Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Rise and Fall of a Babaji:-

                                              Me Remembering seeing the movie called - Rise and fall of Idi Amin, same seems to be the case of spiritual Baba Asa Ram who can be seen as a fallen angel now this is believing at  what media have been able to show him as charlatan and sex maniac. As the top Congress think tank well versed in many plot like last time tapping video of Hon`ble M.P Varun Gandhi in hate speech just before the election. But who got his name cleared later so some fundamentalist Hindus may have reason to believe that some dirty mind working in Congress camp may be behind sleepless night to Asaram and family.But in Asaramjis case his body language seems to be defying him also.
                          Or may be sex is too much an uncomfortable topic for Babaji and his parties ,but live telecast even face deleted footage of the victims interview in Aztak and Z News should finally pacify the majority Public's that Baba can also have sexual urges. See the same Publics who keep one in high esteem have all the right to chastises him now also. After all in spiritual field one is sure to get blind followers especially if one is a dramatists in his own right. So for spiritual leader all the more responsibility on him/her as God is there to watch everything done below secretly. And this days there seems to be immediate effect of one`s misdeed also. As Holy Bible says wages of sin is death.
                  It is time the VHP openly denounce the keeping the same name as there god and goddess as today Ram and Rahim living next door in the locality are one`s who are doing all short of shady acts.See what man think may be far below what God may be thinking.God may be willing to make all united pure and sublime in an international religion platform ;thus by helping others one may be truly helping himself more.Even unfortunately likes of great Baba like –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Ramdevji in his peak also may be not seen helping the genuine Christian and Muslim leaders also.That is the unfortunate episode in India and this also seems to have make the one like Asaramji fall down.As for the Saintly person he should not covet much for the wordly wealth and take leadership as a mission. Even one like Narendra Modiji is at least seen better then this pseudo religionists. As in helm’s of power he is at-least praiseworthy for detaching from worldly pleasure.
                                               The Indian Public's also need to realize that it is high time to search the truth as many a deserving and God gifted persons are neglected in this process of blind following to dramatists and manipulators. Who knows the alleged sex comfortable spiritual baba like Rajnish was right that after performing all the Ras Lila in his young days alone one can be truthful to God also. As Baba Ramdevji also says -`JAB MUL MAIN HIM BHUL HAIN`then what?Many supporters wonder what he says.Some says Baba is saying indirectly what he could not say directly; see this is time to evolve from witchcraft and tantra mantra many Hinduisms followers also accepts this now.Thus as Holy Bible also says you seek the truth and it shall liberate you.Thus need is for introspection of highest order which seems to have been true guru mantra of Hinduism also.
                             After the story of the Samudra mantra is seen to be taught to seek that only. Contrary to the insecurity by few  one should not be apprehensive of all the great religion which seems to be foreign; by close introspection only man  will find the self and thus it is time to make closer study of all sacred scriptures.And make a comparative study to come to logical conclusion. As the fact is human being have been programmed to seek thy will only and he will never get happiness unless he find it.Be he be Saint or King one day will be exposed if he is not truthful to himself, his society and God.
                    The emphasize should be in being convinced by the logical argument like the preaching in God channel International Christian Preachers and watching programme like Awakening with Brahma Kumari in Z News channel which matter a lot.As see for a pseudo religionists there is all the more danger of being thrown to Hades as the word of God is double edged sword. And also as our society have turned increasingly evil so will Public also not get kind of leader as they are also; Peoples need to ponder also. See the success of the State like Mizoram and Sikkim, spirituality seems to have now transcend in the Public`s blood also.
                   Thus unless the Public at large change non can deliver so the best leader is one who can become the catalyst of change towards spiritualism like Lord Buddha did.As for the innocent Public`s also they need to realize that running after the worldly leader alone will not matter.I remember meeting one youth called Viken Ngucho in Jipu prayer center who testified to me that after lots of running hear and there for job.He finally undertook fasting programme in Jipu prayer center  And received a vision from Lord and Savior Christ to complete short hand course. He unmindful did so and got a job.May be Guy was good from day one or his family prayer support was great. Sometimes Lord may not also give instant blessings one should have patience also.
                         The true spiritual persons are seen to have to undergo the worst temptations and overcome it;but not necessary only the spiritual leaders can be alone given Mahatmas status also. I liked one argument of  a Hindu preacher who said -`The one who have even forgiven his tormentor in the cross if He is not the son of God who else will?Thus real spiritualism is accepting each other good virtuousness;  as love and respect from other is what may be the real tonic /lubricant for way to heaven. And to get this one have to love other as well .See Swami Vivekanadji had most pretty girl near him yet he made his own  Sister like-Sister Niveditta;though some ill mentality  People will doubt this relationship also.But one without truthful soul would have never speak with so much power and conviction like-Evan. Billy Graham and  Swamiji also.
                   As in spiritual arena more one talk to change the world order more severely he seems to be tested as well.By God,devil and human beings also as many naturally thinks how come that Guy talk like that;this is but human nature so we must forgive all.And many a times one does not know how much great man had to endure also and deserve Public's love and affectionate also. Specially one who live a very secret, humble and difficult life. May be the smart devil also have premeditate plan to stop there tryst with the destiny, but great man ; as they are have finally succeeded overcoming the last trial and temptations so world love and respect them also.Thats the reason the good and knowledgeable persons is not even criticizing Asaramji maharaj also as future is uncertain for all.
               A word of advise also for the pseudo religionists it is also wrong to see others like bloody civilians as a military officers is supposed to do.As it is easy to be truthful in the Ashram and the fasting centers; but not when one is put out in the world as here one have to jostle with devil himself.Thus all the Public's have to be respected and feared by the missionaries,Sadhu`s and Sant`s also and one should not like to be fool Public also.As the real atman /spirit within a body wants to be used by the higher Holy Spirit and one living according to thy will ;need not to say what comes out from there mouth and pen have the divine power as well.This is the crux of the success; honestly I had never coveted for my personal name and fame when I started writing this articles. All I want is glory of God for He is worthy to be praised as I was made to see the vulnerability of this life without Him in an operation theater long time back .
                       And the Public's also need to know that without giving anything one will never get anything in return also.The God also expects absolute sacrifice before giving His blessings. The testimony of well establish business man of my State; brother Tamchi Kusuk is interesting. I heard that after so many failures in life he promised to be always obedient to Lord and Savior and give his 1/10th in time and lo soon he become the richest  man of my State.He says with much elan now I give Lord in spoon; but Lord gives back to me in shovel/belcha.Once a missionary of NBCC is heard to have requested him to clear a hillock for making a Lord`s Church;and see non had dared to do it; it is said it took months for him to do so after engaging dozens of JCB.There was a point when he was in brink of frustration and doubted his own endeavor for it.For it is said he nearly spend Rs.90 lakhs and months of his valuable time and energy .
                          But Tamchi as he was he did not budged and see soon he completed the assignment and soon tenders after tenders come in his business life. Interestingly when his constituencies Public's ask him why he don`t join politics he is heard to say there is no programme /command from Lord to that extend. And see this is the same State where other nova rich from all the walk of life wants to become public leader moment he earns something.Son be content with what God have plan for you as peace and tranquility in life is the greatest richness in world. Big brother Tamsiji is now seen busy even sponsoring missionary in as far as Nepal also Praise the Lord as he is winning blessing for all the State Peoples as well; this our State Public's need to know also.As right now what we need is charity specially in outreach good God mission`s.Brother Tamchi say`s the secret of his success is faith commitment.Giving god like status to the Public leader is very deplorable Peoples should learn from this testimony as God help those who help themselves in undertaking His will.The new Guru mantra for success will be know thy will in your life and accomplish it by hook or crook.
                  See in earlier Hindu philosophy also that was the procedure even the incumbent King used to sit for long meditation to get His specific direction from God to inherit the throne.The best decision lies with Lord only that have been the system since ages. The Holy Bible can be seen as treasure house of wisdom of forefathers of all the mankind. As the world is now polluted by the Satan the People are made to distrust other.But in fact all the religion should be seen as mutually complementary and one may have to know others to know himself also.Live local think global seems to be the new mantra some calls this era new Glocal world. The need  today is introspection of the highest order.So earlier I had written as article –Who is real God to clarify this spiritual confusion for all the time.
                            The testimony of brother Setong Sena Hon`ble cabinet Minister in my State is also interesting ;in first election he lost bitterly. Those was the time of may be putting small star in the Christmas in roof top ,as many new believers seems to be doing initially in my State. As most of the Christians in my State is nova believer only. But in second election he absolutely decided to follow thy will one like it or not. Stopped serving liquor to the workers and voters in his house. And her wife says that initially there was lots of criticism as the house was kept locked in crucial election time also,as there was no money left.But eventually the victory rest with the God and matured Public's who are in fact not swayed by clever tricks of leaders who only try to dupe during election and go to the Public's with some cleverly planned stage managed act.
                      But all finally supported Setong Senaji why ? because there is nothing substitute to the power of truth as only few get attracted to cheap liquor. It is said that some God` favorite prayer warrior/visionaries believers engaged by Sena camp to pray 24 Hrs.reveal thy programme  that.He was directing for praying the names of all the young voters who will have  pure heart. And it is heard soon all the electoral roll was brought in and one by one minor voters name where prayed and fasted upon.And as there is nothing impossible for Lord and also as the good Public`s eventually see the leaders heart they support the truth and they supported Sena camp in State Assembly election.
                 And see even if there is joking reference of Christians always busy in prayer in burial time also; but I have seen eventually all the villagers turn up to help a good Christian also.As basically all have a penchant for a good spiritual life and unmindful commanded by the soul trapped in his body also to reciprocate to positive vibrations. So brother Setong Sena was given Hon`ble MLA chance by his Changlang constituencies Public's  this also showed the magnanimity of non Christian practicing community of his constituency also,and that got to be the spirit. Specially If the major religion feels like other minor have been really sidelined for ages.As after all non will like to be in opposite side of the divine force at work;and also as there should be still goodness in all.So all will ultimately be hopefully effected by thy will only in coming elections. As the prophesy have come for Lord`s willingness to make my State as God centric State.See for the person who will knowingly like to make headlong collission with  the divine will , pity for them and there family members future also. Interestingly in his first attempt Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Setong Senaji lost miserably in State assembly election though crore was spend but in 2nd attempt when he had nothing with him he got back everything. 
                    The theme of the story is the sensible persons in all the religion fear God and knows through Him only there will be forgiveness and security for him and his family and then only will come real development in society; or other way of hu,hu ha,ha ha is just beating in the bush.So good man all of them will take right decision in important occasion like election more so in new well connected world of intern ate for sure it is hoped.As non of the worldly leader is as rich or non is as good to win other`s heart and soul also all the time; and this some senior leaders also seems to know themselves ,so resort to some cheap dramas each time before election . Thus it was time to bow down to will of God as He seems to be liking everyone’s obedience now; all the more when in this new world where He seems to be personally at work to clean the system for good.
                      See it will be everyone’s privilege to change now as tomorrow history may keep you in wrong side of the fence which was faced by the British Govt. supporters after the freedom fighters finally won. Thus hope this time non of a religion followers will be also swayed away by emotional issue like-`Loss of Culture is loss of identity ` if aimed at criticizing one leader or his religion community. As some members of the conglomeration of the vested interest groups like officers, politicians and business in helms of power now  in fact seems to fear very much the justice and equality clause of the Holy Bible which can alone change the fate of the poor and destitute brothers. And seems to be trying to do all the tricks to stop this genuine revolution for good brought by a good Holy Biblical doctrines which cares for our societies poor and destitute.
                       By resorting to there age old tactics divide and rule the haves class in abotani belt have so far duped us even citing Moge Dojis Galo song as justification namely -POLO GE LOU E UDAKAM..........`. And to fight against it also ought to be the true philosophy of great Donyi-Polo religion also.Thus hopefully all will now repent and contribute to growth of healthy society where there is no scope for lies and deceits. And accept and respect the positive virtues of other person also though he is from other political party, class or community also. As see non is superior or inferior and threat of a man is from himself his prejudices, egoism and pride and success mantra for an Individual and Institutions will be learning immediately good things from each other.As the real standing ovation to the philosophy what they believe by some in State would have been also supporting PPA which truly represents the aspiration`s of Donyi Poloism as both only seek to be re-discover the societies strong roots.   

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