonable.But in Congress ruled State competition is to become A Grade contractor by all the top leaders.Even trying to make there wife and son as one.So much so that the State of A.P have technically become for the A Grade Contractor,by the A grade Contractor and with the A Grade Contractor.
              Hope the Kohima convention will be an eye opener to discuss and solve various issues like corruption, nepotism and Terrorism as we cannot any more neglect the elephants in room.As there is no proper plan to rehabilitate the outfits who want to come back in mainstream life. Hopefully the Nagaland which have been earlier seen as spiritual mother of the North East will take an initiative to address all issues. The NE Publics are requested to generously support the coming convention and prey for its success; as the God given time seems to have come for all the brother`s irrespective of any caste and creed to sit together and hear each other`s problem with open mind. 
                 Those who think it is impossible for peace in NE.It is time now to show that the NE brothers have that power to do miracle for the Lord. As enough politics have been played; it is now time to deliver for which the NE Publics must also give peace and our own regional party a chance.As it is the most foolish person to despise his own for non will respect that person. As one dancing with the tune of Congress and BJP party  there leaders may individually progress but not there followers.
            Time for even the common Muslim brothers in Assam to realize that they really belong to soil of Assam and should support indigenous party;as for long even Muslim brothers have been emotionally misleaded into believing that Gandhi family progeny belong to there own religion members. This is without addressing there real issues see the hatred have made them to live lonely and benefit them nothing. By playing communal card the NE brothers have been tried to be separated while together only we will be able to have better bargain. 
                  Thus hope in coming Kohima convention even the AUDF,UDF,TMPK,AGS and all the regional forces will also send there representative to unite for making our North East most lucrative destination. As for our common good why pride and prejudice to be remain aloof and be again used by outsiders. As even Muslims of NE and any other person ;are they not more closer to us also?Thus time to say with much elan- Long live NE ,Long live NERPF.

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