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                                           The PPA-Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh  was founded by Late Bakin Pertinji Ex-Hon`ble M.P and MLA.Later he was joined by great man such as-Late Tomo Ribaji,Otem Legoji,Kamin Ringuji etc. The main aim of the party was to re-discover the regions greatness, fight the central party for its anti Arunachal stand and to save the self respect and pride of the indigenous Publics.
                                      As being the Mongols race descendents of the makers of the Taj Mahal and Red Fort we can never play mediocre role by trying to dance in other marriage party uninvited and need a party of our own as one who have been not for his own cannot be anyone's also.This seems to be needed to be felt here in this state now, which seems to be major problem as local populations confidence level is seen very low this days .As long central party high command rule seems to have bring a kind of dependency like anything, loss of self respect and confidence to the Arunachal publics.
                  The right speakers and creative Peoples have been suppressed.Bhaiya if some tries to decorate others house who will give a damn?so it is time we work for our own party.Thus stop facing the genocide act like- Vanar Sena`s did faced in Ramayana times who in fact had nothing to do with Ram and Ravans fight.
              Today also some of our Peoples are fighting for BJP and Congress which is in fact not our fight.As one is excessively corrupted and other communal thus by making both as Guru we will not gain anything.See when today also the NE Peoples are seen as Rakshas descendents; as Demon Gatotkakch is made out to be from Kokhrajar born by a Koshari when Bhima married her and addressed as a Raksas in Mahabharata.Thus can the national mindset of seeing all of us as Nepali can it be removed as easily is heard to have been questioned by one friend ?
                   As the manuscript of Manu and the Tulsidas the Hindu famous writers Aryan Supremacy theory, also seems to be targeting us indirectly. Thus may be time to seek our own strong roots, rich legacy and glorious past or go for a new belief system which ensures our dignity and pride.
                       But honestly accepted that earlier PPA was too much before time,as then there where less local officers and intelligentsia who are always basically always seen pro-regional.And some have been earlier compelled to support ruling party and where victim of circumstance. So at that time the PPA failure was but natural as non can swim against tide.But within its 21 days of holding the Govt. it probably did more then Congress party also did which have ruled the State ever since. Honestly the earlier PPA movement was before time as there is right time for everything. 
                       Today though the top officers threatened by the ruling Congress and BJP party will definitely say that there is still some time.But in the previous Panchayat election which was the quarter final the State Public have stood behind PPA like anything.As the leaders open view and presence in nick of time matters more,and yes truth is more powerful and the truth is the clock is counting backward for the congress party.
             The matter of the pride for all the Arunachalee is that the country mainland have even no leaders like Anna Hazare when the great PPA leader like Sri Tomo Ribaji started talking about the civil rights. This the critics need to see;and today when the Public's have matured up and is ready to vote any symbol like the Nagas even voting for Chicken symbol of NPF;the parties and peoples good time have come as PPA maize symbol has been quickly accepted by the Public's. And PPA is now ready to give alternative to the congress in true sense of term which changed its name and symbols many a times but not its intentions to loot this State.
         See earlier the Congress man Sri Gegong Apangji`s star was also favoring him like anything.And there was absolutely nothing the senior PPA party leaders could have done then; as State sponsored opposition persecutions was too much and as most where Christian believers the God`s man also seem to have been targeted at that time. Today the perfect time have come for PPA as the Gaon Burahs and Panchayat leaders  have realized that non can do them any harm now, if they campaign for any party in election. 
                        Thus the Govt. scheme to give two electric bulb freely to shut the mouth of G.B seems to not impress the Gaon Burahs also,who also seems to now want to see the change they believe in for the shake of there family members and future generation. As lump of meat and Pete full of Poka(a local liquor given in bamboo glass ) is no more liked by any one.
                   The Hon`ble election commissioner should also immediately give specific direction of stopping serving of Liquor in election in A.P. As the new Tata sky T.V have made Public's aware of new developments in State like Sikkim. As the new kids in the block the well educated and well polished opposition leaders given chance will definitely also woe the investors and corporate house also this all seems to believe now.Even the Contractors and business man have much expectations from new leadership who are not accepted to eat the lions share as they are basically not business man by profession. 
               As the modern communication facility have suddenly made the Public's to realize that earlier they have been hypnotized with toxic liquid materials in election; which have given them nothing only damaging there liver. As most of the present leaders barring few seems to avoid the national holiday parties with few exceptions.As  intoxicated with power most seems to be comfortable talking seduced , intoxicated helpless innocent villagers in election time only not when they are fresh.
             As self confidence is forte of clean and educated leaders and they have guts to answer any questioning Public's in any place at any time.As important is what one think about himself as mediocre and rumor monger Public will only make gossip which will also help the man with mission. And the man with divine mission to clean the mess don`t know, how many Peoples are praying for his noble cause.
                        So soul like him cannot be easily cowed down as God sees the truth and waits. As definitely someone like Jamshedji Naroji Tataji will definitely come in there aid to help them and may be later on not only be the most successful business man.
              But along with PPA leaders after success of revolution will be also liked and respected by Public's. As what critics see is PPA coming to power is inevitable and this time government run by them may last for minimum 45 yrs.Remember as some supporters of redundant leaders advise the Public's to see the leaders bank balance. As they are helpless against the almighty God`s scheme of things which sees the heart and motive of a leader and bless him differently.
                         Thus it is time that the leaders inherent quality is trusted as in any case the party cadres are fed up of running around some rich leaders in all party who have least party discipline sense.As the true ideologically committed rich or poor leader alone is seen to take all with him.
                See tomorrow the PPA party cadres may enjoy power; but as great amount of sacrifice have been made by the senior PPA earlier leaders and supporters like- Kamin Riguji,      Ngubaji,Dakto Basar, etc.They have to be always remembered and revered also.It is privilege to work with great leaders so hopefully the aspiring leaders will join the Donyi Polo Ashoka meeting on 11a.m  on  3rd Dec.2013 to witness the historic declaration of Hon`ble MLA Sri Laita Umreji as the PLP leader.
                              As he is found to be a honest and elderly person by the quorum of the Party that sit on the evening of the 19th Nov.2013.See the PPA does not believe in keeping the Publics in suspended animation of under whose leadership they are going to fight the election on 2014.
                            And the quorrum also cleared the name of Executive body for the MLA ticket till the rank of the General Secy. if they will to fight.As the quorum felt the cowards have no place in the party who have not yet joined  the party and playing opportunistic politics.As the Arunachal public's immidietly want to be get rid of Aya Ram Gaya Ram culture so this declaration was needed and also to show united face of PPA.
               The quorum also kept Presidents name in non negotiable zone  come what may be at least till end of tenure.This was to stand even if tomorrow chunk of Congress man like to come to the PPA in future also,as majority present where optimistic that the friendship and love of the top party members in hard day cannot be as easily break by any one. As PPA believes the ideologically committed leaders have already come in party till 19.11.2013 meeting and thus recognition of there loyalty is parties duty.It is hoped by majority that whatever be the critics comment team work will ensure the victory of less resourceful PPA ,MLA and MP candidates also.
                  As this time the best Public issue is with us and in time the Public are definitely ready to help us this time.Only last minute adjustment was needed to come open in public and as this is been solved now no looking back for PPA.Thus your all prayer support is needed in this auspicious occasion as after this news the  jealousy may also increase but at least Public will got to see united and committed PPA team.And this party with difference will be ultimately preferred over an Individual popular leader also majority believe.After all eventually every person will want to join a secured party.                 
                       The senior PPA leaders there dreams to see river of justice flow swiftly in this society should be tried to be accomplished by there descendents; after all is it not divine command making parents happy in there old days? But there is time for everything so the frustration of the earlier supporters was but natural. But since the PPA was earlier short of aborted by the man in helms of power ,so though many in heart of heart where very upset but at that time could not do anything about it.And luckily today mother luck have again smiled for us and one point to also ponder is that-all the next generation PPA family members have flourished. 
                This shows God of justice sees and gives best blessing to the right person.Thus election is not a playful thing it is a serious matter. As the justice and equality is in the heaven list thus He will definitely give blessings in His mission. Thus one should not worry about the future as non is 100% perfect. As the regionalism true meaning is going back to the era of truth and justice which was part of our Society custom and tradition. 
                Even if to outsiders we may have been seen as uncivilized but we need to have pride in what we are our culture and language and above all our party .And the alien style of developmental pattern have definitely harmed us this many believe now.See the success of animal safari in Africa this would have been practiced here also namely- promoting sustaining development with the Eco-system.                      And Hon`ble MLA Laita Umreji seems to be  a God fearing person and perfect gentleman also and above all an inspiration; as he had single handedly demolished dozens of Cabinet Ministers who had camped and campaigned against him in last State election; and will surely at least lead the state Public's not only towards peace and prosperity but till heavens door also.As the life is not mare living but getting perfection in all spheres.
              The regional ideology only seems to be the future of the State from all angle, as all the Public's have reason to see PPA as there own and see its utility now.But above all it has wonderful history and legacy which we need for our future generation`s inspiration; as we now definitely need something of our own.See Bakinji and Tomoji was our own they lived in this place,and there is instant connection with them.As the brothers believing in the indigenous faith and culture also see this PPA as like there own ideology symmetrical party.
            The Christian brothers also like PPA as earlier in 1970`s when there was State sponsored persecution against Christian brothers then this PPA helped all.Thus this party alone can tomorrow unite all.The only need is have faith in PPA,as the emotive slogans put in posters like-`taking align faith is loss of everything `seems to be the brainchild of some misleaded  pro-RSS and VHP.See the spiritual enslavement will be tomorrow worst for the indigenous faith believer also as the condition of the untouchables is better in Hindu Verna system believes some.Thus middle way as espoused by PPA is best as in religious matter also it have equi-distance approach. And yes PPA salute our own local Arunachalee martyrs also who fought with the enemy of country.
               The business man and the Govt. servants are also today heard to be fed up with running after the central party and see PPA as most secured party with capability to make partnership with any party in this era of coalition’s ;they see that the poor State like A.P have no better scope then this also.As section of BJP and Congress party loyalists will lead Society to no where believes many. As see what has happened to the Mishing community in Assam? Thus loss of indigenous party is loss of everything many say now.
                    And as today most of the senior leaders have become impediment for the State as they where born with golden spoon and have become like lazy Boiler Chicken. And with there house in the verge of collapse will they survive now in political cold winter session questions many?And the critics also seems to be not wrong as in the era of e-governance can haves class still dupe the publics and make them intoxicated cine die; like in movie –Puspak Viman where a person was tied and fed liquor again and again by actor Kamal Hassan when he regained senses; or can some habitual offender leaders can they still engage goondas to threat the voters with daos in this era of resurrected Public's.
                This is what many where good at earlier why because other all where perhaps sleeping then.See when we where having series of brainstorming discussing in the PPA office some may have been laughing at us,but mind it one day others may laugh at themselves .As to us loving our motherland with everlasting love is the greatest boon,and in future we will try  that if we are unable to help others we will also not help ourselves also.
                        Some leaders is heard to say-` if more development was given then the People will become more demanding so keep the road bumpy`.This psychopathic mentally is too much yet this shows the Congress parties character and they dare to sing-`Jai ho`.And perhaps this mentality have detached the State congress man also from the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi which seems to have come from the notion that power is there birth right.
                 Bhaiya as for the comment by leader that you give more development you loss ;see if most of the contract work is being done by the firms of the present leaders then definitely there will be question from certain quarters, sorry the PPA leader don`t vie the earlier notion of a senior leader that the Public are bad and murmuring and disturbing in nature. And even if they have to be kicked kick by putting some money in there pocket specially in election time. If the human resource power is not prepared in modern times ,and is used for communal adventure then definitely the development will never be an agenda and its execution will be impossible.So honesty is the best policy. 
             After all many lies and deceits have been earlier applied to innocent voters as election balm;and for it today we are ashamed to call ourselves politicians also. Some senior leaders they can be seen critically as cruel business man like-Shylock,the evil character  in the famous Novel-`Merchant of Venice’. So this is time for the introspection for all,why other haves not class have they no stomach also?And why bad character of the leader`s contaminate all the Public's.At-least for the religious leaders; in principal they endorse goodness as via media for them.
          And till now if there is no Mao Wadi in place like West Siang then the unemployed youths do they have to be not appreciated also? As there patience have eroded but still giving last chance of repentance to the siphons of the creamy layers of the conglomeration of the vested interest groups of senior politicians, officers and business man to realize the gravity of situation. Even today the community fraternity meeting also seems to be used for the monopoly of haves class only as it seems to be translated into short of shock absorver of the trauma of the haves not class.As the clan meeting seems to be used to respect the senior`s for whatever they do.As big brother`s have to be followed in any case theory seems to be used by some crooks.
             And even the popular quote like-`Loss of culture is loss of identity’, seems to be emotionally used to defuse the revolutionary slogan like justice and equality which comes from interacting with other philosophy and religion. As this may hamper the haves class interest who seems to be wanting there own blue eyed boys as MLA and MP`s.And this is even after all short of good endeavor was put forward to give olive branch to them by some poor`s leader who where earlier lied upon to be helped this time.Thus it is time the revolution is supported by all or the conglomeration of the haves class they may also sink together like the passengers in the Titanic.And with them may take there families also.
             As they will never like there property to translate into much needed Industrialists and Corporate house for the unemployed Youths and will continue to see politics as easy money minting source only.Thus we have to fight back as here situation is like in French revolution time.There character have been exposed now and any of there smart move will be out rightly rejected now.And perhaps they will still cleverly provoke the poor class to criticize there own leader also.
              But hope this method is off dated now and will boomeranged this time .To some the new smart Publics may eat up the haves class building itself thinking it as there right.And the good God above in the sky may definitely give justice to the haves not leader for there contribution to many rich and powerful who seems to have forgotten those days of help by poor leaders.
                  And this audacity seems to have come from the thinking that the power is there birth right.See why most power obsessed leaders they have no open views on many problems like PPA leaders does?Its bad to see PPA leaders as rich or poor or backed or sponsored by whom or not.This is clever ploy by the rich and powerful to trap the innocent voters this all need to be known as ultimately ones own will power matter only.
           Some still seem`s to see  day dream of there success even today;but remember for many family who have never supported the opposition the coming election may be there last time to rectify and purify also. As soon history may question them;this election may be turning point and last chance to change also.And by the time it is realized it may be too late.They only blitzkrieg during election the Public's have now realized that the BJP and the Congress used by them is same coin of the face when it comes to lootting this State.
                 And they are here to dupe the State public's with different technics. One stabbing from the front and other stabbing from the back.The national party leaders are fooling the State citizens by making brothers to fight among themselves. As the apron money of the Hydro power to be given to local land owners as compensation ,may have been already taken by the Party high command this some of there own local leaders feels.
                   And see on the part of the Congress Seva Dal and BJP pracharak only thenga will come many of there workers also accept this.As the Nagas and Sikkim s have gone years ahead in the development matter as they have no crab mentality as it is prevalent here.
                                As some undeserving leaders in top position like in Amway company seems to have penchant for retaining permanent P.V position here in A.P;and in trying to come in there position present congress workers may doom there future also.As it is seen to be turning point for this State also like Britishers era ended after Mahatma Gandhijis clarion call.
                  See the present transition period may continue to make the Publics frustrated for some more time even if the PPA is given chance.But cleaning up process will start which is needed to remove the feudal character which is disturbing the development. As regional satraps taking help of undemocratic means alone seems to be surviving now.
               Thus the good ones who left there relatives like Gautam Buddha also need to be respected for they have known that by changing the system ideologically alone they can help there society better.And all the good citizens have to now realize that there is hope for them through PPA, so it is there old boss whom they have to see as there enemy now.
                 As this Arunachal Pradesh Govt. have today practiced democracy practically as -`for the A grade contractor, by the A grade contractor and with the A Grade contractor’. So for the Aam admi the best party is PPA only; as this is filled with genuine leaders. And so why look for solution elsewhere when great PPA leaders spirit still lives here in the State and is now seems to be guiding the PPA leaders who have decided to make a new State which one can be proudly be called as our  own loving Arunachal Pradesh which great anointing come after hearing this Bhupen Hazarikas song –``SURAJ KA KIRAN SISH KA BUSHAN……………..``

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