Friday, July 20, 2012

The Gandhi family benefit and weaknesses:-

                 With the one born with golden spoon there is no need to do anything,their life will be thousand times better than a Col. of an army,with systematic caretakers of their life.But with the corruption and nepotism which have increased and on account of the oligarchy democracy under their fielfdom to many extent.They may be also having sleepless night this time as the French revolution type situation seems to have come in country.As there is a mystery and secrecy around them which seems to not auger well for democracy,and may itself harm them today in this era of democracy after all if the Kaf Panchayat is also asked to be modified than their time will also come believes some critics.

              And as the Hindu was inheritently divided with the caste and varna practice thus the P.A Sangmajis projection as president by the NDA is seen as new and good beginning by BJP. And the repeated criticism of Narendra Modiji may also slow down tomorrow as once upon a time even section of society did not blamed Gandhiji and Nehruji for India Pakistan partition where many died?But for great man criticism seems to make them more popular.As rightly said by Mani Shankar Aiyarji Congress is Gandhi and Gandhi is congress,and as congress nitty gritty is exposed now sending one like him before every panchayat election telling this time more devaluation of power will take place in Panchayat which proves to be always wrong.Specially in my State which seems to be thought as congress fiefdom their also resentment is developing now.As everybody honestly don`t share the common sentiment like the congress man.Even within congress man the top boss is not respected and seen as stumbling block for other`s progress.And this is also not wrong from their perspective as for long some have enjoyed the post.And like the Britishers who before going out even did not missed to take out the diamond studded inside the red fort.So the JDU`s Sharad Yadavjis remark on Padmanaban Mandir treasure in Kerela ,may be a future plan by Govt. to do something in this line,thinks some critics.As the congress seems to be smartly using opposition for their own end.
             The best way would have been sharing this treasure money among all the NGO`s and religious institutions instead of Govt. whom non trust today.And as for the Kauravas also prince Duryodhana had to personally invite Karna in his camp in historic battle.As things are different now even the royalty have to come to street to ask for support.As their secrecy and inapproachability alone will be their weakness.The present central leadership only seems to be coming in election time only to make friend when it is too late,as it seems that the false sense of royal untouchability mindset is still at full swing today also,this is unfortunate.See only for one person whole chavalry of the Duryodhan was wiped out by the best shooter of his time Arjuna under the mystical spell of Lord Sri Krishna.See history repeats in itself; sometimes best does not born in a royal house,and People fail to see that Mahabharata like situation also come after thousand years.And the coming time is going to be different in our State also, a decisive war for pride and self respect by ordinary man who seems to be fed up of divine respect given to one family by few in all level who seems to be the real problem.

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