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                                         This is the outcome of the brainstorming session of the PPA on the PPA party Office where new Executive met on 19.11.2013 in Naharlagun PPA  Office. This was majority view- The need of hour now is to make history and it will be made.As right now the most scarred of all class is the haves class. As in coming election most of the top Congress leaders may be seen ending up fighting against each other.
                 See as once upon a time even the same problem of the opposition party was felt by Neuporioji Hon`ble C.M Nagaland.And within 5 years from three Hon`ble MLA suddenly his NPF captured power for three consecutive terms and was not effected even if the Gandhi family  election campaign against his party.And in many respect we have identical features like Nagaland told Hon`ble MLA Laita umreji. 
                See in his own constituency he told he found  the quality of leader mattering  more  over tons of money ; even if much money was given to the Publics much before election by his adversary Laita Umreji claimed he won. He said the majority Public's they still managed to be with the honest leader.As last one month is very crucial and others are seen busy praising there high commands this also critics view as advantage for PPA. It is pertinent to mention that Hon`ble MLA Sri Laita Umreji defeated a top Congress Party Presidents wife. He said that don`t worry minimum amount of water only will go inside the bottle according to its capacity. And so all the voters after finishing all the money ultimately come back to him only.
              And as told by Kaling Jarrangji our new State Gen.Secy.Media Cell-Great things are done with team spirit when they are united. There need be no heroes only need is discipline players who plays with team spirit.And he cited once Netherlands a small country won the European championship even if it was a small nation. So the heroes and excessive money also develops dependency and in the anticipation that other will do sometimes non also do important things many a time.
             Thus really each one is important ingredient of winning team and PPA is conglomeration of League of extraordinary gentleman`s. That way it is really blessed by God. Jarangji further said that society will never flourish that does not respect its Intelligentsia. As the good traits of a person have to be respected and even if it is not respected for him today sky is the limit fo a genius ,he will manage superdome this way or that way.
                   The bad thing about Arunachal State is Publics seems to be criticizing others and say his negative point alone while stress should be on once positive side. The great books also says that the good leader is who gives credit to others for success and takes the failure as his own.Thus all is important in PPA.The right candidate will eventually manage to win even if his name is cleared lately also told our PPA Working president Khafa Bengiaji also.As the State will gain nothing seeing the national T.V showing-TU TU MAIN MAIN OF RAHUL AND MODI.As Hon`ble T.V have been turned into an idiot box.  
                              Today to many critics the need is not of a casual ruler but one who bring a change in the Peoples mindset. See this great leaders in opposition party have done only one mistake to love you all with the everlasting love.And it is time to respect them as if the Publics don`t respect there own who have really sacrificed,who else will also?As we have gone to Tirap and Changlang and shared our love and concern for them there also.And that right now matters more then flagging of some programmes by the Govt.
             See the display of the Govt. schemes can be made by any one in helm’s of power.And most of the flagship programmes are said to be inherited from regional party ruling States. But what about the selling of the Arunachal Bhawan plot in Calcutta and Bombay questions many?As all cannot afford to have there own plot in this areas so the students and patience desperately needed it.But only positive side will be highlighted by the ruling Congress party.
               So last minute election drama will it work now?Thus even if the election of the M.P and State assembly is clubbed together we are confident of our success as the body language of the top congress leaders is now speaking differently affirmatively proclaimed many PPA leaders. As some critics dubs most of the senior leaders are now obsessed with power.And were never made for tough occasions and there real potentiality have to be checked in the era of bad times which have began. Today Publics want HISAAB and some old leaders acquainted with earlier facing drunkard’s will be able to face questioning Public`s?suspect`s many now.
                   And the need is display of human development growth index which definitely goes in favor of state like Nagaland ; where many Nagas have been seen affording study in Europe and America. So the Congress party seems to have miserably failed in hiding there weakness also.As giving fish does not solve the problem of the fisher man inspiring and giving fish pond will be a better option isn`t it?
                                    See the solution alone lies in changing the system and for this there have to be political revolution many believes now.As most of the senior leaders always make sure they become old wine in new bottle. There case is like old cow how hard it is tried to be milked; will it yield more milk ask some. Specially the leaders who are uneducated and have been long detached from the poor`s problem; and seems to have given new definition to Democracy- `The democracy is for the A Grade contractor, with the A grade contractor and by the A grade contractor.
            See some State leaders who may be hated by the bureaucrates for there lack of personality will they be respected and will it help the State?As the personality like discipline and good speech is the positive aspect for respect in place like Delhi not cutting Mithun`s, having flats in Goorgaon,over eating and drinking and talking in Taro Chatungjis Hindi Language accent believes some.And critics seems to be not wrong either, as very less Industrialist and corporate house have been wooed in the State for investment barring in hydro power field.
                              This conglomeration of the vested interest politician, officer and business man nexus  have to be decimated immediately as in election time only they seems to act and organize drama of highest order. The only answer to them is being having patience that they are now going to die a natural death; and some should have used last honorable exit plan. Need of time is bringing confidence in Public's that no amount of there tricks will work now.
             As electing deserving leaders is divine command as said in all the Holy Books and PPA Rally is now rocking.And as party with difference Peoples are naturally waiting for it;as like Kiranji once rocked taking help of COSAAF.And today the world is changing favorably for honest man`s  election; this rich and haves class like it or not is going to happen now as best issues is now with us.
                    And the best party which is in the pulse of the Peoples of A.P as one have never forgotten his first love;the Public's will rush for it.As the clouds of distrusts have gone away from PPA Party now.The PPA believes in giving justice to the new generation youth`s by encouraging them to see dream. The dream of doing anything they want.How it can be done?The committed educated leaders will not be silence in State assembly, and will do there best as they have come in politics with a missionary zeal. 
              The air freight , lack of personality and confidence to woe the investors is the factors which is inhere tent limitations of some uneducated and contractor leaders and is dissuading the  investors to come in the State.The good Gentleman Hon`ble C.M Tukiji  is seen to make last ditch afford but it is seen to be too late now.And ultimately he may have at least have satisfaction of becoming last Congress Hon`ble C.M. a man to reach that top position. As who knows the Parivartan rally flagged by him may bring real political parivartan in State itself.
                            The action speaks louder then word; the regional party is more successful in the State of Sikkim and Nagaland.As programme implementation is more transparent there and there is scope for non A grade contractors and Publics to also flourish. The central fund and aids is not the personal property of the congress party but our right.After all we are patriotically safe guarding our country even if we are staying in border area.The dependency tendency created by the national party is harming the State psyche more.vis a  vis the country as the strong federation makes a stronger nation.The Narendra Modi show will have no effect as the Publics knows person like him may remove the PIL from the State also,which is symbol of our great forefathers wisdom who protect our identity even if they were not much educated. Besides the State unit BJP is fighting within itself thus this is wonderful chance to put regional party which is most suited to State.
                As PPA is equi distant party and is most likable in this era of coalition. See the BJP have also not affirmatively played its opposition role in Hydropower and other important issues. And have been not sincere in our clarion call for removing the Congress by an  at least alliance in principal also in Lokh sabha election. And this is in spite of facts that  its image of pro- Hindutva ideology refrain the Beef eating Publics and Christian brothers of uncomfortableness  with it.
                The congress party is the most communal and corrupted party; at least in this State this they have already shown;and this we the PPA wants to remove for good.As this ruling party give a damn to even the democratic institutions and may even dare to bring outside voters to save itself now which may harm the State interest in the long run.So all should fight united against this steps. As need of hour is loving and respecting each other.And for this I as new PPA State Gen. Secy.minority cell appeal all to unite and work for peace of State.As all are brothers and sisters and non is superior or inferior. And is the funds coming from Doneer Ministry for the minorities is being utilized nicely?
               Thus time to join PPA as this have same ideology which  most of Publics will like and have interest of the Publics in mind.As due to its pressure Govt. have recently declared even decentralize of power to panchayat in hurry. How far it will be implemented to Panchayat leaders satisfaction that have to be seen. And this PPA is now demanding passing 10th Schedule law of Constitution of India which even ban`s merger unless the High command permission is taken. 
               So by removing 12 Honble MLA`s who shift to Congress the ruling party can remove there sins to some extent. Thus it is time to be not wooed by any amount of blitzkrieg in election as the mother of all corruption jumping to greener pastures we PPA have find a solution. Tomorrow the Public's can be sure that there committed leaders will never be compelled to sing song to ruling parties tune.

              See history making chance is at your door now,and see non can take your freedom of doing what you want.And in deep down in your heart you love your own only self; as man is programmed by God to do that only.So support your own PPA party for your own happiness; tell your friends and relatives that the pride and prestige of your family and society was never at stake as it is now.
                 So when our own party is coming with all short of good issues is it not time to bless us?As days of KOSAAF is gone; howsoever one tries now it is going to be the PPA era as it have right to ask Public support for its real homework. For it have shown it everlasting love for the Arunachal Public's in letter and spirit. Long Live PPA.

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