Friday, October 4, 2013

The Good day seems to be coming for the opposition leader`s in India:-

                             The recent Hon`ble Session Court judgment on the fodder scams seems to have sealed the fate of the tainted leaders like Lallu Prasad Yadavji who earlier seems to have stopped the Jan Lokh Pal Bill also;and was clearly seen uniting others like him against any move to thwart them also.And see earlier likes of them flourished by there shameless character and winning the election by hook and croock but not any more the vigilant Publics may make sure they are not tolerated any further.The heroic act of Rahulji may trigger French revolution like situations which brought Renaissance in Europe believes some.And this time the Yuvraj himself may be architect of his parties downfall also; as this days one important decision may effect the course of history also.As for some true Rahuljis friends who may advised him to leave politics this step may be first time worth respectable step also even if it does not yield political debentures as he have done something good from his`DIL SAY`.
                      See as for the recent political drama effect; the deserving clean opposition leaders seems to be the going to be the greatest beneficiary in the future. As for the first time the Hon`ble Parliament also seems to be supporting the views of the Hon`ble Supreme Court and hopefully this will be precedent from now on also and may start worst scenario case against corrupted one`s.The Rahul Gandhi for good or bad have for the first time pave his way for honorable exit in case even if the Gandhi family have to one day call politics a day.As for the first time odds is seen against rich and powerful as they are seen compelled to come clean now and unfortunately most of the black sheep is in his Congress Party camp only.And after what happened to Industrialists Hon`ble M.P Navin Jindalji the lesion he left is those who want to come to politics banking on there richness alone there days seems to have gone. As honesty now seems to be the best policy as more money spend to win an election more corruption need to be done to be caught later also this is fact accomplished now.As this is days of C.C T.V Camera and close scrutiny and one need sum total of all the good qualities to make an effect in politics now. Thus for rich candidates better to be a continue to be successful entrepreneur’s like Tata and Birlas; as God have given something to all not all good thing to someone only. 
                      And why not does our society also not need more Industrialists also? And as rolling stone gathers no moss so for the establish opposition leaders who have maintain distinct image,equi-distance position with Congress and BJP party they have now the reasons to be respected now.More so one in  ideologically rich party and with a freshness in his side.The Publics have reason to trust them more even if they have less money as they have suffered long for them. As this days the political fatigues and difficulties seems to have come in with older parties kudos to the social network cites as there citadel is seen to be crumbling. And those who started Aya Ram gaya Ram culture every one wants to throw them now in the Bay of Bengal now.See not all can be as gifted as Modiji whom the Publics cut ticket to hear there speech but for many deserving leaders also the word which comes out from soul may win many hearts.
                       This days as the civil society pressure is mounting day by day where there may be soon no scope left for the presence of first among equal family in future politics for sure ;and this new demand for transference .And the changes will surely one day finish the gap between the Raja and Praja political practice resorted by Congress man who despised Bapujis advice also to wrap up the Congress party after Independence and its top leaders is considered as the master manipulator by some. Who are alleged even by some to be secretly siding with the anti national persons for political funds or why many terrorists still living in Pakistan in spite of so many scientific achievement of ISRO ponders some.As some says was it not time to send mini self commanding  missile against some most wanted terrorists hiding in Pakistan. To many views the most wanted terrorists are being sponsored by the money earned from India only through medium like fake currency and this is not possible if some Congress man is not involved ask many.After all this country have been mostly ruled by Congress only and ironically many Muslim Outfits seems to be also believing that this party will save them in troubles also.
                      And see some smart Congress earlier was even seen to have fruitlessly tried to project Feroz Gandhiji as biologically related to Islam brothers even if he was a Parsi by religion as Weekly Magazine claimed ;and surely earlier they seems to have managed to fooled the innocent Muslim brothers till now also.And this sense of brotherhoodness also seems to be encouraging the charlatans to join institutions like SIMI alleges Modijis supporters who accept him only to bring back the heads of Indian army slaughtered by the terrorists. Thus the coming election is going to be toughest and need not to say many fake astrologers have disappeared now unable to predict the outcome.
                      See the fact is the future politics of the country is really unpredictable and thanks that heat is very much minimum on us as we have  equi-distance relationship with BJP and Congress.But today in present fact is also that a opinion by a Gandhi progeny also make or break a bill.Thus the lambast by Gandhi scion in ordinance matter rejecting the corrupted can be seen as act of God also as there seems to be no other way than this for the Congress party and nation also; who may have to confess and clear many of there earlier sins also. And even if some of the greedy congress man will pooh pooh this argument I put forward; but Congress party now seems to be fighting a defensive battle.As its cadres poor body language and Peoples dichatment with it is seen increasing .This is but natural if this party have been earlier given ample chance also.As lots of Blitzkrieg can also not deter a person from doing something which he don`t want to do also. I am sure only few outspoken Congress leaders like Milind Deoraji and Hon`ble M.P madam Priya  Dutta will be eventually seen siding with the Gandhi family in there bad times also.As Independence is the source of creativeness as you can`t accept the congress man to flourish when many have been seen with yes master syndrome.
                   This Congress problem will unfortunately remain  for a long time and for BJP also to some Gujrat flood is it not a bad omen also?But one shouldn`t  accept two bulls like Modiji and Rahulji also to fight with each other if tied in the same pole as both are also great man in there own right and are responsible man and.And  thus for the Countries interest the country man should also try to be a peacemaker following the Biblical doctrines and pray for ultimately good senses to prevail. As what this nation wants most is now love and forgiveness now.As non can be also underestimated this days;as in this recent developments in ordinance issue the BJP is also no less beneficiary also as RJD in all provability was going to be aligned with Congress .But see eventually victory belongs to God.So the smart ones should have made holy tour to Jerusalem rather then political tour to USA.
                                              Thus Congress and BJP  party may now need good common friend like me to mediate there peace terms also ;as future politics is really unpredictable and non will like to waste there 40 days fasting programmes in prayer centre to ask the specific answer from Lord and Savior to know the political outcome of 2014 Lokh Sabha election result.Thus in this historical time when the country is passing through worst phase the good sense must come on both the party as Narendra Modiji is biologically after all seen more close to Mahatma Gandhi gene pool also and cannot be neglected by Congress die hard real Gandhi family fans also.As the Country interest should be seen as supreme also and he is also trying hard to remove the communal image from BJP which is praise worthy also.The two great man should sit together ones and plan something the nation want most, to root out corrupted and power monger from both the parties. And go united at least in fight against them as this seems to be now there only chance for survival also as the fight is going too much personal this days ;which will be detrimental for both. As mind it the corrupted and tainted ones in there respective party is the one who is seen always trying to vitiating all the atmosphere and make them see each other  as enemy.As some of the conglomeration of vested interest groups who don`t deserved power and position they now enjoy have reason to be disturbed now and apprehensive of future.
               And if there is no reconciliation for Rahulji and Modiji which is seen as improbable mind it will be more better for my 3rd front political party leaders to try its luck also; as danger of high blood pressure and stroke is more on both the strong national party this time.Its not that the opposition was weak earlier but earlier there was no scope against the tainted leaders by poor opposition leaders; and now time definitely seems to have come to respect some regional leaders for there long selfless stand. As now the sword of demagogues is seen hanging on some senior whimsical national party leaders if critically politics is now seen in India .And it is hoped this dangerous political developments for the dark Sheeps will surely finish the scope of leaders having prima facie proof of violation`s of office of profit also which is seen common in my this part of the world.Thus when there is right now win win situation`s for all it was time for some to start peace talk and think issues like honorable exit seriously. After all why egoism as great man also accepts his weaknesses and limitations also isn`t it?
                            And in this backdrop the 3rd front spearheaded by AAP can be also a force to be reckoned with , as one like it or not the issue raised by it is what nation awaits for deliverance now.But the party also need to show its flexibility as though it have credibility but it has lack of resource and experience also.See if the AAP unite with the S.P.and other like minded group then 3rd front force may be not undermined.As this political equation may be now be not averse to the RJD party also.As the AAP is seen now making headlong collision with the BJP and Congress in Delhi only thus other party should not be achut for it.See the single party dominance by BJP or Congress also seems to be a distant dream now and by the time the Lokh Sabha election come nearer this time both the party out of shear pressure may also be compelled to accept the middle way also.After all also party like RJD it have been seen despised by all in this point of time and fact is it is now sulking within; perhaps divinely curse  for earlier being devils advocate  as some thinks. As even it have been seen presently betrayed by long time ally Congress Party also; so RJD may now even surprise Civil society members  also by supporting Aam Admi party which is demanding  for strong Jan Lokh pal Bill .And after all as RJD supreme Lalluji have been already sentenced in jail for 5 yrs.with 11 yrs. political Banwas and they desperately need a like minded ally now so olive branch may be send soon to Kiran Bediji who is well versed in reading prisoners mind.
                             Thus by allying with the 3rd front vis a vis Civil Society members RJD boss may be now not averse to sending others also in Hade as if saying -`SANAM HAMTO DUBENGEHI, AAPKO BHI LAIN DUBENGE.`After all politics is place of surprise and Lalluji may still show himself as game changer which Rahulji may have hoped for that position himself also.After all Lalluji is now the wounded man -`DIL JALE`and may end up as a loose canon/unguided missile ready to blast any where.They can be meaningfully used  provided the AAP members also accepts to become the centre of gravity for the 3rd Front and forgives RJD`s earlier misdenemours also;as there is no permanent friends and foe in politics. And many Civil Society members feel it is time the sinners are also forgiven and given second chance also as Holy Bible guides.And  for national interest also demands a true introspection this time.As like Abraham Lincoln American President for national interest made his enemy Stanton War minister also, even if there was initially too much reservation from his own party member. As time have come to be member of one front one like it or not.As for PPA if 3rd front is sincere in centre the party may have no objection siding with it.

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