Saturday, August 31, 2013


                   The recent report of rape of 14 minor students probably more then that also in Likabali green Valley School of the West Siang Dist. of Arunachal Pradesh India  by an outside Kerelian  teachers is horrifying.This should be not construed as communal statement but after Nithari incident  in Noida where minor rapped ,maimed and killed .The report of involvement of a Kerelian teacher as kingpin of this incident only make some in the Arunachal to ponder that is Raksas Raj Ravanas DNA is not still active in some Southern Peoples body?
                 But we should not hate all of them also as there is good ones like Raju Sir from Tamil Nadu now teaching in Basar Tomi Polytechnic College  also who have demi god image in Basar town also.The Govt. must take immediate action and also check other school also least there is a similier practice.As the small kids of class I-V see how much terrible ordeal they may have went through for all this years as for 3 years the School Principal is said to have kept mum even after knowing this.Need not to say all the Public's are very much agitated and why not also?As they have to pay heavy boarding peace and ay what price?
                   And know all the parents have reason to be skeptics of keeping there kids in boarding school.The Parents and Student bodies also cannot absolve themselves of there failure in checking this incidents .As why more particularly the Student bodies ,they are busy hacking big issues when they cannot solve small issues more close to there interest ask many now.And as some have become big contractors and chamchas of ruling party the rumor is also not unfounded also.But the election of uneducated and inefficient leaders seems to be making them to neglect this core  education sectors.And above all the giving of important licence to the rich officers ,politicians and Business man who have no time to check there business institutions seems to be also main cause for such incidents.As unless owner personally moniters his business can it be successful in true sense ?And see there is many Unemployed Youths who could have benefited from large private school and bussiness Licences if given to them.See the coming Lokh Sabha election may be last chance for the Galos in particular to re-look for there past glory for which the PPA is committed to give equal opportunity to all community.As the Galos in particular have been hard hit by lots of challenges recently and it is time they again contribute positively to the Society.
               But I also appreciate the timely intervene of APSU under President Kamta Lapungji in this particular incident .The Govt. must make all things possible to bring normalcy to the mind of innocent child.And curse on that son of the bitch who will laugh at the innocent rape victims.As with God`s blessings all have normally no  power to evolve from trauma of this magnatitude. Some good Student leaders may ensure that such kind of blasphemous mouth have no 32 teeth left if they dare to say something personal to such victims.And the Govt. should also warn the charlatans of dire consequences who will make loose comments ,as if they are god to make judgement on other in personal matter .On our behalf we all the Advocates promise to keep the name of the victims confidential.And will ensure that the Court trial will be held in Camera Proceeding to keep the identity of the Children`s  secret.Thus the Parents should not worry anything about the present trial.
                                                This Congress Govt. have failed miserably and seems to be only interested in churning personal money and when someone intervenes he get beaten up like recently Adv. Mimar Basar have been assaulted in the Tirbin circle of the Basar Sub -Division of the West Siang Dist. of Arunachal pradesh.That too in front of EAC Sri Otem Jamoh;it is pertinent to mention that officer have been posted in Tirbin Circle already for 8 yrs.And this is not first time of its kind; the concern officer have earlier also displayed his lack of sincerity in displaying his official work in last Panchayat election .And today all the Bar Association of the State of A.P have also joined in to demand Govt. to immediately transfer the erring officer and one teacher who was the instigator in that incident.Or the Bar may be compelled to take more stronger action as enough is enough in the Tirbin as earlier also senior Advocate from Assam is reported to be manhandled .
                 And who is the king pin in all this matters ? it is time the political leaders from all the party come up strongly together instead of trying to give it a communal color as it always happen in place like Tirbin.The local leaders cannot absolve of personal responsibility specially  if this incident is not made the last.As the top political leaders are blamed to use provocative speech like-`CHINTA MAT KARO HUM SAATH HAIN`, if so he have no right to live in this civilized society.If this goondagardi is meant to mislead other this is real bad.The local Tirbinites also need to know that the person who is trying to dissociate the community from outside influence is Devil in disguise.As see there is even no football field in many Tirbin Villages also.Remember one day the Tirbin Publics will ask this question from the present leaders himself ;who now always seems to be trying to divert the Public attention from there non delivery and weaknesses.As world have changed overnight and everyone is understanding that day of kushi kushi culture by redundant leader is long gone.Thus how long the good innocent Tirbin Public's can be mislead any more?This is point to be ponder for all as in no where Panchayat election was postponed and goondagardi still resorted to in election.

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