Sunday, October 13, 2013

Devine Miracle:-

                          The God is worthy to be praised for sending His prodigal son brother Evan.Joram Dol our own native son of the soil from Joram Village of Lower Sibunsiri in Basar.Hopefully for good freinds like him many of his communities misdemeanors will be also forgiven by man and God.Joramji did his Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min).He is now  an International Preacher and have undertaken numerous crusade. Barely a month goes by where he is not booked for a important Christian programme.To his credit goes attending 38 Crusade in 2010,42 Healing Crusade in 2011 ,48 Healing Crusade in 2012 and 21 Healing Crusade from Jan. to Oct. 2013.And made whirlwind tour of 17 Countries winning soul for the Lord and Savior.His interesting memories is facing the notorious Muslim Fundamentalists in Nigeria.As he told from the day one he left the Airport there was bomb blast in airport and bomb blast prior to his reaching in the Hotel in Nigeria so much temptations.But after facing immense objection in first day of Healing crusade the Lord made even the Muslims attend the 2nd day with there face covered. And the Lord have wonderful ways to use our Nishi brothers capabilities in cleansing the  Germany of the evil remains of the Nazi after all God surely knows whom to use for a more powerful job.And so long as this power is used for the State interest non should mind.As in outreach ministry we all stand to gain.
               Brother Dol have specially liking for the Assam and make sure he always make crusade in Assam.And may be that will be the best way to bring peace and tranquility for both the State as the bad spirit is seems to be engrossed on trying to make enmity between two neighboring States.And definitely for his popularity his fluency in Hindi also seems to be helping him.He says the most difficult healing crusade so far attended by him was in Aalo general field where negative energy was felt more then in Africa also.It is said that in the Aalo Healing crusade Evan.Christopher who was co-preacher prophesied that soon Arunachal Pradesh will have a Christian Hon`ble C.M.and after that soon the State of Arunachal was going to become favorite of the Lord. That is God centric State.And rest is history .So far brother Joram Dol have even prophesied last time that Hon`ble MLA Likha Saya will be last one to apply for the ruling party ticket and first one to get it.And so did he.But it will be also unjust to not mention his lead singer Mr. Limi Riram who is immensely gifted in songs and have composed many songs as well.
                        The God`s spirit really did wonder for the Youths and general Public`s in the 13th Lower Siang Dist.Youth Bible training camp cum Fire Conference-2013 (APCRCC)Organized on 10th to 13th Oct. 2013.Where the motto was Purity is power from Holy Bible 1 peter 1:16.See not only the believers but even the music In charge was seen filled with Holy spirit.Reportedly the  Gamblers of the Durga Puja Pandal was seen absent to the peril of the Puja committee of Basar.And this was to the much relief of the family members who where fed up from there drunkard and money waster relatives in such festivals.May Lord bless him more to do more wonder thing in future.As all including RSS also now need is prayer support and may be every political party may be now feeling the need for the prayer warriors and organizing Healing Crusade  for there success also.For what is shame in coming back to Lord of Host.Who loved all so much that took cross for our all sin.

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