Friday, October 18, 2013

The PPA`s D Day:-

                                            The recent merger of the NCP in PPA is a very welcome moment for all the cadres of PPA in particular and State in general. The rank and file of the NCP who have joined in the Party is heartily welcomed in the party.The good news for the PPA seems to be increasing; first it was TMC that merged with it then the flamboyant leader Gumjum Haider joined it.And then now the other main opposition party of the State NCP have finally realized its mistake and the top NCP leader like -  Khafa Bengiaji ,Naksang Tsringji and Kaling Jerangji known as the Chanakyas of the A.P politics have accepted the regionalism as only option for the State.
                                 As nothing is late for a good cause they said-time have come to remake our own house.As only the regional party can have respect in the eye of the national party also.As even the chapris in the planning commission office in Delhi don`t seems to respect the Arunachal leaders. And contrary to the false political propaganda by the State Congress leaders more fund is coming in Nagaland and Sikkim.And so it is now time to now save our own resource which our own with highest regard for the societies roots can manage. The echo friendly step by the Sikkim Govt. lead by regional party like SDF is surprisingly the place where the Govt. is sending the Govt. Staffs for research work.Thus it is time all the Political leaders introspect in there heart.
                     The timing is absolutely right for the new political leaders to take right decision as the wind of change is already felt in whole State. But future political situations may also compel the party to take new decisions also. After all many good persons are reportedly unmindfully trapped in ruling Congress party.See the new members of the Party they have now all the right to enjoy the respect and responsibility of the PPA party.As this party wants to be party with difference and want to belong to the Publics of State . See knowingly accepting the responsible opposition position in this crucial time is the merit of true son of the soil and mind it non of them is unfit for Hon`ble  MLA or M.P post also. 
                   And will hopefully accept the High command’s final decisions in all important matter. See  for the honest heart he will definitely hear his heart`s voice which will definitely love his roots. As in fact our society is so much rooted in its local environment that non will be happy in other place and will end up no where if still cling to party like Congress ,BJP and other party for sure; who will only like to pass on there headache to innocent Arunachal Publics who are peace loving by nature and General Publics will this time take the middle way of peace and serenity as both the BJP and Congress are like tiger and Lion for the Arunachal Publics.
                       The PPA wants to take the Publics to that sublime pure divine era which will satisfy all the religious followers. As growth is life and this spiritual development of highest extent alone will take our State to pinnacle of life.The credit for the large migration of the party workers in PPA fold definitely also falls in senior leaders like Hon`ble MLA Laita Umreji .And dynamic Standing President Nick Kaminji and also bank on the good advise of Party President Sri Kamin Ringuji and commitment of Prof.Asan Reddiji.Hope the West Siang Dist.PPA success story in Panchayat election will be repeated in other part also in coming Lokh Sabha election as well. 
               As this is epi-centre of all the political revolution in A.P ,and may have triggered French revolution like situations some experts believe. It is hoped the person gifted in which way by God will contributing voluntarily  to the growth of the PPA party and will selflessly help other .And hopefully all will desist from internal blikering dogged by other party.As things will ultimately happen according to the destiny so it is pointless to misunderstand with each other also.And yes on important matter Party High command will be the best person to make a party stand.I wish best of luck to the new entrants. LONG LIVE PPA.

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