Sunday, November 10, 2013


                     I have a strong feeling that,this is now the right time to change for good.As enough distrust and lack of love have already harmed us all.Will it not be also prudent for the haves class to have no further misapprehension on us and spread the notions that the PPA leaders have no money and are radical groups. As many of us could have also field day but took politics as mission work as many redundant leaders are seen only seen as social parasites while given chance the educated leaders with there right personality and intentions may have brought solid investment for the general cash satrap Public's. 
                                           As personality and confidence alone is needed to impress the Investor`s; Please see though now we can easily galvanized the frustrated Youths and haves not class we still believe in taking all with us and thus our last appeal for amicable solution have to be appreciated also.As definitely the Public's will also identify them more who have been with them in time of thick and thins.As how some leader who cannot even join the planning commission meeting  in Delhi for air fright serve the Public's also?As some top leaders is openly had heard to have confessed there fear with air travel. See it will be in the interest of the present leaders in position who is the apex predator to denounce the poor and there leaders. But why they should be heard by the innocent Public`s also?And at least for the haves not class why they are not clear about there stand in election ; if they really want money from the redundant leaders they should quote high price.As for 5 yrs.they are the one who are kept in lurches.
              As best is stopped by them to come to them as the sincere leaders who have themselves tested poverty will be definitely sympathetic to them this they need to know.So an opposition leader is an asset for them they should think that way;as without them non will care them.Thus if there is demand for money from rich and redundant leaders who only come in election time then why shyness. As it is easy to talk big thing in front of poor leaders but why impartiality on the top leaders. As its not that numbers of lucrative offers where also not made to the opposition PPA leaders also;so they also deserve Public`s respect also. But this time I have to appreciate that definitely good citizens are also openly coming in our aids unlike in other time.And heard that the APSU and other Institutions have promised to check large influx of outsiders just before election to devoid us of good leaders.
                          And soon it is hope the relatives of present top leaders may also prefer not to doom with there power obsessed relatives also. And so for glory of God and His will which have been already written there in Holy Bible and is in Donyi Polo philosophy directing to give justice to all;now it is time for all to unite in this decisive battle where the epic Mahabharata like situations have arrived. As the gap between the rich and poor is too much in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. And may be for the first time the good Persons of the world may also unite also to give there helping hand to us; as things are real deplorable here in this part of the world.
               What we need is justice and equality to be manifested and repentance of the haves class to start Industry and Company to be called as the true son of the soil.I promise to them all short of help from my side if I am given one time leadership chance.And thus we are optimistic of bringing solid investment in society from outside Investors also.And like others prefer not to end up as A Grade Contractor.See to hate any leader for his religion just like that will be insult to His glory and wishes; this my Peoples also need to realize now.As it is time to wack up and have global vision or we are already late now.As we learn from each other`s interaction thus brotherhood will benefit all the communities.
                       And so hope where perhaps all the clan and community members of the constituency have been already given reasonable political leadership opportunity; the religious minority leaders will be hopefully will also not be discriminated. As this hatred situations also seems to be indirect making of the powerful leaders who being  not satisfied with the compelling of the subordination of the officer relatives and business man of opposition leaders by hook and crook in which they are expert at.And now seems to be propagating all shorts of rumors like-`Loss of Culture is Loss of identity, ‘this seems to be used against the justice and equality concept of the Holy Bible to emotionally brainwash the innocent poor Public's against there own salvation doctrines and sympathizing leaders. Thus any issue have to be seen from all angle. 
                              The good Donyi Poloists of my community need to know that the religious tolerance ,liberal approach and introspection and change have been also in our Society’s since time memorial. This dynamism of the Galo have made our culture vibrant. See according to Galo mythology the Mithun seems to have been  given to Abo Tani by goddess Donyi-Polo not for eating .But only during the forefather Takar Taji`s time Togu/cutting of Mithun seems to have been started. Thus there have been also slow change in our own society culture and tradition also; this our Donyi-Polo brothers also need to know.
                 Thus the society is dynamic and have always changed according to new need;and see why not also more stress on warning against not losing old value system and high moral life which have been part of our society. Thus  this is wrong to have hidden agenda with the help of the ill gotten money against the increasing Christianity which is happening voluntarily. But today even if the opposition leaders cannot afford visiting the villages also; many should be thinking  the same thing and want liberation ;as the social network cite is today`s civil societies weapon.And only the wearer knows wear the shoes pinches and the poor class is in verge of revolting.
                           The great thing about the Galo`s is that even the rich and powerful have been suddenly made naked during election also.Only a politician a smart Commerce Graduate Sri Kento Eteji Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister made Honorable political exit in time.Thus a strong message to rich and powerful also as when there position seems invincible there citadel have started crumbling also.After all earlier the contractor and uneducated politicians of A.P seems to have taken benefit of the ruling phobia for Public compulsion to digest them.And like Mahabharta Raksas Bakasur some leaders seems to be eating the Thela wala along with the food offered from the fearful village community. Thus how one who come in the name of Lord can be undermined also as is it not time for Him to act also.
                     And then at the climax the PAAP KA GHARA PHUTEGA HI resorted a critic. The open statement of the leader matters more as the hearsay and rumor mongers is irrelevant and eventually they will be seen buckling under the pressure of the popular leader before election. As the man with the mission makes no excuses and will not be deter by the adversary making passing remarks on them;as when excessive corrupted leaders is seen not shy of his 2-3rd time stint for coveted post ,then why inner voice inspiration for spearheading the revolution can be neglected. See the fact that non have so far officially question my stand shows that I am not wrong and all things I have said is not fault also. 
              And in any platform if my arguments are questioned; I am ready to answer it.See if I have been really bad Lord may have never used me to prophesied the fate of two Hon`ble C.M and 3 Hon`ble Cabinet minister which happened adjectly as I was made to speak. The witness are there to verify this facts the previous article- Mechanism of God can be seen to verify the facts. See Freedom fighters may not have also stopped to ponder weather there rich relatives are also supporting them or not,this is bull shit excuse.As things belong to God only He seems to give positive spirit to some leaders.And not necessary they are perfect Peoples also.But may be have brave character to be used.
                     The critics would have even criticized if it was other way round also. As there are some who makes history and some who see the history being made.In which category you are?Don`t believe in few self centered  town haves class self opinion as some of them lives in fools paradise believing that they only make or break a leader. And those who bad mouth against the genuine opposition leader secretly, see they may be first to run away to them in the God chosen day.Thus miracle and power and victory alone lies with God. It is time to love own ideologically committed poor leader also as it is difficult to side with truth even after graduating in Delhi University. 
               As human being is bundle of thoughts and one`s good idea alone can do wonder for society thus time to respect the philosophy of life that have come from a better person. As not all gain holy Spirit , enlighten and Buddhist and one who get to this very closely also have to be respected. what society gains by one`s richness this is like following the mirage as in election non will give that money to change the life. Seeing by the Coal deal allegation against the Industrialist politician Navin Jindal it seems for most of the haves class there greed seems to never subside also.
                    And it is because the educated one`s definitely seems to love there society more and some have even lived like poor man to show there sincerity to the Public's.Though like Hanuman chest cannot be opened up.But todays opposition leaders mind it have went through hell only for the general Publics benefit. Today it is heard most of the Ministers have flat in Delhi good for themselves but what have the State gained? see we have poorest record of development in India; what further lies senior leaders of some Congress party will make if the congress party crumbles in center now? As even thought the Sikkim and Nagaland have more central funds due to there good homework the crooks have been earlier citing Arunachal compulsion in  following the ruling party in the centre.Thus is it not time to remove this myth-`PRAN JAYE PAR KURSI NA JAYE`, for some.
                        See every problems in this world is solvable, only exception being talking with animals. And mind it many in the insurgents business  are also perhaps fathoming the day when the Govt. falls in right person and party when they can also take retirement with grace; as tomorrow the world may unite to become one country also.And as such the fight for the race and clan identity may have become obsolete concept then.Thus nothing like repenting as great man also make a confession of his weakness ;and at least to take all to betterment should be our official stand also. See unless we gospel our own we may perhaps never get heaven also and for our silence we may all suffer tomorrow. As if the missionaries also end up as  Sunday Christians and speak to appease the rich and powerful only,then God alone is the owner of this State. 
                      See there is perfect time for everything and we may have to also have to accept that earlier the outfits were also need of time; as then the  State had become the conglomeration of the vested interest officers,business  man and politicians who where worst enemy to the poor and destitute s. Thus in an era of Godliness all are accepted to repent as some theologians are predicting the 2000 yrs. of work of Holy Spirit is already over and this is last chance to repent now.Thus the treaty of the regional leaders at Kohima got to be like the historic Versailles treaty;and only for the Mizoram election in  the rest election the regional parties should unitedly make most coordinated and scintillating attack on the enemies of N.E.
                  Some of the outfit members who may have been possessed with the spirit of the crusaders and Templers may be time for them also for final involvement with NERPF common mission to clean N.E of all the impurities and dirts. As the general Peoples have been systematically contaminated with all short of bad ideas coming from central party High commands have to be cleaned now.As earlier the pot of gold used to be taken back by the central leaders making us to fight among us and using all short of dangerous tactics in election time.Thus who is real enemy is it not the dependency ideology created by our slavish mentality that have to be fight now?Thus regionalism is it not worth trying and its right time have not come now?
                               See in this transition period right now the Central Govt. parties with the big brother attitude can hardly understand us; what they want is to perhaps make us fight for cinedie. As we have been also like two sleeping demon who misunderstood the stone thrown by a small boy to be hit by other and fight each other and die. See we can`t afford to loose more precious NE life`s anymore. Though the national party are in vintage position when it comes to money and resource; accept they have no time for us; thus seems to be using divide and use politics. As in election time eventually they seems to have use both the camps to there advantage. Thus time for NE members to fight together against any plan to sabotage peace process ,as there may be still some crooks who may be thinking anything is possible with money even the outfits are available for purchase in election.
                   But hopefully this time when the condition seems to be like Lord himself is coming to inspect in the election time. And in that kind of situations the Tax collector Jacheus also climbed up the tree to invite the Lord and savior; hopefully every one will repent now and show there new avatar also.As there is extent of one`s cunningness as it will be foolish even to fight against the will of God; as we are compelled to be sure of His presence in this new world by witnessing world wide miracle where corruption and nepotism has reached its zenith. 
                      Thus at least in His chosen day it will be foolish to be still sinner as our promise land seems to be so near now.See a morsel of food due to hard work is more pleasing  then crores of earned booty also.See it was in exceptional case that the Prophet Mosses was given a selpuchre to take his Peoples to promise land.So unless that kind of force is not motivating to you as some opposition leader is feeling it is better to be focused in one`s own good work.But nevertheless help genuine opposition leaders in there times of troubles as the fighters for the justice and equality have been given more important position then the missionary also in sacred books.As there is peace, prosperity and happiness in following the will of God,and as the power of God is also a responsibility which will seldom comes to a charlatan also. 
                        Thus leaders credentials must be judged like how much he has sit for fasting and what miracle God have done through him to believe him.The baseless criticism on the sincere leaders will be seen as the outcome of personal enmity and zealousness as non is even comparable to angle and will definitely have shortfall. But a moment of glory comes seldom and it is time for the whole NE public`s to give devil his own dues.And see what ever the critics says about the camp system in PPA the united MP candidate will be there to be seen; as like the brouhaha over NPF coming to Tirap and Changlang Dist. Have been cleared after Hon`ble Nagaland C.M Neiupo Riojis promise to support PPA.And mind it that clear stand makes a perfect society as true leader lead the battle. Thus the regional leaders have the guts to lead and will take region to new height of development for sure.
                      The problem with the State of Arunachal Pradesh is some siphons of the creamy layers have been seen obsessed with power and seems to have stopped the growth of the society. As the more committed and creative leaders seems to have been laughed upon and stopped only because they have no resources. And it was not because they where lazy but the system was never made where everyone flourish as said by a Scholar-a good leader is not one who makes followers but makes more leaders like him.
                    Some where there have been real manifest injustice to the opposition leader; even if they have been earlier promised of the chance this time for his accepting the request last time for not contesting election. But like Duryodhana`s policy the opposition workers are still denied even penny in some place. The God of justice and His followers have been always seen to side with the weak and the helpless. So at least we deserve prayer support as many seems to have doubt us but the Lord have made even dead women risen up in our election campaigning upon praying Him also.
                       As if telling the Publics you want money or life?and the good God who have given more important thing like air to breadth, sunlight and rainfall without any question have been never been seen as aggressive against the whimsical leaders as it is now.The senior leaders need to now know that one`s upon a time until devil used them they were also God fearing and all the property have been given by Lord only.Thus by thinking it was his own talent which made him successful will be wrong.After all the Delhi University graduates could have been greater crooks. And see one`s party, ideology and image may be his greatest wealth and power also as Peoples and Publics may be secretly loving and adoring them also.
                      As it will be easy to blame the Public's but a repentance by one single powerful leader and his family may also pave the way for the repentance of whole haves class why this is not explored by some;as some of whom have become as fatty as vultures unable to flight also and may ruin all supporters and family members future with him also.And may like Baba Asa Ram Bapu the girl molester sadhu, may take all there disciples to hell also.See most of the opposition leaders have chosen this mission to really change the society for good and don`t regret there hard life style also which they have to underwent. 
                  Though they are laughed upon now but they have burden of making a new Arunachal Pradesh and North East of our dream. And knows no pain no gain and believes ultimately truth will prevail. See some of them could have lived a good cozy life ; but gave there everything for the motherland. How the God can defy them any more when His power is seen more omnipotent this days as even the Muslim Dictators are also now seen falling this days.
                     And magician Dynamo a Christian is seen walking over water in broad day light also; the day of 2nd coming of Lord definitely seems to be approaching now.And thanks that we have been not that bad till that time.As is this incidents not the warning as have been written of depiction of 2nd coming of Lord in the Revelation chapter of Holy Bible.Thus it is wrong to wait for the money in election ,as it is difficult to ask for it and difficult to give also and one`s right is forbidden to be sold as in Holy Bible;this Jacob`s son`s story shows.As the rational human beings are not programmed to do that immoral act also.And earlier clever drama have been exposed now.And society man knows that non need to be feared thus all cannot be easily bribed also. 
                       And so when the whole world is crying for the recession one man cannot undermine whole others sentiment by boasting that he will spend Rs. 30-40 crore in particular assembly seat. But one way it may be better option also if he want to indirectly give something back to the Public's out of guilt. But see definitely there may be retaliation from some angle also if there is open display of pride and prejudice as many are angry now .
                        Thus some rich leaders living in fools paradise also need to know as day of walking chest bare open is gone JANTA wants HISAB now.As better to take other with you why laugh alone tells my PPA Chairman Kamin Ringuji.Why for some rich candidates will it  be not better to think seriously of becoming an Industrialist if they you really want to serve the motherland? As the days of the contractor leaders and manipulative officers relatives days may be numbered now.As bribing the innocent Public's with there own money will it work now?
                          So Instead of getting the blame of torturing the poor`s directly or indirectly, time have come for the goodness and prosperity to come to all by united repentance. As there is goodness in every one and have to put bit of it for societies interest ;mind it many have already made numbers of days of fasting for societies repentance. May be for you to get the heaven you just have to support the right person and party for just one last time in coming election. And see in the new prosperous world there will be scope for all.
                         As the Japanese Samurai`s groups also after becoming mafia group  prospered more also after the corporation and Company come in Japan.And today they are seen manipulating for there Japanese Companies in open market competition,can not similar thing can be think for our NE by the Outfits brothers also?As prosperity will benefit all and this can be gained by brotherhoodness and unity and for which process have already begin after formation of NERPF under the leadership of Hon`ble C.M Nagaland as its Convener.
                  And soon the party with the difference PPA if given chance plan to give cash support and safe heaven to the intermarriage cadres from two warring camp`s who want to come to mainstream.To make a cordial relations between the new generations can be a good beginning so that they can be saved  from place in hell.As most of them are victim of situation.Please see everything is solvable if there is involvement of God and political will and for the better future I as Adviser peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI also appeal to all the fellow believers to contribute substantially to new NE of our dream. LET GOD BLESS THE A.P.LONG LIVE FOR FUTURE VIBRANT A.P AND NE, WHICH SHOULD BE FUTURE JERUSALEM OF INDIA as that should be our true cumulative aim.  

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