Saturday, November 30, 2013


                   The Child abuse of about 14 students for about three years from class I-V in Likabali by main accuse Sri Vipin Viwsan (teacher) and co-accuse Sri Ranjit Kumar principal of the Green valley School in Likabali School both Kerelians.Then this rape and murder case of Late Bompi Kali on12th oct. 2013 by the accuse:-Mohan Mahato from Bihar ,Nyaga Sona a Memba,Ashok Viswakarma a Nepali and Raja Ram a Bihari is too much .That too murder was committed in the house of Sri Jobom Basar Ex-Hon`ble MLA in Basar town of West Siang Dist.A.P India.

               The local police also did the great blunder by arresting some innocent local boys.Mr. Gepin Angu,Mr.Bimpe Doji and Mr.Mito Riram on mare suspect.The Police Investigating Officer R.N Singh have lots of answers to make.The rank and file of all the Basar Public's cutting across party lines demand strict action against all the accuse in the line of Damini rape and murder case in Delhi.A through investigation and quick trial with exemplary punishment is the strong demand from all the Publics.How this guts have come to this murderers as if they give a damn of the local sentiment.Even though the disease Late Bompi Kali was biologically a non tribal girl adopted by a tribal person; but we can`t keep silence of this great crimes which was earlier unthinkable in our place thinks many.And this environment polluters need to be really condemned after Damini rape and murder case in Delhi which shock the nation`s soul.Having said that not all there community members are bad as the non tribal Shopkeepers are seen to be good in Itanagar area.

            And need not to say first time in the life the Basar area Public's went berserk in the protest rally against the rape and murder of Late Bompi kali on 25th Nov.2013.And I think the Basar area public's will keep the tempo and place will be never same again as a mother only knows what happens when something happens to his beloved Child.And for there shake we need to be born again person as motherless person like me only know the worthiness of keeping mother happy when they are alive.So we as whole need to take some historic measures and make introspection of highest order; like taking care of Girl Child, refrain from giving Mobile to them at least till class X.The Govt. may have to give temporary provisional Bear bar license to responsible hoteliers ,so that at least they can be monitored, as minors seems to be now the number one causality as police seldom check this places.

         Even still the Ghutka and Tiranga seems to be sold in some corner with impunity. In the rally I had appealed the Girls and boys to refrain from seeing modern Gizmos and pornographic. And have appealed to them to respect there parents sentiments who love them very much and want to see them as great man.So time to say no to all the bad things.It is time for the outsiders specially the Dukandars who have made so much wealth from the Arunachal Pradesh to make an introspection of highest order.It is pertinent to mention that some of the top States Elites have reason to have anger with there bad experience while studying in Delhi and Bombay as they have been always seen as inferior Peoples in those place and where hurt in each steps.As if this is not enough some of them should not be giving the impression that they will still mess with our pride,this will be highly condemnable. Not that all the Biharis and keralites are bad; but this crooks have definitely also tarnished there communities image. It is time the outside business man behave properly and fuse with the culture of the State learn the local ethics and language.

           They can`t accept others to see them casually with Bihari Chaddi put on and sitting below numerous Pipal tress which have been planted even within the vicinity of the national Highway encroaching upon local parks; which probably is also targeted by the Hindu fundamentalists to make more Temple.See will a Kargu Gamgi temple also will be allowed to be made in Bihar?See undue protection to the Dukanadars by there Shop owners also seems to have raised there guts.See this is the side effect of too much dependency on the outsider by the rich and powerful who are the siphons of the creamy layers of Society.Those top brass who only seems to like jihuris by the outside business man they need to wake up now.

                     And worst will be if the non tribal voters are brought in coming election this time to change the tide as have been heard to be practice in some place,if it is so this time that will be highly condemnable as enough is enough.We have given them our share of bread but at least should not dare to deprive us of this precious democratic right also in this turbulent time.As a good leader and party is desperately need of hour and this truck loads of Mia labors have definitely no right to stop. Thus good APSU and SUMA members who want reign of power in good hands need to notice this.

           See only other day I welcomed the mother of Late Yashwant Singh Rawatji who died fighting China in Sella Pass.Who was promoted posthumously to Leut. General rank; this was with great respect and regard.And see the contrast; this news of rape and murder case by an outsider; so it is time to think for all.This should never be repeated again.The local Arunachalee should not be looked down upon and tried to be used as Vanar Sena to die in a mission which where never there`s in the first instance;that`s what BJP and Congress seems to be trying. So the indigenous population also should have a indigenous outlook that`s have been what PPA have been calling for time and again.As need of time is rising our own self esteem.

             We as PPA want to rise our peoples confidence to higher level where tomorrow any one can sit down and talk with any person from Delhi and Bombay comfortably. As Modi or Rahuijis dialogue is of little use here, rather a regional party with firm foots in the soil will do us all good.As God helps those who help themselves and over dependency have ruined us as all our resource have drained out and today our pride is also seems to be loosing out. As the Congress party High command culture have made Arunachal Pradesh society as the conglomeration of the powerful politicians, business man and officers. And this incidents are its side effects as haves class members need not worry about there Children’s studying abroad.And seen to be least careful about the education.And it is but natural for uneducated leader to not know the value of the education.

             And worst is reported from the Khamti community where the excessive drug addiction is heard to have ensured that the male class have become impotent, leaving no prospective husband for the local Girls.It is the duty of the national party which ever comes to power in center to care our Arunachal pradesh need ;after all we are safeguarding the nation from China and it is our right to ask development.We are not begging and yes we have right to make our own Govt.And see the day we also start talkng of sovereignty that will prove as Achilles hill for Country.

            Thus political revolution through democratic way to ventilate the Public's grievance will also help the nation.As the real enemy seems to be our own this even Hon`ble Governor and RAO need to understand .And yes Arunachal Public's now perhaps need a virtual jolt like mad man getting treatment in mental asylum.And we have to leave our comfort zone and come forward and accept the reality that our own leader leading our own party will be better.                               Sri Karmar Ribaji was perhaps right when he said the real leaders should attend in this kind of protest rally we made on 25.11.2013; unfortunately to him others are only seen busy in there self interest.Attending secret meeting-like discussing AOP and showing there face only to top leadership in there once in a blue moon visit to beg big tender work for themselves.

               At least the outsiders who are doing business here should not dare to commit any crime again.They should not live in fools paradise that they are genetically superior. Some say even the local inhabitant are seen by some Hindu elites as Danav`s descendents from long time as the term coming from Tani Aao e,i-son of Tanis our forefather.This is funny research work thesis paper.Some says that the many of the outside business man are keeping there wife in there own place and may be doing all short of shady things here.They are seen least interested in local interest as if thinking they have come to loot the place and sometimes are seen as worst then the east India Company also.

               Thus coming election for 29th Assembly Constituency Basar will be litmus test for the outsiders who may be now constituting 5% of the total population yet perhaps controls 40% of income. The local Public's also need to realize that it is time the character and credentials of the non tribal Dukandars have to be also checked in. See in my Basar town many Dukandars have started from my fathers shop; they are still like family members and I had the privilege to learn some Urdu and Bihari language from them.And may be this was because my father was a strict man and knew the tricks.

               See there has to be now strong resolution to give shops to deserving local entrepreneurs also like in Daporijo town of upper Sibunsiri Dist.See as today our own Guys are roaming here and there for want of job here so why distrust by haves class. Unfortunately the haves class in Galo area seems to be most self centric lots and seems only to see there own interest. And seen to always make an excuse and try to interfere in politics for there own personal end.But our Guys also need to be professional from now and think where there is will there will be way.

                As the future will be more risky with the ill-gotten money of the Haves class all seems to be pumped in to make commercial complex only, so much so that there is now no purchasing power with the local population also.As there is no local Industrialists and corporate houses which will ensure the circulation of money,only business leaders who only are expert in mesmerizing the Public's in election time thinks many now.And what little money in the market seems to go also to the outside business man`s bank account only. See the Basar area Public's should learn lesion from clandestine rubber plantations in Likabali area just below it initiated by the visionary and educated leaders which have helped them.

               See in a Akbar Birbal story a Brahmins was once refused to be given prize by Akbar the Great for thinking he must have taken help of the light seen from a long distance; while staying in cold winter river for whole night.It is time to be not psychologically satisfied by the prospect of getting money in election from rich candidates as this is like that.It will be like chasing the mirage as non will give that money for running the family for whole 5 yrs.It will be given by yourselfs when you give a good leader a chance as today in this society there is no scope for entrepreneurs.

              This small sacrifice of voting for the change they believe in at least Public`s have to make.See unless hefty amount is really paid before hand to voters the case will be like- day dreaming character in the serial,`Mungheri lal Ka Haseen sapney`.As the good leader alone have some blessings to deliver as God gifted personality of leader and respect of Public's on there own alone can now develop all.As they can alone attract the Investors.

                To remove all falsehood and lies started by the ruling party in which the innocent Arunachal public's have been made addicted to ,the PPA -the party with the difference have today arrived to deliver all from injustice and weakness which need a good leadership who lead the attack from front.As the change have to begin from the top leadership; thus time may have come for some heads to role; as unless as Baba Ramdevji says-` there is cleaning process in top the bottom line cannot be accepted to be clean’.

                  See the pathetic conditions of Publics only playing cards and Zandi Munda in all the festival and Pujas. As historically it have been seen that a revolution have alone been answer to bring real introspection and to bring resolve in the Public's that made Switzerland as the heaven of earth.As in many a case which Public's does not realize the adamant leader is the source of all the societies troubles.

                  Let us make Arunachal as true golden crown in the head of the country so that there is true feel good factor for all not mare rhetoric in election which is like beating in the bush.And seems to have given Countries enemy chance to trode into its territory as easily; as they seems to know that Peoples are not happy with the present state of affairs.Thus the cancerous tissues have to be cut out immediately and its operation is accepted to happen in coming election.

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