Wednesday, October 30, 2013


                                            The great man and great society can never be cowed down for long; I have a strong feeling that the right time to change for good for whole State have begun ;and the great Khonsa Public's will surely start it after the PPA convention on Khonsa General field on 29.10.2013.As the Public's specially the Youths there were suffering basically from non engagement in the democratic process. As the popular slogan goes-empty mind is devils workshop; and earlier the opposition party was honestly Confucius by absence for the ruling Phobia.And also seldom the Arunachal Pradesh leader`s in spite of there heavy security seems to have never  visit those tough places.
                        And the Congress leaders have systematically taken the general Public's to lies ,deceit and falsehood which is against God`s will also.See the success of the Nagaland Public's in evolving from this maniac like extortion and drug abuse as two warring camps seems to be never allowed to maintain peace and harmony by the central Govt.think thank`s.after all who will like to go to hell as God will also be above watching the rich and powerful`s also. See the Tirap brothers where not suffering from any God given disease; but man made disaster and mind it in right time the all powerful almighty God will solve all the problems also,they must be optimistic and believe in the promise of God as there is absolutely no other option other then this now.
                           As Lord Christ told Give to the Ceasar what is his and to God what his is,right now time may be to follow that dictum. But definitely seed of harmony and peace have been planted by PPA on the Khonsa Convention and soon it will bear fruit for sure.See non is that dirty and sinful to be not pardoned by the God this all should believe firmly. As the word of God can definitely change all; but He gives freedom of choice and choice which is your`s only.See those who fight with the sword will die with the sword as said in Holy Bible also this rich and powerful need to also know. Meanwhile what is in our hand is prayer and supplication and supporting God ordained party like PPA after prophesy for PPA`s good result is also heard to be coming from God man`s.See PPA which earlier stood with the Christian brothers in persecution days also and we have reason to accept God`s blessings now.And its ideological commitment to re- look for old pride and legacy of society should also make this party likable to other religious followers also.As Abo Tani belt cites divine reason to respect PPA`s Maize symbol.As mythology says Maize was given to forefather Abo Tani by goddess Donyi when he married her daughter Donyi Mumsi. 
                             We have real sacrificers in team PPA and as the opening speaker in Khonsa General field in Tirap I prayed to all mighty God for blessing to PPA party and the State.As it was our first rally and as the matter of fact without thy blessings we can never progress and in turbulent place like Khonsa God alone can heal.Thus bad to see everything from political angle.And the political dialogue bazi will be an insult to all the Public`s who have great aspirations from us now.And for greater good the party is accepted to take it as precedent to take the blessing of almighty Donyi Polo and Lord Buddha also according to the local places sentiments.After all we have come to serve and thy blessings is needed ;see PPA is filed with sacrificing leaders like-One man army Sri Laeta umreji Hon`ble PPA MLA who could have joined Congress party but will be immensely useful to the State for his great knowledge and experience . The iconic young leader Gumjum Haiderji in the rally recalled his contribution in lifting the economic blockade on 2011 when the Assam Public's where agitated on boundary issue. And he further told that he even went to camp Hebrew to talk with the NCSN top leaders regarding the territorial Sovereignty of the A.P being the APSU delegation leader when non dared to do so.
                       This is the unusual characteristic features of PPA when all the no nonsense persons with the mission to rebuilt our beloved A.P have regrouped like in French Revolution time and like 5 samurai uniting in Akhira Kurushewas movie to save the villagers from Bandits.Sri Kaling Jerangji who could have joined his UPSC Allied Service stressed the need for pressurizing the Congress Govt.and will definitely be PR man for befriending the beurocrates for the PPA parties and State interest.He requested Hon`ble speaker Lowandong to remove defected Hon`ble MLA to send strong message to Aya Ram Gaya Ram culture.As they have violated the Merger norms of the constitution.
                        New PPA member Tsring Naksangji who sacrificed his DRDO Service stressed the need for the release of a transparent white paper on the Hydro power issues where affront money itself seems to have been eaten up by the ruling Congress party.The Party working President Khafa Bengiaji Ex. Hon`ble Cabinet Minister apprised that Hon`ble C.M Nagaland Neupo Rioji  have been recently made as the convener of the North east Regional Forum.He  have been convinced to back the PPA M.P in the coming Lokh Sabha Election.It is pertinent to mention that I was the first person to advise Hon`ble C.M Neiupo Rioji to spearhead this NEPF and he have also kept his word to me by only make cultural ties with Tirap brothers by accepting to back PPA in Lokh Sabha election.Thus all brouhaha over NPF operating in Tirap should stop now.
                   As for the national level decisions the PPA have decided to trust in his prudence after all if a powerful one wants to harm who can stop.I being Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI appreciate Hon`ble C.M`s good Samaritan gesture for accepting that the NPF will be unacceptable and impractical in A.P. The Party Chairman and fatherly figure of the State K.Ringuji made an emotional appeal to youths to come overground and join everyone`s own party.As life in jungle is real tough and time to prove to be the worthy son of God and Citizen.The women firebrand PPA leader madam Toko Sital made the audience spell bound with his depiction of the problems like price rise.
                        The Standing Party President Sri Nick kaminji promised to reach to the confused youths who have lost there track and assured world of opportunity for them.And promise to share food and logistic support to them and be caring and loving to them in good and bad time; only they have to take the first step of faith for coming in the mainstream life.In that case the PPA  surely we will also ensure there is close door meeting with all the stake holders to bring permanent normalcy for there brighter future. As non should surely should not like go to hell and think to use the innocent youths.The majority speaker believed that damage of democratic institutions by the Congress party have deprived the Youth of democratically channelizing there grievance and as such this chaos.And assert that only the regionalism will bring back there lost honor and glory of the Tirap Publics in particular and A.P in general. Those top Congress leaders who without having any  guts to come open in public domine the Public's now have reason to  challenge them to visit Tirap and Changlang hard hit places;or what for is there meaning of spending Public money for personal police protection at Public`s cost.
           One will see mark difference with the PPA and the Congress workers style of functioning ;today the congress party is basically seen as conglomeration of vested interest contractor leaders who have no time and aptitude for doing the developmental paper works of the Public's. And only believe in mesmerizing the innocent Public's with there ill-gotten money in election time.They are seen only busy filling there tender work projects in State and seen lacking personality to deal with top bureaucracy in Delhi and rise voice in State Assembly. And due to there AYA RAM GAYA RAM culture is seen as power mongers lacking moral credibility and despised by whole nation .
                       I want to ask the Congress Govt. why the slogan like Devaluation of power to Panchayat Raaj is only used in election time.As see in the Project Profile Report /PPR of the IWMP scheme of Upper Sibunsiri Dist. The area of local population  is why shown more then the rest of the other State District areas? owing to this there is seen fund crunch in all other District, why this discrimination? Why still non constituting of the Finance commission? For which beaurocrates like P.D and DRDA officers is to be still depended  upon by the Panchayat leaders unlike other State?
                      why absent of Website in our State to see the progress of the Panchayat Raaj Institutes? If 100 days job guarantee scheme MGNREGA work is not given to job card  holder within 15days they are to supposed be given money as per the guidelines ?why not done so in A.P?Why due to non submission of the Project report of the DRDA in time some other District applying for MG NREGA fund other part have to suffer?Why so far no Officers have been taken action for delay?National standard for CGI Sheet thickness is .63 mm;while  in Arunachal minimum .40mm is heard to be issued ; why so?See State is heard to be in last position in tabulating MIC report why this delay?It is pertinent to mention that this  is prerequisite for getting MG NREGA funds; and why this gross negligence?Is this because  this Congress party have become rich man`s and Govt. servants party.And there relatives also have to ponder is even the price rise is not effecting them also?                               
                                           The Congress party they will seldom come to share the problem with you but we PPA have open views on all the issues and believes in engagement and partnership. As everything in this world is solvable only exception being talking with animals. And mind it for long the central leaders have treated us worst then animal also.See even in the story of Mahabharata our community seems to be depicted like Raksasas; thus this Modi hype will also do us no good as with both BJP and Congress the Arunachal Publics position is like between the deep Sea and Devil.As the adamant nature of Modi in Investment may even make him to open the Inner line Permit believes many.And this media hype never does any good to the Arunachal public's and confuse them even further as it increases ideological bankruptcy,dependency and lower self confidence. 
                                     So in last election also the Public's of A.P who are more mature now gave spectacular success to PPA in Panchayat grass root election.The good result of Congress party in Karnataka election also did not baffled them.Thus brothers action speaks louder then words ,and the Arunachal Publics have now realized the futility of following anyone blindly. At best the BJP can concentrate in Itanagar areas to get 1-2 Hon`ble MLA believes some critics. Accepted many good leaders in Congress and BJP is also trapped in there party unknowingly and are reportedly facing increasingly frustration  and agitated. 
                       The present situation is like when the two cocks are made to fight by the sports lover can an innocent cock can be alone blamed also?So more then any one else the Demonic force is involved more in this confrontations like in insurgency and corruption problems who alone need to be blamed more.Thus more then hating other we hate the unseen negative force and think of changing the system for which political revolution is only answer.After all though the Congress party prefers not to given even security to the opposition leaders we prefer not to be like them.After all we are in tryst with destiny to make new beginning where only committed and Arunachal leaders should join PPA and mind process have begin.As lately the Politician status have been degraded and the good one`s are thus seen only jostling for space in PPA only.Which the critics are dubbing as PATA PAT AAO PARTY.
                              Thus the good Congress leaders specially of Tirap Dist. are supposed to show there tacit covert or overt support to PPA in coming Lokh Sabha election. As need of hour is a political revolution only.As in this transition period right now the Central Govt. parties with the big brother attitude can hardly understand us; what they want is to loot us by divide and rule policy and this all should know is mother of all the ill.They loot us by selling there party ticket and call us beggars and dependents which is definitely due to there wrong policy. So it is time to have our own party and stop standing in que for months to meet Delhi High commands. 
                         As our big brother Hon`ble C.M Neuporioji is easily assessable at any given point of time.Thus as one PPA leader said- our Hon`ble C.M have become Sonia Madam`s and Rahulji leader and today we have no reason to love and respect them seems to be not wrong either.Thus time may have come to unitedly have special understanding between all the good leaders from other party also.After all God`s will alone will be good for the State also who seems to be wanting to make Arunachal as His own-God centric State; as per prophesy of Evan. Christopher have come.Thus we must repent and wait for divine blessings.                    
                    Many today seems to believe in engagement  with any one; even with the China also?As the greatest service is the benefit to the Poor and destitute and see is there any other option then this also?As border trade with China will have really opened lots of opportunity for the State.As right now the power is with the self centric and confused haves class so there is seen no headway; and interestingly they may be soon discovered as one secretly dating the persons and groups whom secretly they may be right now trying to projecting  as there enemy in Arunachal Public s eyes.Had there have been good resource with the PPA in future we should have may be organized cultural exchange with the co-clan members strapped in China also like Lobas.As if you can`t fight someone make friendship is the age old saying also.
                  Thus love and friendship is the language of humanity and PPA and we have come for paving the way for the free and fair discussions of all the outstanding issues which the Peoples of the Tirap and Arunachalee have right to share and try to solve as well.And as enough chance have been already given to Congress it is now time to come back our own PPA party with the difference which is filled with serious leaders with mission and sacrificing record. Whom the rich haves class leaders with vast resource will initially try to  level all short of allegations to stop them, but eventually truth will trump or sure now as Arunachalee`s have woken up.
                    See the clock is now seen tickling backward for some senior leaders whom we never intended to hurt but the fault is there`s only as they have been given ample chance.And in new circumstances they seems to be not well equipped to take State and Society forward.My questions to good Public`s of State- Please ask yourself who you are and with whom you are? Is it not time to promote yourself self,and see your own interest as God and others helps those who help themselves.So please don`t hear the hearsay and false allegations ;as the General Public is our PPA High Command and they definitely deserve better governance and to dream for the future they all believe in.And this can be alone delivered by PPA dream team.
                  Honestly the earlier PPA launch was before time, today good A.P Public`s should aim for enjoying 45 yrs. uninterrupted PPA good governance.As we are making our homework and will definitely need not burn midnight oil just before examination like the bad students does and some redundant Congress leaders take notorious step before election before election.By resorting to there age old tactics of purchasing,threatening and misleading.Are you all still be waiting for the crooks to take you for ride?

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